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[EDITORIAL NOTE: You won't find anything about being old here today. Crabby Old Lady is halfway through the first novel she has read in more than a year - Steig Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Yeah, yeah – Crabby is way behind the rest of the world in reading this popular series, but she's just as hooked. So she's slacking off pretty much everything else until she finishes. ]

Because Crabby Old Lady heard this little story on local television news last week, you'll have to trust her about it; she hasn't been able to find a web report to link to (not that she tried THAT hard.)

According to the news reader, there has been a rash of injuries due to pedestrians stumbling, tripping, bumping into each other and inanimate objects and on at least one occasion, falling through an open manhole into a sewer.

The reason for these mishaps, said the news person, is that all these people are too distracted typing tweets to watch where they're walking.

Cue all our snarky comments about how anyone this stupid deserves to fall into a pile of raw sewage, right? Well, not so fast. Wait until you hear some official's solution for the problem:

New software to allow people to speak their tweets instead of typing them.

Crabby can't tell who or what is dumber – the pedestrians or solution. Just as Crabby's tired, old ears have been relieved since the boors who used to scream into cell phones have given that up for texting and tweeting, some jerk wants everyone yelling in public again? Phooey.

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I managed to fall over and crack my fibula walking and talking...to an actual human walking next to me! How anachronistic of me!

and watch the Swedish version of the movie on Netflix.
It's even better than the book. Subtitled in English
But I understand most of the Swedish!
The second movie just came out in Swedish.
Now you're hooked there is a whole genre of Scandinavian thrillers out there.
In this Scandinavian household we're always looking for stories that begin....a lonely farmhouse in Norrland....a detective that drinks too much coffee and has relationship problems....a mysterious crime.
Great way to spend a too hot summer day.

I bought that book, but I haven't started it yet.

I sure hope that "talking tweets" don't become possible! I hate to hear people on cell phone as it is.

I for one do not see the reason for Twitter or actually for Facebook either. I have a real life and I have lots of things to do and I am not so codependent that I need to tell hundreds of people every time I scratch or burp.

What!! Will this technology madness ever stop? Dee


I loved The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo so much that I bought the next two in Larrson's trilogy. I can hardly wait to read The Girl Who Played With Fire. I have the movie on my NetFlix list.

I have a problem with people in stores talking on their cell phones. Talking instead of texting is getting out of hand. Rise up fellow sufferers a protest.

Only birds are supposed to tweet. I do not/will not Tweet.

I also do not answer my cellphone while driving or am somewhere where I am otherwise involved. I own my cellphone; it doesn't own me.

I get so annoyed with people who are ruled by their phone.

Well, not to be outcrabbed, I read the first two pages of *The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo* and found my eyes getting heavy, very heavy. Not my kind of thrill.

Zuleme is right - the movie is as fabulous as the book. I love drowning in fiction and letting the rest of the world get by on its own. Enjoy!

On your recommendation, I'm headed for the bookstore! What is it about novels at this age? I read so many between the ages of 10 and 50, I had trouble telling my factual life from my fictional one; then, in my fifties, I began to hunger for information and the craving switched to non-fiction. I'm very selective now about time spent on novels, but I do make an exception for anything by Ian McEwan.

Here you go, Crabby...a music video you have to see/hear to believe. After reading this post and comments I thought about the song Rockin' Robin and looked for it at youtube. I sure wasn't expecting to find this parody of the song. good god

One day I saw a man so intent on his cell phone in a store that he almost walked into a pole--he noticed it at the last second. Men are just as bad as women at this, contrary to myth. Talking instead of texting? How novel. Next somebody will suggest that we talk to other human beings in person.

I don't read much fiction so haven't read the book, but the commentary on tweets is too funny. I'm on Twitter (Facebook, too) but I just haven't found all that much to tweet about. Since I haven't been 14 for almost 60 years, I can wait to share the latest news in my life until I see, talk to or e-mail my friends. As far as Facebook goes, even if anyone is remotely interested in what I'm up to, I'd prefer not to spread it all over the Web.

I'm not totally anti-tech, but I hate to think of a world where conversations can't take up more than 140 characters.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was our book club selection back in the Fall. For the first 50 pages, I was bored silly. I wondered who in the world had chosen that selection. However, after the tattooed girl made her appearance a few pages after, I couldn't put the book down. I read until 3 AM!

The three books are I think brilliant. Once you have worked your way through them look at the Wallander series by Henning Mankell (if you like police novels/thrillers anyway).

The Swedish TV series of the Wallander books is also excellent of you get the chance to watch it. The lead is taken by Krister Henrikksen and he plays it with all the world weariness we might have expected from Bogart if he had lived longer. They also have very positive pictures of older women, especially in series 2

Right now I am reading the Wally Lamb book "I Know This Much Is True" about twin brothers Thomas and Domenick. I have the Tatoo Lady on my Netflix list. I love to read, but the eyes are just not what they were....if they ever were what they were...thanks for your interesting post.

Awesome post. You are absolutely right. Anyone that walks onto a street without looking is kind of dumb. Isn't that like something we learned in Being A Child 101? They even teach dogs to stop when they come to a street.

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