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Elderblogger Meetup – An Invitation

Way back in April (well, not so long ago but it feels that way) when my Maine home had been sold, a new one found in Oregon and I was in the midst of packing for the move, I wrote this in a post:

“The number of Time Goes By readers who live in or near Portland, Oregon surprises me. Not that you haven't mentioned your location in comments and on your blogs, but I hadn't been keeping track. Now it makes a difference.

“So I have decided that when I am reasonably settled - sometime this summer - I will hold an elderblogger meetup at my new home so we can all get to know one another a bit. Information will be forthcoming after I've made the move.”

Here I am now, “reasonably settled” in Lake Oswego, Oregon, just 15 minutes or so south of downtown Portland on the west side of the river. There are still pictures to hang and I haven't figured out what to do about bookshelves so a lot of unpacked boxes remain stacked in the second bedroom. But the place is livable, even presentable for guests.

Which means it is time to get our old bones in gear for a Portland Elderbloggers' Meetup.

I've chosen Saturday 18 September. It's a couple of weeks after the long Labor Day holiday and a weekend so those who work can attend. I think 10AM is a good start time and if we're enjoying ourselves enough that we don't want to stop, we can continue on Sunday. There are relatively inexpensive hotels/motels nearby if you need or want to stay overnight.

Bloggers' Meetups have been an internet phenomenon for a long time. I attended a few with New York City bloggers when I still lived in Greenwich Village and tech conferences I've attended have been another opportunity to meet up with online friends. I've never been disappointed.

Meetups are traditionally held in restaurants or bars, but I think my home is a better idea - more comfortable and with no time restrictions.

There is plenty of guest parking within a few steps of my apartment and no stairs to navigate. If some who do not drive want to attend, as we move forward I'll bet we can arrange pick up and return with others who do drive. If you live in Portland itself, there is public transportation to Lake Oswego and I can pick you up when you arrive.

So this is an official invitation to all Time Goes By denizens in the vicinity of Portland, Oregon – bloggers and readers - who want to meet in person some of the people we have come to know through our blogs. You can RSVP in the comments below or you can send me an email through the “Contact” link at the top left of every TGB page.

For people who live too far away to attend, there is no reason you can't join the party via Skype if you have a videocam built into or attached to your computer. If you do and haven't used Skype, it is a free (as long as you're calling Skype to Skype) telephone audio and/or video service. If you're interested in that, download Skype now and start practicing. It's not hard.

I'm really excited about this and hope you are too. I'm am so looking forward to meeting people I've read and emailed with, in some cases for years.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Ronni Prior: Top Step


will try to do, with skype and videocam. thanks for opening it up past your time zone! best, paula b

That's a grand idea. I wish I were able to join you, but Tucson is still too far away. I don't have a video cam and probably couldn't hear on Skype, so I will just have to be with you in thought and a bit of envy.

What a great idea!!!!! Count me in on Skype which is the second best thing after being there. What fun! I use Skype to visit with my grandchildren in Florida, & it is absolutely wonderful. The installation was quick & easy (with my daughter's help!). Dee

Assuming spouses are also included (it's our anniversary week-end), I should be able to come to Portland. With the farm, things can always come up but I will put it on the calendar and hope it works out as I would enjoy meeting you and anyone else who can come for it :).

Rain and others...

Apologies for not mentioning it: of course, spouses/significant others are welcome.

That's the one weekend my elder son chose for a visit home here in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I'll have to join via Skype. Otherwise, I would have made the trip, since I also would like to explore Portland one of these days.

I have often thought it would be nice to have something like this in an area near me. I am 50 minutes from Nashville. Most people that keep in touch with my sharing - live to far away.
My youngest daughter who has several very active blogs just came home from a meeting of bloggers in New York.
Enjoy the time and share...

Yes, great idea!

That's such a great idea ,Ronnie-am still an avid TGB reader from across the globe.Am currently in California-but unfortunately will return home by then.Have a great time!

I was thinking about this just the other day! My husband has a week of vacation beginning Sept. 13th and we are tentatively planning on spending it at Wallowa Lake (the one part of Oregon I still have yet to see). Much depends upon my luck in finding caring and responsible help with the three inside cats, the now-four (up from 3) cats who sleep safely in the garage at night, the 4-5 stray cats who eat in our wildlife area each night before the skunk family arrives followed by the raccoons! We really need a break from the routine and if the trip to The Wallowas works out then my attendance at the meetup would be "iffy." If it doesn't work out then I will plan on being there with you on Saturday.

You must have been blessed with the gift of hospitality, Ronni!

It will have to be Skype for me -- will certainly try. TGB meetup is now on my calendar.

I'm so happy to hear you're having it in your home, Ronni. Many people would be afraid of that, but in this case, that just seems silly to me. It will be so much more comfortable there! I would gladly open my home, too.

What a great idea! Makes me wish I lived in Portland. I look forward to reading future blogs about the meet-up. Have fun!

Wish I could be there I am in Pdx often but my husband and I will be in Napa for the month of Sept. However if you would like to get together for tea etc. sometime when I am in Pdx that would be great. Welcome to the rain I mean Portland. Have fun at the gathering.

Darn, I am visiting my daughter in Portland (I live just outside of San Francisco) end of September, it would have been great to join up with you. Oh, well, next time perhaps.

Wish I could join you in person but will try to skype in. Thank you for the invitation.

Ronni, it's not you; it's me! I have an all day class down in Spartanburg that Saturday unless there's a hurricane in the neighborhood.

I'd love to be there, but have a performance I'm doing the next day and will be preparing for that. I do hope to connect with you when I get to PDX, maybe in September.

Hi Ronnie......I'm a failure at attending your party, darn it. Some day I will tho. We can meet at Powell's and you can show us the town.

Ronni, my apologies for not sending regrets promptly. My long-deceased Mom would have scolded me roundly for such a lapse in manners!

My husband and I live in Renton, which is just outside Seattle, so we're in the Greater Northwest area. The meetup is a great idea, and I wish I could attend. Unfortunately, one of our 3 cats has chronic, late-stage renal disease and needs to be hydrated subcutaneously and given pills on a regular basis. She accepts these indignities from the two of us--reluctantly--but not from others. Kitty care kind of restricts our activities to the immediate area for the moment, but she's doing reasonably well so I hesitate to rock the boat.

If I can figure out Skype, I might try to join the gathering that way.

We have been waiting for the invitation and now it comes for a time when we will be in New Mexico. Hope you will do it again.

As with so many others I have plans for that weekend. Damn! Otherwise I would have driven up from Reno. Let me know the Skype details.

FWIW Google Email recently started offering a Skype-like service, as you may well know by now. I haven't tried it out yet to see how it compares, but plan to before long.

Darlene might not be able to hear what's said, but Skype allows for typed messages. She could see the people on camera and exchange some typed comments if she wanted to visit for a short time.

Friends and I have long planned an OR visit, but haven't gotten to it for several years -- hoped to go to Ashland, Powell's. Perhaps some other time I'll make it, but not this Sept. date. May try to stop by on Skype to say "hello." Am sure it will be a fun time for all.

I'm just finding out about your meeting, belatedly. Wish there were folks like you in Seattle, where I live. Congratulations
on your energy, and I hope to keep up with the group.

Page in seattle

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