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Time Goes By Update

blogging bug image For the past year or more, Time Goes By has been tootin' along in its groove and due to house selling, buying, moving, settling in, etc., I had not given much thought to improvements or what changes it might need, and now I am feeling like I want to make some upgrades.

Because the holidays are fast approaching, not much is going to happen until next year, but it is not too soon to begin planning and I would like your help. This is as much your blog as mine.

When the list of elderblogs grew to more than 400, it seemed way too many to be useful to anyone. So I moved the list to its own page and now post five featured elderblogs in the left sidebar, changing them each Monday.

Does anyone use this feature? Do you like it? Should it continue?

(This is in addition to the need to update the main list to remove abandoned blogs and add the many new ones I have. That will done as soon as I can find the time.)

This isn't an upgrade, but a reminder to those who receive each day's blog post via email or rss.

Many of you click the “Reply” button to leave a comment, but that sends an email only to me. This tells me that a lot of you are not seeing the comments which often are the best part of the day's blog post.

So, to see those comments, join the conversation and post your own comment so others can read it, follow these easy instructions:

  • Click the title at the top of your email/rss. Your browser will open to the blog page online containing that story
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the story, click on “Comments.” A comment form will appear where you can write your comment.
  • Click “Post” and your comment will appear at the bottom of the other comments.

See – I told you it's easy.

In the right sidebar under TGB Features is a link to a list of the best movies about old people – more than you would think. There have been a lot in the past couple of years since I last updated that feature. Crazy Heart comes to mind as one I like.

Please check out the current list and then send your suggestions to add to it by leaving them in the comments below.

This is a new section I've been intending to create for a long time and would now like to get started. It will be a guide to the best online resources specific to elders. They must be authoritative, cost-free and easy to use on such general topics as:

Politics and Government
Social Security
Useful Products

I will carefully vet each one so that I feel comfortable recommending them. Please send your suggestions for websites you have found useful, that you trust and that meet the criteria above. If they get past my vetting process, they will be included.

Back in 2008, I was proud to present a regular column from internationally renowned geriatrition, Dr. Bill Thomas. You can read my interview with him here and see his posts from 2008 here.

Bill's many other obligations required him to suspend his column and now I am pleased to announce that he will be returning as a regular contributor – via video this time. And you will be able to participate. Watch this space – the first episode will appear within a week or so.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Jonnie Irwin: Memories of My Mother


Yes! Yes! Yes! I DO use your Elderblog list and sidebar. These are my main source for new reading materials. I had been in the process of working down the updated list of Elderblogs when it reverted to the old list again. However, the daily featured blogs make it even easier. I am sure it's a lot of work for you but I LOVE your links. I vote to keep it up! Many thanks.
Jane from Minnesota

Thanks Ronnie,

I love TGB and I think it is one blog in my blog roll in which every post gets read. Thanks for your co-bloggers, your resources and yes, thanks also to Crabby for the rants. (just wanted to show some appreciation for you keeping this going even through the big move and all...)

Yes, I use it, I like it, and it's delightful to meet new elder bloggers. I even like crabby tho on occasion I want to pop her one in the nose.

Suggestions: A current photo of you. Move the "Subscribe" section below the "Features." I see the "Subscribe" then my eyes move directly to the day's entry. I forget the features are there.

I'd like more from the ElderGeek, but I love all your columnists. Does your furperson have an itch to write an entry once in a while?

Yay re your coming improvements...those will be wonderful additions...I love the elderblogger list and use terms of flicks I suggest Cloud 9 which is German and Get Low a marvelous current movie with Robert Duvall and Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek.

I wish that I had more time allotted to reading the blogs that you list. I sometimes wish that there was a "like" or an "agree" button under some comments as people make such great statements at times. Perhaps that functionality is not available, however. I love the idea of the "Resources" list!

Thank you for all you do in maintaining this site, Ronni. I read it as regularly as I can.

This is just a comment to say thank you to you for all your hard work and commitment to the quality and wide coverage you give to loads of different issues on the blog. Sorry it is all such hard work, but I like the bloggers list and everything else. Every Blessing

You take your blogging so seriously and professionally. Good for you and even better for us. I don't have time to visit here for every post, but I have enjoyed the posts I read.

All I can do is add a big YES to the above comments about how professional and well written your blog is. I never miss it and it has been a wonderful resource.

I need to check on new blogs, but it now takes most of the day to read the ones on my blog roll. I don't have the time or energy to add to them.

Your blog posts are always interesting and informative.. All I can say is 'keep up the good work', I don't see how it can be improved.

I love this blog & cannot begin my day without reading it. I've downsized many things of late, but never your blog & I do so appreciate all the work that goes into it. I confess that I have my favorites on the elder blog list that I visit faithfully about once a week & try to get to the stories as often as time permits. And cheeky person that I've become, I include you as a friend in conversations with others :)However, above all, Ronni you keep my brain cells stimulated for which I'm forever grateful. Dee

I really do like the blogs featured each week....that way I actually go to them and visit..
Since I am newly retired, I would love recommended links to help me bounce on through this thing called Life....I feel like I have just begun to live....

Featured Elderbloggers?
Yes! Keep!
I read them each and every Sunday while enjoying the music. (Open two tabs, listen to ((and read about)) the music ((always fun)) on one tab and read a few new blogs on the other tab).
A Resource List?
Great idea. A LOT of work for you, though...
Thanks for keeping me up to date on all sorts of stuff. I enjoy it!

Geezer Flicks:
- The Beaches of Agnes (2008, France, documentary)
- Cloud 9 (2008, Germany)
- Harry Brown (2009, UK)
- A Rather English Marriage (1998, UK)
- That Evening Sun (2009)
- Up (2009, animated)

Yes, I like your weekly featured blogs -- in fact, with so many blogs maybe you want to up the number a little. I check them out-- and I'm always disappointed when I find a blog that has not been updated for months. Deleting the inactive ones would be very helpful although I imagine it's a huge headache for you.

I am another who reads each and every one of your posts. Like Mage Bailey, I forget the features are there and I miss the Elder Geek and like Cile I'd love a Like button by the comments. I'm thrilled that Bill Thomas will be coming to us on video... he's a hero. You are my anchor in the blogosphere, the one who does it the way I'd like to do it. Thanks for keeping it fresh for us (and for yourself).

I don't often comment, but I do read and enjoy the blog! Please keep the featured elderblogs; I do visit new blogs from there. The resources addition sounds terrific. Thanks!

Please, oh, please keep the sidebars. Yes, I enjoy checking out other blogs, senior that I am.

Yes, do keep the elder featured blogs Ronni: I do read them though it's a feast or a famine in this house about what gets done.

Resources - a big job and one your US readers will appreciate. I'll read them here in Spain, lamenting our lack here! I enjoy reading everything you write, rants and all.

I'm with Darlene on this.

I'm glad you added 'Crazy Heart' -- I was going to suggest it but never got around to doing so. I really loved it. If I remember correctly, I blogged about it.

You do great work here and I appreciate it.


the blog is alot of work. i enjoy it and the comments alot. keep up the good work

Hi TGB commenters -- I just finished shooting Dr. Bill Thomas' first TGB Geriatrician video conversation. It was fantastic. Ronni forgot to mention that she will also be featured in the videos as it will be her job to interview Dr. Thomas and to share your questions with him. She did a great job and we'll share the video with you on TGB next week.

Aloha Ronni, I've been a fan of yours since discovering your photo journal on fotolog in the early 2000's.

There are 2 blogs I read religiously, yours which I read daily, including the comments, and (a neighbors blog covering local politics and featuring a feline friday photo array), which I read on Sundays.

Although I seldom comment, I appreciate the effort you put into TGB and encourage my friends to become regular readers. I love the quality and variety of information you provide and enjoy your various writing styles.

Whatever changes you make will be fine with me, just as long as you keep on blogging.


Ronni: The first thing I do every morning after I turn on the computer is read your blog. I love it all . . .even Crabby. I haven't used the sidebars much due to time constraints (I do a lot of volunteer work that keeps me busy) but I do read the story at the end of your blog. Keep up the wonderful work. What an amazing woman you are to take all this on.

No, I don't use the Featured Elderblogs. I feel terrible saying that. I know it's a great resource. But... there are only so many hours in the day and I come to TGB to see what YOU have to say and rarely have time to look at what others are saying.

Please, please, please keep the Featured Elderblogs going - I love it. I have been away for the past week and just caught up on all the TGB posts I missed and when I saw you were asking about whether or not to continue Featured Elderblogs I panicked. From reading the other comments where the vast majority seem to agree with me, I have now relaxed. You do a great job. I haven't written anything for you in ages and may just remedy that now winter is here in Turkey (still warm and sunny days but no house guests)and I have more time.

Forgot to say that having read all the posts I missed I am now off to read this week's Featured Elderblogs!

Glad to hear that Dr. Thomas is returning to the blog. Tags are good as well, but perhaps not quite as spectacular (lol).

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