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You Asked for Photos of the New Digs

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Ollie on the Bed

Cats! You just get the bed made all nice and neat and smooth and the cat makes kitty prints all over the quilt and plops down for a nap. Their sense of neatness and elegance applies only to themselves and nothing around them.

Except for hanging pictures and other objects on walls, we're finished. Ollie the cat and I have settled into a routine already - in Ollie's case, the same as in Maine: breakfast at 5AM, or else.

But once the coffee is ready, my new office area is a pleasant place to work while the sun comes up, although I need an additional desk lamp on the right.

Office Early Morning

That faux hotel key box will be hung higher on the wall as soon as I figure out where I want it horizontally.

Here's a shot from the living room into the office at about the same time of day – early morning. The rattan furniture is working out nicely in the office.

Living Room and Office

The sideboard fit against the back wall of the dining area just as I had envisioned the first time I walked into the apartment.

Dining Room

Those counter stools on the left of the table have become a joke. The counter is much higher than the one in Maine so anyone sitting there will find his or her chin on the counter.

In Maine, I made the living room into the office and library with built-in bookshelves covering one wall. I can't afford to have those made this time, but the guest room will be come the library.

Guest Room

Shelves of some sort will go along the wall where the book boxes are stored now and I'll trade in the double bed for a trundle bed that can be a sofa when there are no guests. But it will take awhile to work out the details I want.

Yesterday, my brother and his wife treated me to breakfast at the St. Honore boulangerie in Lake Oswego.

St. Honore

Several other people had also recommended it and none of them were wrong. It's filled with scrumptious breads along with gorgeous and delicate French pastries.

We all had the Brioche Cocotte, a brioche filled with a poached egg and chive-flavored crème fraiche with a couple of strips of crispy bacon and a small salad. Yum. I'll go back regularly for that.

Brioche Cocotte

And there you have it – pretty much all I can tell and show you about my new home and town so far. Because cats always get the last word, here's Ollie again who, of course, figured out in no time the best way to frame his beautiful self.

Ollie Framed

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mary B Summerlin: Meghan Again


Thanks for the wonderful photos. Your new place seems lovely. I just did an evening performance sharing characters, songs and scenes from my musical play on aging. Boy, that was fun--a packed room and a great audience. Plan to do more of these events to raise funds for a full production of the play. Hope we have a chance to meet sometime soon.

Just lovely Ronni.

Everything about your new place is beautiful.
Ollie is right at home.

It looks wonderful! I love seeing other people's homes. I like those little built-in half-shelves (don't know what to call them) between the living room and office - they break up the space without breaking up the roominess. And Ollie looks like he has always been there.

Welcome home, Ronni. I've been thinking and thinking about your post about courage. You are such a good writer.

Just wonderful.
Would you have settled in so fast if you did not have such an eager audience? It's a great prompter, I think.
"...love it when a plan comes together."

Ollie looks like he is King of the roost again. I think he is one happy cat.

I love your new home and think you must be enjoying the trees outside your windows. Happy New Home, Ronni.

Blessings on you and your new home. Hope you are as comfy as Ollie looks, bet he's relieved. Thanks for the pictures.

Great pictures and your home and the environment around it looks wonderful. Ollie looks quite contented now that his furniture is in place.

The horrors of the world were getting me down this morning -- and then, there was Ollie! Cats help.

Blessings on your new home; it already looks homey.

Breakfast? This was my favorite the last time I was in Portland...3 years ago. But they do have a current website so I expect them to be in business.

It's amazing how quickly you have made a home...I'm sure it was exhausting but well worth it.

I like the pictures by the way. Hope you include more.

Ollie looks as if he has everything under control. You've made a lot of progress, Ronni!

It looks so comfy! May you find much happiness there.

Oh, thank you for these! Ollie looks quite content and the King of his castle.

Your new home is quite lovely. Looks positively cavernous compared to my tiny 860 sq. ft. bungalow! Do you feel like you are finally "home"?

It all looks so lovely, Ronni, and Ollie is his gorgeous self - wherever he is!!

Have new cushions made for those bar chairs - really deep ones!! LOL

Yes, it does look homey and welcoming,Ronni. And, I have the answer to those low counter stools.

Make some friends who play for the Trail Blazers...They will find those chairs the exact right height....

Your move from Portland to Portland was textbook! Just ask Ollie....

I laughed when I first opened the blog today to see Ollie! I also sense a lilt to your writing denoting a happiness. Your home is wonderful. Don't skimp on the lighting. You will need a lot of light in your home living on a lower floor in Portland. There will be sunshine outside, too, eventually - after the June monsoons!! All the best, Ronni!

It all looks terrific. And Ollie is just the cat's meow.

Absolutely beautiful Ronni. You've done a beautfiul job. Thanks for the pictures. I'm so happy that you are enjoying Lake Oswego and your new home.

A truly great new place, Ronni!!!!!!

Ollie, as always, is magnificent!!!

Sweet! I am so glad for you both.

Looks great. The weather is improving. And Ollie is quite the feline beauty. I'm sure you will be very well off in Lake Oswego.

Very nice place Ronni. Ollie is an interesting looking cat.

Love the pictures of Ollie and your new home.
Happy homecoming!

Your apartment is lovely. I wish you happiness in your new home.

Ollie is such a ham for the camera! He looks in control.

I can't believe how beautiful everything looks; you really did work non-stop to make it home. It's lovely, Ronni.

What a marvelous job you have done in getting the rooms looking elegant and inviting all at once. Your new abode is going to work out just fine. Ollie already looks as if he fells at home.

Great job, Ronni! Now you deserve to relax. Ollie is always so good-looking.

cheers! i'd say all is a success.

Ollie imperator (the Latin for 'cat').
Great pics, Ronni. Thanks for posting them. Your new pad is looking great.

The new place looks lovely and Ollie seems to have found his inner cat again so all is right with the world.

Wishing you wonderful new adventures and lots of happiness.

Your new home looks wonderful. You did everything right and it worked!

Ollie looks so proud to have made it through. He's lucky to have you and you him!

Ollie is so vain...he probably thinks this blog is about him...don't he, don't he...

Gaww-gess place, Miss Oregon!

Now I am starving after looking at that breakfast shot.

Looking good.

Ollie looks a tad indignant, though.

Love your sense of style. Most wonderful!! It is obvious that you feel at home..

The new place is gorgeous!!!

And about Ollie, remember, dogs have masters and cats have slaves.

all of the above....lovely!!!! YOU DO ALL THIS ON THAT TINY COMPUTER...I DON'T BELIEVE IT - WOW!!!!

Lovely! You got things in order quickly. It feels good that you are near family and that you enjoy doing things together. You'll make friends there, too, and enjoy living there, I think. This feels right.

Your new abode is most attractive. You should praise yourself for getting settled as quickly as you did. Sounds like you truly are home in more ways than one. Glad you have family nearby -- a definite plus.

That's the main thing missing for me here but I don't want to relocate to the east coast or midwest in order to be near family. My thought is, would I want to live there if they moved and the answer is a definite "no." I don't want to be following them around should they move.

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