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On to Oregon

Out of Time and Place

category_bug_journal2.gif It is almost done, this cross-country move from Portland to Portland. At about noon today, two real estate agents, a title company official, the buyers and I will meet to sign a lot of legal documents that will transfer ownership of what was my home for the past four years.

But it hasn't felt like mine for awhile now. I was withdrawing my attachment to it during the weeks I filled up boxes with my belongings. By the time the movers hauled out everything last Wednesday, my heart and mind were already elsewhere – but not quite anywhere.

Hotel rooms, transient by nature and often interchangeable, don't count as being some place and during these past five days, I have often felt disconnected – out of time, unsure of the day or date and forgetful of long-time routines such as vitamins in the morning. I'm feeling a bit light-headed, not quite in and of the world.

An unfamiliar sensation - but not unpleasant either. A downtime, perhaps, while disconnecting from one life and preparing to engage with a new one.

Ollie the cat, however, now seems to think of this small room as home. He likes to watch the birds when I open the window for him, and he has assigned himself the role of sentinel; when anyone walks by our door in the hall, he instantly leaps to full alert, growling at the door until they are well past it.

It took him only two days to go from fraidy-cat-under-the-bed to protector of our tiny realm. I'm glad he doesn't know that tomorrow I will drug him and stuff him in a small container for a 12-hour journey after which he will wake up in another new room – also temporary – until the moving van arrives and we can set up our new home.

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A safe and pleasant journey for you and Ollie. Don't you wish you could also be drugged and wake up 12 hours later?

I hope you packed those cool dancing shoes in a safe place, Ronni. Don't forget to put them on once you get settled & have a welcome home drink.

Bon voyage.

my thoughts are with you as you continue your journey to new realms. How cute about Ollie. Just shows that cats at least can adapt quickly to their new homes. One thing I've always felt bad about re: my cats is that I can know things about their future that they cant. I tell them yes, but dont think they really comprehend. Have a great flight. Suki

Poor Ollie. He does seem very adaptable, but that may prove to be his last straw (Waking up in yet another new place). I hope you both do well in the rest of the journey.

Blessings on you and Ollie. May you have an uneventful journey.

When I was a much younger person, I recall being told that if one wants to live long and feel comfortable, one must be able to make adjustments.

Both you and Ollie are to be applauded!

Well he has you and that's the most important thing to him. Good luck with the next step of your transition.

Poor Ollie! Poor you! 12 hours! Yikes! I take it it isn't a direct flight. Hope all goes well for both of you! Bon Voyage!!!!

I wish you two a safe journey. I am with lilalia, if I were you I wouldn't mind falling asleep before the trip and waking up when everything was in its place... but that is life as it is in fairy tales ;)

Oh my heart goes out to both you and Ollie. Sending positive thoughts for a safe and uneventful flight to your new temporary home.

Safe journey and easy adjustments for you and Ollie!

Have a safe journey. Ollie seems to adjust quickly and once you are in your Oregon home he will take possession and guard it. I am sure that there will be birds to watch and that will help.

Looking forward to the time you will be settled, as I know you must be.

Ollie sounds like quite the cat. I've told Fred, my cat, about him. Too bad they will never meet. They have so much in common!
Fred must go into the dreaded Blue Transport Box today, because we're heading for Seattle for three weeks and he has to be boarded. He hates it, but he has stopped protesting against the inevitable.
Have a good trip, Ronni. You will be coming into what looks like a beautiful spring.

Hattie is right. The weather here is getting gorgeous. Ollie's quick adjustment is a very good sign, don't you think? We all feel stabbed in the heart by the way our cats carry on when moved, but the next day, they're prancing around the tops of the furniture looking for the coziest spot with the best view...or anything else interesting.

Have a great trip and best of luck to you both.

Safe travels -- Ollie will be fine, eventually....

Just think, Ronni,in a few days you will have come full circle since your youth and you will be home again.

My best thoughts and love to both you an Ollie.

Have a safe trip and a soft landing.

I am so happy that you are doing this near impossible work with your "f-a-c-u-l-t-i-e-s i-n-t-a-c-t..." (Salinger: For Esme with Love and Squalor) No matter the age, challenge, task... steering one's move from one floor to another, for starters, sans faculties — not doable. Your community, created and nurtured by guess who, are your copilots... along w the professionals... packers, shleppers, agents, hotel clerks, and endless others. Much love from Tel Aviv

Oh my gosh!!

This sounds like the beginning sentence of a crime thriller. Somewhat better that:

"It was a dark and stormy night---"

"I'm glad he doesn't know that tomorrow I will drug him and stuff him in a small container for a 12-hour journey after which he will wake up in another new room – also temporary – "


Have a safe and uneventful trip and a cozy first day in your new home.

I hope you have a safe and pleasant trip. I am so excited for you and I just know that you are going to love Lake Oswego. I'll be thinking of you and Ollie and can't wait for you to fill us all in on your getting settled. You are the best Ronni.

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