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INTERESTING STUFF: 22 September 2010

Category_bug_interestingstuff I spent a lot of time last week bitching about elders, the twitchy internet and bogus anti-aging products. The number of things to be pissed off about gets longer by the minute, but this week I seem to need a break from all the dispiriting news that afflicts our days.

So, this edition of Interesting Stuff, although short, is just for fun – things I've found that make me laugh, smile or just say awww and not a one of them about being old.

The Geico gekko has been entertaining us for more than a decade - I love that little guy and I've thought they have missed an opportunity in not producing a full-length feature with him.

Geico mixes up the gekko series of commercials with other, shorter-lived ad campaigns - some better than others - and the current "rhetorical questions" is one of their best efforts. My favorite for now is "Piggy."

It would be just irritating if it were not for the mother driving the car. In her place, I'd have smacked Piggy, but Mrs. A's restrained exasperation is perfect.

Last week, working our way through Dr. Robert Butler's book, The Longevity Prescription, we discussed stress reduction. I think this would be a fine way to do that – giant soap bubbles at the beach.

Recently, The New York Times published a slide show of ugly animals. This is a blobfish. Yeech.


You can read the accompanying story here and see photos of more ugly animals here.

It's only nine seconds and worth every one of them.

Names of most phobias read like tongue twisters. There are hundreds of them, most that you've never heard of. My friend, Kent McKamy sent this short list with some commentary:

OULROPHOBIA: fear of clowns. (Stephen Sondheim faced this one down in A Little Night Music)

PTERONOPHOBIA: fear of being tickled by feathers. (Uh-oh - there go pillow fights)

SCIAPHOBIA: fear of shadows. (M. Night Shyamalan makes a fortune exploiting this one)

AGYROPHOBIA: fear of crossing the road. (Think of those brave chickens out there)

Kent says his special phobia is cyanophobia - fear of the color blue, as in the computer blue screen of death. What about you? Here's an amazingly comprehensive list to check out.

That's all you need to know...

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Lyn Burnstine: Laundry


Thanks for the grins and chuckles to start the day.

While the bubbles are fascinating, the reaction of the kids is the best part.

That baby put me in mind of my #1 daughter who babbled like that, and still does, 48 yrs later!

I'm saved. Here in this hospital, I can't see any pictures or videos.

I always had to swat my kids too,to make them take their hats off at the table !

Nancy Pelosi move over.... we've found someone who makes just as much sense as you do. Sarah Palin, watch out..... this little girl has all your attitude and lots more smarts. Just look - her facial expressions actually change as she's discussing important topics... like cow farts.

Thanks for the giggles, Ronni.

LOL! Thank you for these videos- especially the baby talking.

I've seen some guys who looked just like a few of those ugly animals. ;-)

The baby was a hoot. So was Tarzana's comment.

In the retired enlisted population we get a kick out of R. Lee Ermey as an unsuitable therapist. Heard that!

I LOVE Those newer Geiko Commercials and the "Little Piggy" one is my favorite.

Reminds me of all the kids'carpools I have driven over the years. :)

Ha Ha! The baby video is my favorite. I thought when it started, "4 minutes? No way!" How wrong I was - it just kept getting funnier and funnier! Hysterical! Thanks for the smiles today.

Just what I needed on this rainy first-full-day-of-fall here in Northern Michigan.

Too bad the baby didn't have anything to say about health care, since that's the topic of the day! I see a great career ahead of this young lady - as a lawyer!

That Baby was too much...loved the piggy - Ronni you always know how to please...

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