Why Aren't They Talking to Crabby Old Lady?
To the Keyboards, Elders

It's Not Old Eyes, It's Anyone's

Yesterday, the Bluetooth earpiece I had ordered arrived. The purpose is to have both hands free when I'm talking on my cell phone. You know the drill otherwise: someone says, “Check out this website,” and you're stuck trying to type in the URL with one hand because you can't hold a cell phone by your shoulder without losing the call.

Having never hooked up a Bluetooth device, I needed to read the instructions. This is what I was confronted with:


Huh? And that image is true to size. And it's not my old eyes - a 17-year-old couldn't read that font.


It's a minor annoyance and I solved it with a scan and font increase in paint.net. However, no one should be required to do that to read a couple of pages and it makes me angry that I've given money to a company that makes no effort to meet such an obvious customer requirement. But too late now.

Mostly, however, this is to tell you that I'm taking today off from blogging. Two friends are having a terrific summer adventure motorcycling from New York City to the west coast and back with their beautiful, black Labrador, Rufus, riding in his own attached car. They arrived here a couple of days ago, we had a wonderful visit, but I'm a little tired and need to rest.

I'll be back tomorrow. See you then.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Walt Grant: Safety First


That's a blog - a subject I am frustrated about, too. Whether it's prescription bottles, convenience food preparation instructions, newspaper comics, small print on contracts--often too small for anyone to reasonably read and certainly not for the eyes of an older person. Or white print on black background on a website.

Enjoy your rest.

I have magnifying glasses in strategic spots all over my home! Less frustration.

Have a good rest! Dee

Same problem with newsletter from Ancestry. If I ever have time, I'll search for a solution on enlarging the font. Why do they do this!

Binoculars here.

I hope you got pictures of this great trio. :) Rest well.

Have a good rest Ronni.

All my Medicare prescriptions delivered by mail are decorated with those tiny letters. Must be decorative as its illegible. And they continue to come with caps I cannot remove despite my requests for non-childproof or Celia-proof lids. Blah!

Tell us more about your friends and Rufus who are doing the coast to coast trip! -- barbara

Since I am an extremely nearsighted person, small print never bothers me. But this has to be an aggravation for most.

Even worse is when it is badly translated from another language as well. Glad to hear you are allowing yourself to have a rest. Every Blessing

I would be lost without magnifying glasses. I do think that it is poor customer service to ignore the requirements of elders. Bah ! Humbug !

I hope Rufus enjoyed the ride and you enjoyed having company from your former home.

I smiled when I remembered that you moved to Maine so your friends from NYC could visit. Here you are miles further away and two of them managed to come see you. I'll bet most of your friends will follow because you are a magnet and because you live in such a wonderful place.

... and gray print on white web pages. Thanks to Elder Geek (where's she been?), I use ctrl+ a LOT to enlarge print on websites. How about road maps you can't read? What's that exit number? The GPS takes care of that, if you can trust it -- a different issue.

I buy dollar store glasses ONLY for around the house, like when the phone rings and I need to see who it is before answering a sales call.

My good glasses are for reading, typing and seeing if there are any earwigs trying to sneak in, like they've been waiting all night in line for Lady Gaga tickets.

Practically all the product instruction sheets I get are this tiny print -- s real pain!

I think it would be cool to call up companies that you purchase products from and ask them on the phone what size font the instructions come in.

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