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Millie Garfield is 85 Years Old Today

Happy Birthday Millie

Today, Millie reaches one of those big-deal, must-celebrate birthdays - number 85 - marking the halfway point through her ninth decade.

I no longer remember how I came across Millie's blog - My Mom's Blog - but it was not long after Time Goes By began in 2004, and she was here before I was - a pioneer elderblogger before the word came along. There were hardly any old people in the blogosphere back then.

Millie became a special friend, and the first Millie Garfield Online Birthday Bash took place in 2005. Now in its sixth year, it is an elderblog tradition and it is a good thing to keep up tradition.

Here is all you need to do to join in: go to Millie's blog and leave a big, fat, wonderful message of congratulations and good cheer.

It's not every day someone reaches 85, and some of us won't. So let's celebrate with Millie.


At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Johna Ferguson: The Dangers of Swimming


I did that and I also posted greetings of my own. Millie is a treasure to us all (as are you!)

Quite right, it's not every day and 85 is certainly a milestone.

Thank you for coordinating the on-line celebration, Ronni. 85 certainly IS a milestone! ...and there she is in the front lines of technology! Wow!


Wonderful online party!

Rats! I'm unable to log onto Millie's blog site so I hope she sees this: Happy, Happy Birthday Millie. It's your smile & videos that I sooooooo appreciate. You are indeed a treasure......a national treasure at that! Dee

I posted my own special greeting on my web site for Millie. I beat her to the 85 birthday be a few months and it's a great age to be.

Good for Millie--she gives hope to all of us who are 70+. I sent her a special b'day message. How great to be such a techie at 85. Bet she's on Facebook and Twitter, too--or would be if she wanted to!

What a party you threw for me! What a hostess you are! I'm still flying high and receiving birthday greetings.

It's my privilege to be your friend.

I just read your birthday message to me. Nice to hear that you enjoy my blog and videos. I love doing them and hope to find more things that I can't open!

I AM on Facebook and Twitter but my heart belongs to blogging!

I visited Millie's blog and wished her a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Millie. What a beautiful Woman you are. I hope you have many more years filled with your wonderful life. You are living proof that our later years are what you make it. At any age, women think of many things; most men think of sex: You would have been a great person to talk with after the episode was over. Nothing better than an understanding, thoughtful Woman who tries to overlook a man's shortcomings.

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