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category_bug_eldermusic One of the first things someone told me about New York City when I moved there in 1968 was that if your interest or passion is one in a million, there are seven more people there who share it. Now that we have the internet, of course that pool of like-minded people is even larger.

I met Peter Tibbles, who writes the TGB Elder Music column on Sundays because he sent me a lot of email notes about the music stories I was writing. We are blog/email friends because he lives way down there in the land of Oz and I'm in North America, but he is no less important to me for the distance.

I don't remember how I came to know Citizen K and his eponymous blog, but we've actually met in person when he and his wife visited Portland, Maine a couple of years ago. Perhaps we'll do that more often now that I live on “his” coast.

This story begins with Peter's recent Elder Music post about Emmylou Harris. Citizen K's was the first comment that day:

“She can do no wrong!

“While leaving one of Emmylou's shows, my late wife opined that, 'It's not fair that someone can look like that and sing like that!'”

Now. Due to the way things happen online, two days ago I received this email note from K:

“Peter Tibbles and I have become friends via Time Goes By. After his post last week, we exchanged mails confessing our lifelong crushes on Emmylou Harris and jokingly explored the possibility of a blog called 'Old Farts for Emmylou.'”

That's funny, but it's also quite cool. How often does it happen that you can help two people, who wouldn't otherwise know one another, find a shared passion?

In this case, Peter and K have turned their joke into reality with a blog titled, 365 Days of Emmylou Harris and subtitled A Year-Long Mosaic of Videos, Photos, Art and Words. You can see it here.

But wait. I don't know about you, dear readers, but I think the two guys' initial inclination for the blog name - Old Farts for Emmylou – had a ring to it that's missing in their whitewashed version. What do you think?

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Ian Bertram: Real Books


I think this whole thing is marvelous! Will check out their blog and I sure hope Emmylou finds out about it. Time Goes By deserves the thanks for this one.

Peter and I decided that we aren't farts, so the first name didn't really work.

The always lovely and thoughtful Cowtown Patty pointed me to Time Goes By, and I got caught up in your life's story posts!

The internet never ceases to amaze me. The connections it fosters are wide and magical!!

K may not be old, but I'm 10 years older than he is.

I am in love with with guys who send me music and compliments...I am a goner every time for gentlemen.

(Though I have been known to get sucker-punched by the ever alluring bad boy in my time.)

And I LOVE TGB! My favorite hang out.

Just a note. I have had trouble with the elder stories not coming up until I noticed that the end of the URL is tagged with html.html. Once I remove the last repitition, they are fine. I don't know if this is a problem because I use the Google Reader or not. Just thought I would let you know. Love your blog and don't want to miss any of it or any of the stories either.

Twin City Joan...

That happens - well, never mind. Too boring to explain. I catch it about 99 percent of the time, but obviously did not today. It's fixed now.

Because I am a follower of TGB and Citizen K I will have to visit their ode to Emmylou.

Now will someone join me in writing a blog to Tony Bennett? ;-) Maybe I should stop ranting and just post the real golden oldies? You think?

I noticed that I received the email notice about your post the same day instead of the next day. Thank you. I see you had to post it after midnight to achieve the result.

That's awesome! Thanks for the link to the fan page!

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