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category_bug_journal2.gif The closing in Maine went without a hitch yesterday. These days, you don't get to feel rich even for a few minutes holding a big, fat check in your hands; the funds were immediately wired to Oregon to pay for my new home, just a number at the bottom of a page.

Yesterday evening, the wonderful Waring (see his photo here), who helped me pack and hauled away a whole lot of trash for me, stopped by on his way home from work for a final visit. It was great to see him and sad to say goodbye.

The good with the bad, yin and yang, the balancing act of life.

With the requirement to be at the airport two hours ahead of flight time and a plane change in Atlanta, Ollie and I will be 12 hours traveling today. His sedative lasts eight hours, so part way through the trip, I'll dose him again. If all goes well, he will snooze the whole way.

As lilalia of Yum Yum Cafe and Claude of Photoblogging in Paris noted on yesterday's post, too bad I can't be drugged too. But I've got a good book to read so I'll be fine.

Here's a question for you. For all the years I've been doing Time Goes By, I have published each day's story at 5:30AM eastern U.S. time. Because I wake early, I can usually give it one last check for typos and fixes, then it is available for European readers in the late morning, east coast Americans with their coffee and it's ready for west coast people whenever they waken. Australians – well, you're on your own; I can never figure out what day it is there.

Now, I will be living three hours later than what I'm accustomed too. I could maintain the schedule by setting each day's post to publish at 2:30AM my (new) time. But I won't be able to do a final check and some posts might be messier. Or, I could set it for 5:30AM Pacific time, which would change the arrival time for everyone.

What's your preference?

See you soon from the west coast...

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Here in Turkey I go to TGB most days around 12.30pm my time and am often the first person to read your daily post - or at least there are no comments yet when I read. Obviously if the posting time changes then my reading time will change but I'll cope. Choose the time that suits you best.

First, fingers crossed for a safe and (hopefully) easy journey for both you and Ollie!

I agree with Pat, whatever is best for YOU should dictate the schedule. But, for my personal vote, I'd love to continue starting my 3:50 am day with your post awaiting me! It's a morning routine I've grown to love. (Coffee gets the body moving, your posts get my mind going)! That said, choose whatever posting sched works best for you!

Here's to enjoying your new posts from your new life/perspective/coast.....


Will be thinking of you and Ollie today. Hope you fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

Please post at the time that works best for you. I am looking forward to you adventures in Portland West. I envy your ability to pare down and move on.

With Ramona on my lap as I read the news, we are thinking of you and Ollie today.
I read TGB first thing here in NH after the NYT. With coffee and a cat.
But whenever you can post is fine.
Best wishes for your trip and your new home.

You may not be reading this until you're in
Oregon so I'll say hope all went well. By all means, post whenever it's convenient for you. If you can adjust to a different time zone, we can adjust our habits too.

Today is an exception, but on most days I defer my blog reading until the end of the day, because an interesting post so often links to another, then that to another, and so on, that if I started reading in the a.m. I would never get to my own research and writing.

So: think of No.1, and do what works best for you. Hope you and Ollie have a pleasant trip to your new home.

Whatever rhythm you settle into will, of course, work out just fine. If you had always been in Oregon, you would have picked out some time frame that worked for YOU, so ...your choice.

Post at 5:30 am (now Pacific Time) as usual. No reason to disorient yourself even more. And there are more than enough online postings with annoying sentences that don't make sense, misspellings, etc.

Hi Ronnie

I agree, whatever works for you. I enjoy your posts anytime and often read a second time later in the day. Wishing you and Ollie have a safe journey.

I join every one in telling you to post whenever it is best for you. We will adjust.

Have a safe flight and begin your new life in your new home.

Never thought about the time change. I wonder how long it will take your Maine internal clock to re-adjust to Oregon?

That may settle your preferred posting time.

TGB readers are pretty laid back and I bet we can figure a way to go with the flow...who needs extra stress?

I'll be thinking about you and Ollie today. Stay safe!

I agree - whenever works for you. I hope you feel free to experiment with what works for you, too. I don't expect any decision you make your first week in Oregon to be binding!

My own schedule of reading your column is pretty flexible, usually between 7 a.m. and noon eastern time.

Hope your trip is uneventful and that Ollie does well. I will read Time Goes By whenever it becomes available. I think you need to decide what works for you . . . we want to be sure you keep doing it for a very long time!

I'm a late riser, anyway, and usually read your blog before lunch. So whatever works for you, Ronni, will work for us.

Hope your trip is being non-eventful and that Ollie remains peacefully out for the count.

I have no set time for reading your posts, so please post whenever you want!

Thinking of you and Ollie today!

i really don't care when you post. i've just been enjoying your journey because i'm considering a move myself and feel your courage. thank you.
elaine from oakdale, ny

No preference on time of delivery. Some days I'm so busy that I don't even get a chance to read it until evening, and some days I read two or three that have accumulated in my Email.
Just keep 'em coming.
I feel like I'm hearing from a sister (which I never had) when I read your blog. Love and hugs, and the best of times in your new home.

Take care of YOU, Ronni. I read your posts sometimes at 6 AM EST and sometimes, late in day. Do what's best for you. I will read whenever its up.

Good luck with the move IN!!

Suit yourself; that has worked perfectly. Some of us may not flex so well in the joints, but we flex beautifully for our friends! Happy New Adventure!
Or as another friend says,




Best wishes to you & Ollie for a boring, uneventful trip to your new home. And maybe a little snooze on the plane?

Weather has been lovely in Portland; we missed a recent downpour happening elsewhere in the state. Hope it holds off for your move-in date.

Have a wonderfully uneventful trip, Ronnie. I am on the West coast, in the SF Bay Area, so I read your posts when I turn on the computer in the morning. Either way, given the options you proposes, I am covered for that first read, because I don't get up too early. More important, though, is what works best for you.

Yes, do what works best for you. I think it would bother you to see mistakes later, so my guess is you'll keep the same pattern as now, once you've adjusted your body clock.
Fly safely, Ronni and Ollie, and happy landings to you both!

You will probably be happier if you give yourself time for that final cleanup. I'll be happy to read your post whenever it appears!

Ronni, have the best possible travel day! As a former Southerner, I can attest that an Atlanta airport connection is a marathon that will probably test that, but not always.

Not raining today in Oregon...so far. My move-in date in Oregon three years ago was May 27, and the weather was perfect.

What pleases you will please us. I like to think that is why this blog works so well now! We will adjust accordingly. I look forward to hearing about this next chapter in your life! All the best, Ronni and Ollie!

Yes, I join with everyone else hoping the flight goes well for both of you. Yes, please you. We will settle in to your new routine, and we will be here no matter the time of day. We are looking forward to arrival news.

Bon Voyage Ronnie, may the road rise to meet you!

I'm excited for you! There will be weariness, but there will also be that hyper-awareness that comes with exploring a new world. That's a very alive feeling that doesn't come often in our old age.

Publish whenever it's done, I say. Today, I'm reading at 1:45 p.m.EST; some days, it's later and some days it's much earlier. Sometimes I get to be #3 in the comment queue and sometimes, like today, I get to be #30. As a reader, I see advantages in all the possibilities, so do what works well for you.

Welcome home.

I always set mine to post at 3 something and never have figured out one exact time. I try to check them the night before; and if I get online in the morning and see a glitch, I change it even if it's already been read. I have wondered also how it impacts others. Safe and happy traveling for you and Ollie.

Love that Waring came over for a last visit. Take dear care and drive carefully and enjoy the voyage... I would prefer that you just post three hours later. We're a flexible group of people. Will do us good. I will be sitting here with my fingers cross until you tell us you have moved in to your new home.

I am on West Coast, and can imagine that the Easterners would love to have it with morning coffee.....but...your preference reigns. Make it easy on yourself.

Been runnning around all day today and got to your blog rather late. First of all, I am SO relieved that the closing went as planned. Stuff happens - and I'm so glad it didn't. I was worried for you.
OK - I love booting up my computer in the morning (eastern standard time) and finding you there, but like others who have made similar statements - do what is best for you. We'll all adjust.
Safe travels.

I'm another who gets to your blog whenever, so, as far as I'm concerned, "Whenever" works for me.

Happy trails to you, Ronni, and definitely blog when it is convenient for you.

Here in Australia it's always tomorrow

I'm in Adelaide, South Australia and I usually wake up to a new TGB blog post so it happens some time during the night for me.

Anyway Ronni, whatever works for you I reckon.

The best time is the time that feels the best to you and will fit your new time schedule. Your loyal readers will adjust. Glad to hear the closing was uneventful. Take care of yourself on your travels today. Look forward to reading about your move. I hope all goes well for Ollie too.

Is this cool or what - I'm posting this note from 30,000-plus feet above Missouri on my way from Atlanta to Portland, Oregon.

Ollie the cat is out cold at my feet. I hope he stays that way until we arrive in about three-and-a-half hours. But I have more kitty drugs if he wakes and gets noisy.

Thank you so much for all your lovely travel sentiments and notes about posting time. It has been an uneventful trip except for the horrendous long walk changing planes at the Atlanta airport, as one of you mentioned.

I gave up and hopped a cart.

"See" you here soon from the left coast.

Best wishes for an easy adjustment to the left coast Portland.
Post when it is best for you - after all it is your blog - and you have a life to live too.

Post when you want, Ronni. I check in a couple times a day and am never disappointed. I can't wait to read your next chapter, one you write after you set down with Ollie, in your new place.

Big hug from Montreal.

I'd have waved if I knew you were flying over Missouri this evening! Hope your journey went well. I never read your blog until evening as there's too much to do earlier, and I so look forward to it. We'll all be happy to hear from you whenever it pleases you. Hugs to you and Ollie from here, too.

Yey Ronni. We love you. Oregon Awaits you and all of your fans can't wait to hear about your settling in.

Happy Trails to you and to Ollie!

As long as you post, never mind what time! See you in Oregon!

Bon voyage to you and Ollie! Please post when it suits you; we'll cope.

By now, you have arrived. Safe and sound, I trust. Yeah!!!! I'm so excited for you! I LOVE moving adventures.

You should publish whenever the heck you WANT to publish. We will all keep reading; count on it! :)

Do what works best for you. The blogosphere is always open, so you can leave the newspaper at our doorstep any time it fits your schedule. We'll get it eventually, either for breakfast, lunch or dinner reading.
I'm out on the West Coast today, as well, and am completely upside down with jet lag. Better get your coastal legs working before you get back to work.
Best wishes on your new adventure, and give Ollie a headpat for me, please!

Yes, whatever feels right and comfortable. We will adjust to your new rhythm. Hope the trip went well and that you will be very happy on the West Coast! I'm glad we got a chance to meet before you left New England.

best of luck in portland!! publish when you can and want to....your readership will be there for you.

TGB always a day late if I wait for it to be sent to the west Coast ...A visit to your website lets me read it the same day you post...Welcome to Pacific time...

It is so sweet of you to ask your readers for their preference of publishing time...

You are here in Oregon by now. I was so glad to read about Ollie being dosed during the flight, because that must mean he was able to fly in the cabin with you. I hope you both are doing well at your brother's house and resting.

Welcome Home!

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