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Stupid, Venal, Crackpot Politics

[EDITORIAL NOTE: Ronni here. This is Crabby Old Lady's post today, but I want to direct you to a story in EasyReader by Robb Fulcher who interviewed me for it last week. It's titled Fab at 50 and a nice job he did of representing my point of view.]

Crabby Old Lady is appalled, frightened and snarling mad. You should be too.

The United States is on a crazy train to doom and no one with a bigger platform than Crabby will say so. There is only one thing that matters right now. Only one. JOBS. But you wouldn't know that from the news nor from elected officials who are the only people who have the power to effect change on the large scale the country needs.

Instead, they are dealing in stupid, venal, crackpot politics that is harming our country and destroying the lives of the people.

To those same politicians and candidates who want to replace them: stop telling the country that rich people's tax cuts create jobs. It is a lie. They've had those tax cuts for eight years and look where it got us – millions of permanently lost jobs and 10 percent “official” unemployment that is actually much higher.

To rich people and their sycophant politicians: stop attacking Social Security. No cutting benefits. No privatization. No raising the age of eligibility without an exclusion for people who do heavy labor. And Joe Miller in Alaska? Social Security is not unconstitutional. It is a lie to say that.

To politicians, candidates and rich people: stop attacking Medicare. Expand it to everyone in the U.S. which Congress and President Obama should have done the first time around. A smart 11-year-old can see that would make health care affordable for everyone.

Politicians and corporations: stop sending jobs overseas. It started long before the recession and has not stopped. Just yesterday, the Senate GOP shot down a bill that would end tax credits to corporations that outsource jobs to other countries. Huh? Why did they have tax credits for that in the first place?

To rich people and political parties: stop funding sleazy, nutter candidates. The country does not need a man who repeatedly emails pornography. It doesn't need a senator who is ignorant of evolution voting on science-related legislation. It doesn't need anyone at all in office who believes the president is a Muslim or not born in the U.S.

To cable news media: stop filling 90 percent of your air time with fact-free talking heads flapping their gums in total ignorance of everything. Crabby Old Lady has never learned one useful thing from them. Pay some trained reporters, instead, to do some real journalism. A whole lot of them are out of work and they'll do the job for less money than your “star” bloviators.

To the American public, you're not off the hook either: stop wearing tricorn hats; you look like idiots in them. Stop listening to Sarah Palin; she's an opportunistic quitter who can't speak in intelligible sentences. Turn off Glenn Beck; he's an ignorant, raving lunatic.

And to rank-and-file tea partiers: you are batshit crazy to believe you are not being manipulated by the Koch brothers and other rich tyrants who want to steal your Social Security, cancel your Medicare and leave you to eat cat food until you die from lack of medical care.

If Crabby can slow down enough for a moment to take a breath, here is what mystifies her: all the existing and proposed policies of right wingers, their candidates and followers lead inexorably to impoverishment of 95 percent of the population. When fewer and fewer people are employed at subsistence wages, no one will be left to buy the widgets companies make. And if they can't sell their merchandise, their companies will go under and they will become poorer.

Even Henry Ford, hardly a paragon of political virtue, knew that. A hundred years ago, he took a lot of grief from other rich corporatists for paying his auto workers the then-magnificent salary of $5 a day. He did so, he said, because he wanted to sell more Model Ts and to do that, more people had to be able to afford them.

It worked so well, his naysayers followed his lead. What has happened to their sense of self-preservation since then?

Crabby is letting fly because she is deeply frightened for her country. Politicians have always been corrupt, but in the past – even in Crabby's lifetime – many also cared about the well-being of their constituents and their country, were well educated enough to discuss the Constitution and the ideals of liberty with intelligence, and managed to cooperate with one another to get important legislation done to improve the country.

There was a time when most Republicans and Democrats identified with the middle of the political spectrum, left or right a bit from the center point, because they knew that extremism is dangerous. Now, the few existent centrists are all pretty much behind in the polls for this election.

Our country is in serious trouble on all fronts, but nothing will begin to improve until the people can get back to work.

Never in Crabby Old Lady's memory have we needed intelligent leadership more. But what do we have? Candidates who are porn distributors, tax cheats, barely concealed racists, panderers, religious zealots, liars, nihilists and handmaidens to corporations.

No good will come of this.

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I read a book a few years ago about the fall of the Roman Empire...looking for parallels. When the Romans were to comfy to fight their own battles (or care much) and when their politicians cared more about their own issues than those of the Republic were among the problems.

You took the words right out of my mouth! :) Dee

I personally don't have words like that to say so I'm glad I've got you, Ronni.

Crabby, you say it so well!

Oy vey what a flabbergasting rant, with which I am in complete agreement. I am deeply concerned about this country which is so much more wacky than ever.

You said it well, Crabby.

I just love Crabby Old Lady when she flames and burns.

You are singing my song, Ronni. I thank you for calling a spade a spade.

When one man can shut down the government, as Jim DeMint is threatening to do, by putting a hold on the bill and when it takes 60 votes to pass anything the inmates are running the asylum.

I'm afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better. We're heading for a fall, yes.

I'm busy figuring out where I can repost this. On my Facebook, letters to my representatives and anyone elses I can think of, quotes to our paper who will publish every letter written including the nutters, thank you for giving me the words.

That clapping sound to your south is this crabby old lady giving you a standing ovation.

Well said!

Nice rant! Go Crabby!

lovely rant. yes, we're doomed. it's going to get really ugly and now is a good time to stock up and learn about personal protection. make nice with your neighbors, too.

i sincerely hope we get at least one round of pitchforks and torches. i'd like to think america still has one more defiant act left in her.

The sentence "No raising the age of eligibility without an exclusion for people who do heavy labor" should read:

"No raising the age of eligibility."

There is no justification for raising the age of eligibility at all.

And this paragraph:

"There was a time when most Republicans and Democrats identified with the middle of the political spectrum, left or right a bit from the center point, because they knew that extremism is dangerous. Now, the few existent centrists are all pretty much behind in the polls for this election."

doesn't make any sense, since people still think they are "in the center", but the real center hasn't moved to the right the way the politicians (in both parties) have. The politicians who are identified as "centrist" or "moderate" today are actually right-wingers.

Other than that, I agree with every word, I think. Spot on.

Strong language, Crabby, All is it is spot on.

duh . . . all of it is . . .

Up here in the Great White North, I feel your pain, Ronni, and know in my heart it is going to get far, far worse.
The betrayal of Mr. O. must make it all so much more painful.

Same goes for the UK too. There is too much of a culture of blame thrust upon those who cannot find work, those on benefits and the disabled. I get frightened as well and keep praying for morality to return to politics.

Robert Reich has an excellent blog on this and he called what they are doing Social Darwinism. I put the link in my Rainy Day Things blog (my political one).

I am appalled. I was even more so and somewhat hopeless when I read another blogger ask for the name of a real conservative in the Congress and one of his readers listed Michele Bachmann. People like that are who will be voting in November and it is very scary. They are voting against their own interests, half the time don't know what all of this will really mean, but they are in a mob mentality that to them means empowerment and excites them. They are being sold a bill of goods with the usual bunch of words that mean nothing for what will really happen and how it will damage their own lives. They won't know until it's too late.

And the Democrats. Don't even get me started on them! But the alternative is an agenda that is as Reich said-- Social Darwinism.

Actually I think rich people have had tax cuts beginning with President Reagan in the 80's.

Here is a great picture on how to interpret that.

Agree 100%.

The best government money can buy.

Ronni, Thank you for Crabby, however, forgive me for challenging your rant(that I agree with unequivicably). We all know the problems, but where is the solution? Will replacing these vultures who are eating our flesh while we are still alive insure a cadre of Doves? Crabby can lead an army of seniors, who do most of the voting and have the most to lose.(not counting years)(joke)I, me Debra Sugar, need an altruistic intellectual to list each candidate from all political parties, divulging their previous records and current and past affiliations
Our priorities are kaleidescopes being rotated by the privileged, most of whom owe us millions in back taxes. Outlaw nepotism, analyse the structure and output of each government office,both federal and state and provide every citizen the exact same health care that our gluttonous officials and politicians enjoy. I sincerely feel that these remedial measures would in some way reduce the stress of the middle class.
IIt was not my intent to be preachy, but I (and my peers) are so sad as we watch our beloved country being tortured
by an insidious fungus from wwithin. Deb Sugar

I heard a round table discussion on the radio about four years ago. There were a couple of real estate experts an economist and maybe a journalist. They were talking about "flipping" properties and making 25% in 30 days. One them said that home ownership was "the great American dream" and another said "that was the American dream but now it's just making a fast buck"
That could be how historians will describe the first part (at least) of the 21st century: "The Age of the Quick Buck". It's only the bottom line that counts- everything else is secondary and the whores in Washington are the leaders of the pack.

You have hit it just right, Crabby and it does feel so hopeless it frightens me. But to my mind, this is not about differences or politics or anything rational. What is working here under the so-called "righteous anger" is pure primal venom, hate. This hate is so widespread that it terrifies me what it will take to purge us of it.

Couldn't agree more!!! Thanks for this post. Hope the right people are reading it -- those who vote. We need some sense knocked into Congress (and their lobbyists).

Crabby, in my humble opinion, this is the most nailed the jerks, fantastic, dead-shot piece you have written. Bravo!

It should be printed, posted on billboards across the country.

Slam dunk.

Right on, Ronni aka Crabby. Real economic solutions would take real thought instead of knee-jerk stupidity, so the powers-that-be instead try to divert us with beside-the-point stuff, like gays in the military or when life begins.

That works with far too many voters who truly don't want to think, but like to be told what to do (by those who only reinforce their existing prejudices).

I can't believe how so many people actually think that continuing tax cuts for the rich will somehow magically create jobs. I'll say this for the multi-millionaires--they're great at convincing voters of most anything they want them to believe.

Now where else can we get your post published?!

Crabby needs her Own talk show!

Hadn't heard from Crabby for awhile, but when she has her say, there's no doubt about what she means.

Hard talk seems to be what is required to garner attention these days, since common sense, logic and rational arguments are ignored by so many people. That is scary, disheartening to me.

For too many years now, a huge part of the voting American populace actually casts their ballots for candidates who don't even support what is in the best interest of those who vote for them, much less that of this nation.

Crabby, that was something.

Totally agree! Thanks!

This post is so good I am going to forward it to all my friends. You are right, not many people would have the cajones to speak clearly and succinctly like this. Oh, and truthfully. Something missing in all the news reports.

I'm sending this to everyone I know and as well as every politician/congressman/senator/journalist I can think of. Crabby, as usual, has said what I've been thinking but she rants so much better than I do.

It's time for the silly- assed games to come to a halt and for us ordinary mortals to take a stand.

These mid-term elections are crucial to the future of this country and it's an opportunity to restore sanity to this country. I urge everyone to to go to the polls and throw the bums out!

AND stop watching and swallowing Fox News' rhetoric!

Restore sanity to our government NOW!!!!!!!!

"And again, I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God."

Jesus of Nazareth
from the Gospel according to Matthew, 9:24

Gee, I really hate to do this. I know how uncomfortable it makes these nitwits to have the teachings of the Prince of Peace thrown in their faces. Were Jesus Christ to return to the earth today, it's a pretty safe bet that He would be more-than-a-little confused at the hypocrisy of the party that claims to hold his teachings in such high regard. I often wonder if any of them have even read the New Testament much less comprehend it. Their stated policies are a mockery to the messiah they pretend to revere.

"And now abideth, faith, hope, charity, these three, but the greatest of those is charity."

Jesus of Nazareth (Same guy!)
1 Corinthians, 13:13

"There's gonna be a lot of dues, Jim!"

Lenny Bruce

We sure do live in interesting times.

Tom Degan

You are spot on, as usual. The only problem is you're preaching to the choir, and the ones who need to hear this & understand it aren't reading your blog (more's the pity) but even if they did, they wouldn't get it.

I'm scared to death for our country too, and "comfort" myself by remembering the general life expectancy of any country is ~200 years, and that even though countries come & go, the human race manages to survive.

It's not easy living in the end times of the USA, but I think that's what's happening, as the greedy corporate barstards suck the life out of us. I hope my grandkids learn how to survive, but I will luckily be beyond the pale and it won't matter to me.

Say it, Sister! And say it again, though it exhausts us to have to.

You always say things so beautifully. Guess that's why we all love you!!

PS - I always forward your blog on to all the Elders I know. It drives some of them absolutely crazy ... but I'm hoping that one day a crack of daylight will penetrate some of those thick, ignorant skulls. Keep those blogs coming -- they help spread the good words and thoughts out to this world of crazies that surround us!!

Bravo! just catching up on my reading today and I'm really glad I caught this post! I plan to quote freely from it. I hope that's okay. Everyone with a blog that agrees with what you say ought to get on board and re-post this most meaningful rant.

Done, Frank!

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