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GAY AND GRAY: A Movie Not to be Missed

The documentary film, Stonewall Uprising, is currently showing in many places around the country. I think many elders, especially those of us with vivid memories of the 60s and early 70s, might very much enjoy it.

Why? Because filmmakers Kate Davis and David Heilbroner have framed the story of the gay riot in 1969 in Greenwich Village during which sexual outcasts fought police repression in a way that catches the spirit of those exciting times.

The Stonewall eruption was about the crazy-making dissonance between a youth culture that was exploding with exuberant sexual liberation (and some commitment to peace and racial justice) and the still repressed condition of gay, lesbian and transgendered people.

In enclaves around the country, young heterosexuals were breaking all the old rules, living together other without marriage, taking advantage of readily available contraception, scandalizing their parents. Not surprisingly, homosexual people of the same age wanted the same freedoms. The moment was ripe for rebellion and the fags, drag queens, trannies and other riffraff at the Stonewall Inn acted it out in a two day riot.

All of this is not the message we emphasize through our contemporary, and necessary, gay civil rights movement. These days, we usually seek respectability, not exuberant freedom. And we should be able to join the military and get married if we wish. But first we had to just BE in all our raunchy excitement! The film, Stonewall Uprising, tells that tale.

Full disclosure: Kate and David - straight folks, by the way - are (comparatively young) friends of mine. We've been hearing about the making of the film for a couple of years.

This movie carries me back into my young self. I wasn't in New York then, but I was living that cultural explosion. I wouldn't want to live in that time again; but it sure is fun to visit.

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We don't go to a theater anymore. We watch DVDs at home. When we can rent the DVD we will definitely watch it. I remember the 60s well and mid sixties I learned about the racism and hate some people had for people they did not approve of. That attitude is still running rampant in this country.

I want to see the movie because I read an excellent revue of it somewhere else.

The 60's and 70's were turbulent times for youth and their parents. Drugs were another part of that scene and, as a parent, that was the hardest part to deal with. We didn't have the knowledge that parents have now and all the rules were changing. Couples living together without being married was shocking because our generation called that living in sin. All of our values were topsy turvy.

The upheaval that this caused was ugly at times. I am not sure I want to relive it, but it's best to be knowledgeable so I will watch this movie to learn more about the gay perspective.

"I wouldn't want to live in that time again; but it sure is fun to visit."

That's beautifully put.

I'm definitely going to see that movie. What an extreme time to live in; there was so much going on and so many truths being told.

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