Moving In – Day One

Nearly Home

category_bug_journal2.gif Certainly you must be getting tired of these move updates, but there hasn't been much time to do any serious thinking. You're stuck for awhile with whatever is rolling around inside my mind.

It seems like ages since the van picked up all my earthly belongings and I've felt like a nomad since then – homeless, a woman without her own place to be. At last, this morning between 10AM and 11AM, delivery will begin and tonight I will sleep in my own bed for the first time in 12 days.

The Comcast installation on Friday went without a hitch. The internet connection is blazingly fast and I'll see how well the television connection works after I've unpacked the TV. Undoubtedly, I will set up the office first so I have a comfortable place to blog. Well, it will be first after the coffee and accoutrements. Can't work without fuel.

When the moving men have left, I will pick up Ollie the cat from my brother's house that is less than a mile away. In the seven days we were there, Ollie didn't leave the bedroom and although my brother's two cats were curious, Ollie's growls kept them at bay whenever they tried to step into the room.

So there have been no feline contretemps – a disappointment to the three humans in the house who thought the cats might have one big fight and then settle down as friends. What were we thinking?! Cats never do what you would expect or would like them to do.

After having been dragged from his home, to a hotel, onto an airplane and another strange house, I hope he understands today that he is, at last, home for good.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Elaine R. Winkler: Farmhouse of My Memory


Welcome home Ronni. Hope the day goes without a hitch. Have you had the chance to see any of your neighbors? Hope you have the necessities with you, coffee and some food for fuel. Take it easy and do not try to get the whole place done in one day. Glad to have you back onlilne

What a lift to find you home today,Ronni.

We are anything but tired of the move updates. We have been tracking you like a UPS delivery since you left the condo in Maine.

Keep on having good luck and let me know when I can uncross my fingers.....

I am fascinated by your moving news. I love how things are all fitting together so nicely.

The logistics of the whole deal are both informative and inspiring as there may come a day when I will do something similar.

Aaaaah, it's good to be home. After bouncing around a number of years ago and enduring the temporary "homeless" feeling, I know the joy of finding the coffeepot amid the piles of boxes. Brewing the first pot, even if you haven’t found the cups yet and have to sip from a cereal bowl, scents the air with “home at last.” Then it’s onward to the discovery of which grocery has the best veggies and finding the just-right medical services to suit your needs. Phew. I’m exhausted just thinking about moving across town and here you’ve gone and moved from coast to coast. Hurray for you, Ronni. and lots of good wishes for fun and happiness!

I, too, look forward to the updates and anticipate more of them! Thanks for including us in your life!

Oh, what fun!! Your stuff arrived! Now you can unpack and figure out where to put THIS and where to put THAT. Gosh, I'm almost starting to wish WE could move, too. It's hard work, of course, but exciting! And I've loved hearing all about it.

Here's wishing Ollie peace. :)

You, too!

Good to hear that you are finally home even if not completely settled in.
I'm looking forward to photos of the place and of Ollie, and of his progress

It surprises me that you found a 12-day absence from "home" to be so confounding, given the history of your professional life. You were always on the go and, I should think, frequently away from home for days/weeks on end. You've gotten spoiled since you "retired" - being at home nearly all of the time.

Settle in. Speaking for myself, I've surely not been bored by your chronicaling of your move.

I love it that you are so close by. If you need a break or would like to see a really pretty island come up to Lummi. My guest apartment is at your service. This is a real invitation!

Congratulations on weathering a long move and doing it so well. While you still have a lot of work ahead of you, you will be able to do it at your own pace.

It has been fascinating taking this big event with you from your first decision to your final destination. Thank you for sharing.

Home for GOOD, indeed! Sending you virtual salt (for spice in your life) bread (so you'll never go hungry) and a broom (to sweep away the past and offer a clean clear future)as the first things to cross your threshold, and a reminder to turn on the music, too. Blue Moon's a nice tune....

Aaaahhhhh, you're in.

Ollie will be fine as soon as he finds his old furniture and gets some familiar smells. As long as you are there he will settle in. He probably picked up some of your rootlessness over the last few days, and there is nothing like eating out of familiar dishes to let him know that he is, at last, home again.

I've very much enjoyed your on-the-move reports. I hope I'll be half as organized as you were when the time comes for our next move (which I hope isn't very soon).

I've found that most cats are actually pretty adaptable once they've had a chance to settle in, although relocation across-country may be a little more disorienting than the local moves we've made. Still, all three of our felines were new to our current home, and one was shuttled among shelters for months before we found and adopted her. It took them a few days to explore and find their favorite sleeping and hiding places, but once that occurred, all was well. I agree with Twin City Joan that favorite bedding and dishes should help reorient Ollie. If he sleeps on your bed, as all of ours do upon occasion, he'll recognize that, too.

Like one of the above posters noted, I've been tracking you like an UPS parcel or like RAND tracks Santa Claus. I'm contemplating a future move out of the increasingly overpriced Bay Area so I find your adventures in Portland doubly fascinating. Once you get your bed unpacked, Ollie will know that he's finally at home -- and so will you!

Julie said:

Best wishes on your homecoming!

Ronni, a few quotes in celebration of your new home.

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.”

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.”

“Home is the place where it feels right to walk around without shoes.”

“Home is where you can say anything you please, because nobody pays any attention to you anyway.”
(Nobody = Ollie)

Ronni, I'm one of the many who loves every detail of the move.

Remember, we are all likely to be of an age when we're moving ourselves, our parents, and sometimes our children WAY more than anyone ever moved when we were young! Add on the housing collapse, job market slump, very long lives, military deployments for the two wars we are currently in, and it's starts to seem amazing that anyone can stay put anywhere.

Moving experiences are catnip to this age group! Finally, someone UNDERSTANDS.

I love the move updates. Thanks for including us in all of it! I want pictures of Ollie in his new home, too. I feel bad and happy for him both. He will be fine I'm sure as he sees the familiar being unwrapped and appear around him...You too! Love that Mr. Coffee!

Not bored, thanks for taking us along on your move. Hug Ollie and the coffee pot for me. I'm sure there are smiles all over the country about you first steps into your new home for real. And your new home is so near my old family home that everything you describe brings back many memories.

I stumbled on to your blog only a very few days ago so I am newbie. Did you blog (write) about the decision process that took you to this move? If so could someone point me in the right direction? I too am trying to rethink the "location" question and would love to hear how others deal with it.

Hopefully you and Ollie can take some time to just be. I have liked reading your steps in working through all of this. It's very much part of life to have changes, some we don't choose and how we adjust to them.

Oh, we are not bored at all! How could you think that? I am so happy to hear that you and Ollie are home. Welcome, dear friend. Take your time to get settled. We'll be waiting for you.

Dina Zinnes- Just put the words "Finding a New Place" into the "Search TGB" box at the top (right side) of this page. Doing so will take you to a new page with search results. Click on the one that reads "Finding a New Place To Call Home."

Ronni, I am sure that Ollie will settle in as quickly in this new place as he did when you moved to Maine. Let's hope he doesn't find a way to get outside, as he did there.....lol

Ah.. what a beautiful thought:

"home for good"

Sleep well, Ollie and Ronni.

I'm another one who followed your cross-country move with great interest. We've moved with cats several times, and ours did settle in pretty quickly--having familiar things around Ollie will help so much. Happy you are home at last! Relax and unpack slowly. Summer should be pleasant there and you'll have time to enjoy it.

Home. What a great word -- a word of solace, comfort and safety. May you and Ollie find all of these as you settle into Maison Bennett!!!!

Welcome to the West Coast! Glad you and Ollie survived the trek across country so well. Yeah, the prospect of that Atlanta airport doesn't exactly elicit a lot of enthusiasm from me when I think of visits to dtr in VA. though I've weathered it a few times, especially after the confining airline seats -- no leg room.

No - the moving stories are not boring!
Hope today is calm as you begin the unpacking process.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey to a new home. I hope you will continue with all the settling in and new life to come.

I concur with all sentiments - so BIG DITTO!!!! Best of luck...:) YEAH!!!!

Like everyone else I have been following your move with love and interest.In fact I missed it on the days when your guest bloggers filled in and was wondering how it was going for you. It seems so recently that you were just speculating about the possibility of a move.

Welcome to the West coast. Portland is a beautiful place. I think you will be very happy there.

love the updates, not boring at all. you are an inspiration!
ollie will get over it soon.

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