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Yesterday, Crabby Old Lady explained that she was light on blogging because she was having a load a fun with a great page-turner of a novel she doesn't want to put down. And so it is, as I write this, on Tuesday afternoon, that after four-hour meeting with a potential reverse mortgage lender, my mind is mush and all I want to do is get back to the book.

You will just have to forgive me; until I finish that story, I'm not going to have much interest in anything related to this blog.

To give you a little bit of something to chew on, let me tell you about two online places I look forward to each morning and one that that was a fascinating surprise.

Naked Capitalism
I've been reading Naked Capitalism every day for several years. It's a financial/economics blog run by Yves Smith who operates a management consulting firm that specialize in corporate finance. Each day, there are two or three original stories from Smith and others along with a collection of links to the best or most interesting or enlightening or infuriating financial stories online.

Although finance and economics is the blogs reason to be, there are often links to science stories and anything else that catches Smith's interest. What they have in common is that all are well chosen, excellent reads.

And then, to help keep up your spirits after all the bad news, there is always the “Antidote du jour” - a to-die-for-cute animal photo, every single day.

The Consumerist
It's been around for a good while, but I've only recently discovered The Consumerist, the blog of Consumers Union with the subtitle “consumers bite back.” It's packed tips and complaints and stories about good deals and deals gone bad. It's fascinating.

I mentioned The Consumerist a few weeks ago when the blog gave its annual Worst Company in America award to my new cable provider, Comcast. What I didn't know then is this is the third year in a row Comcast has "won."

To the Supercave
Over a lifetime, I have read a few of stories about caving, spelunking that I found mildly interesting, but it's not much on my radar. Until this link popped into my mailbox this morning. An interview with a writer who has just published about the efforts of “extreme cavers” to find the deepest place on earth. It is fascinating – oh, and I found it on Naked Capitalism this morning.

Now I'm going to go finish that book. See you tomorrow.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Brenton “Sandy” Dickson: Seventies Madness


ok, what book?
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

or, Pillars of the Earth?

both have gone around this household!

Book review please. :) Why not. Most elders read, and many like me read lots. I'll need some diversion when my brain turns to mush mid afternoon.

...and thank you for updating the Featured Elderblogs.

Ronni there are two more volumes after the Dragon Tattoo and they are each bigger than the one before. I discovered the Dragon Tattoo in May and bought it here in Turkey (rare to find good English language books on sale outside of Istanbul but I found it and the Girl Who Played with Fire on sale in Antalya while there working). Read both in a few days in scrappy reading sessions between working and travelling then had to buy the hardback version of the third book in the series because I simply had to finish the story. Now I am looking forward to re-reading all three by the wood stove this winter in a much more leisurely fashion. So prepare yourself for continuing minimal attention to TGB while you read other two volumes.

I love page turners too! I'm reading two of them now and I can't wait to see what happens!

I'm a little confused. I'm reading this at 9:30 a.m. here in Utah, and the blog reads as being written on Tuesday (12th) Afternoon. ? I am a little curious about the book you're reading to cause loss of time sense (I don't think it's me); at the same time I enjoyed all the links. Thanks.

Love getting lost in a great novel. Also thanks for the interesting links.

My antidote to real life downers is this link with funny cat pictures and captions.


Warning: lolspeak messes with spelling and grammar, but is very funny!


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Are you following me ?

I just read I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb and liked it so much I then read She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. Both really good reading.

I read the post about cavers and nearly had a panic attack just visualizing what they go through. Two spelunkers from Tucson found a cave approximately 20 miles south of Tucson and kept it secret for 20 years. They finally told the owner of the ranch that the cave was located on about it and they secretly worked out a plan with the State to develop it. It is now a big tourist attraction and the Big Room was opened last year. I think it's a work in progress. The name of the cave is Colossal Cave.

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