Midterm Election Day 2010
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Welcome to Campaign 2012

category_bug_politics.gif No matter what happened to your candidates, you might be thinking today that yesterday's election marks the beginning of a respite from campaign politics. If you live in a country with a parliamentary system – England or Australia, for example – you would be correct.

But not in the United States. I clearly remember groaning on the morning after the 2006 midterm election when I heard someone say then-senator Hillary Clinton was throwing her hat in the ring for the 2008 presidential campaign.

And so it goes with 24/7/365 political maneuvering. The presidential campaign of 2012 kicks off today.

Actually, it began several weeks ago. Some pundit recently said that one or more Democrats would challenge President Obama for the nomination. Someone might try, but such a bid won't go anywhere. On the other hand, there is no dearth of Republicans who are already staking their claims.

The most unavoidable potential candidate is Sarah Palin. In recent polls, only 27 percent believe she is qualified to be president, but many more Republicans think otherwise and she has been warming up for it with several announcements that she will run under certain circumstances.

In April, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the 2012 Southern Republican Leadership Straw Poll and he's got a lot of money left over from his previous run for the presidential nomination.

Mike Huckabee came in second to John McCain in the 2008 Republican primary and he said then that he was not ruling out a future run. He is at least as popular among Republicans as Palin and Romney.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has been trying to burnish his much-tarnished image during this midterm for a possible run for the nomination.

Others you will hear from: Rudy Giuliani, Ron Paul, Jeb Bush and Lindsay Graham.

But beyond the annoyance factor, none of that matters right now. No one had heard of Palin until 2008 and there is no way to know yet who will come out of the Republican woodwork during 2011.

There is also this: no matter who is the Republican nominee, the biggest variable for the 2012 election will be what happens to the economy next year and how the new Republican majority in the House behaves.

If they shut down the federal government as some have threatened and/or if GOP Senator Mitch McConnell sticks with his threat (“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”), which he repeated on television yesterday, and creates gridlock in Congress, expect a lot of drama in Washington.

Nothing ever changes in the perpetual campaign machine; we the public get not a moment's rest from them.

Just what you wanted to hear this morning, right? And here in Oregon, yesterday's election continues - we don't have a new governor yet.

UPATE AT 5:55AM PT: CNN just released the results of an exit poll question announcing that respondents yesterday preferred Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, in that order, as the 2012 Republican nominee. I'm tired already.

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Whatever the political stance, it's all tiring!

Really tiring. Most of my propositions got defeated too. Beyond tiring. I think I will hide for a little while.

I figured it would be that way also with the new campaign beginning right away. Not for me. I am taking time off from caring and will get back to paying attention in a year. I am sick of it, my blood pressure is the highest it has been. In the name of lowering it without drugs, I plan to let this whole thing take a rest for awhile. We can't vote again for two years nor really start donating for a year (at least I won't be); so time out and if the media starts a drumbeat which won't surprise me, I'll take a break from watching news too ;)

I stopped watching news and reading news/political sites three days ago and didn't know what happened till this morning (though of course I knew what was coming). It was so restful I may not watch or read the news again any more ever. Between unavoidable headlines and Jon Stewart I can stay up on the most important issues and events.
Actually, today I feel like crawling into the back of the closet and curling up in a ball for a few days.

Ronnie - I agree - just when you thought it was over... My take is people are voting with their pocketbooks - To all the politicians out there it is about the economy!

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Best Wishes On Your Continued Success

I didn't know about your making the list of Top Boomer Blogs, but it is not surprising. Yours is always number one in my estimation. Congrtulations !!!

The election was a mixed bag; we won some and lost some in Arizona. The bad news is that we are stuck with our idiot governor, Jan Brewer. I guess her lies about the beheaded immigrants were not a negative in this red state.

I wish I could be hopeful,, but I think the nastiness is going to get worse and so is the economy. Thanks to the Supreme Court we will not have fair elections until Congress does something about campaign finance laws.

Bad night for most of us and most of the country. The worst of the election outcome is that it sets up conflict between older and younger people. See this graph for a vivid illustration.

On the other hand, that means that those of us who read here matter: we're part of the 35 or 40 percent of elders who care to create a bridge to the world of the young people who differ from us. And we need to do it -- after a good night's sleep (or two!) and without much reference to presidential candidate follies.

Obama in 2012!

I keep telling myself I will stop reading newspapers and just read novels--would make for a happier life. But, I have always followed politics--so.

My most pessimistic take on this election is that the economy continues to improve-thanks to the stimulus program, Repubs/Tea Partiers get credit for the improved economy, Repubs take over the the house (the big white one) two years from now. Ah, Democracy!

As H.V. Kaltenborn used to say "Ah yes there's good news today" (at least a little anyway) The lunatic fringe of the obstructionist, reactionary Republican party was rejected by the voters. Angle, Palladino, Fiorina and McMahon were trounced by their Democratic opponents which would indicate that their may be a shred of hope for the future of our political system.

I'm going to bed now. I have been up all night and early morning watching the election results..

I intend to hop in bed,snuggle down, and drift off to sleep.

Don't worry if you don't wear from me. I have set the alarm for November 15th,2012.

The next campaign and election should be over by then.

No campaign 2012 for me. I decided that whenever it comes on, I'll turn it off. Won't listen to any of it until 6 weeks before the election when I'll learn about the candidates and issues and turn it off again until time to vote. Life's too short for the aggravation.

Oh boy! We get more years of Captain Goodhair! No surprises there. Talk about your political elite.

Listening last night, I heard several campaign members say Rick Perry will be a R candidate come 2012.

Folks, you don't want this man as president. (However, he would be the lesser bad choice if paired with Palin.)

...R candidate for Prez, sorry.

Yeah, we're in for a messy political two years. I'm just as concerned as anyone, do what I can, but I long ago ceased to work myself up into being a basket case over what happens -- not going to let it ruin my health.

There were some bright spots in California's election I briefly recapped. Heaven only knows the State needs some positives to get us out of our mess.

I'm trying to take the long view and link onto anything about which I can feel positive to best weather these years ahead.

So it is down to this, is it? The best shopper wins in an economic based democracy. If only we could all view these elections as an afternoon of the Price is Right and hide our bleeding liberal hearts!

I'm gonna spend my next two years trying to unmask and identify the elephant in the room that is masquerading as a Democrat. I'm fairly certain this will involve thinking outside the box.

I just want to say that there are a lot of ways to get news and information regarding candidates and issues without having to fall prey to spiking blood pressures, acid indigestion and other unhealthy symptoms. I think there is something of the excitement of sport in politics that must come into play for some to invest so much time in network news coverages.

I hope, if people are becoming sick, that they know there are options! ...maybe not to the results of the races, but certainly to the following of the issues. Reading about folks getting sick and overly stressed concerns me, is all that I'm saying here...Thanks for letting me say it, Ronni.

John of the "orange" complexion makes me gag...closer to home I'm dismayed our local mayor is "back" for another term...

Don't forget Haley Barbour, a really smart, seasoned politician and a serious threat.
Oddly, I'm more fascinated than depressed today...something about that whiff of "underdog" gets me fired up!

Oh my poor American friends - having just struggled through a very depressing negative election campaign in Australia I can feel for you - we just managed to elect a Labour govt(who seemed determined to lose the election!) with the help of some independents but because the majority is so small it means the aggressive negative attacks will go on ad nauseam in an effort to bring down the government - ain't democracy great.

I pay for HBO, SHO & Cinemax but don't use them much except for a few of their series shows. The upcoming two years it will be movies, movies & more movies. Or that's my plan-I've become a news junkie & I don't know if I can quit cold-turkey......

You have and stop a minute and think about the money . . .

If there is a media market somewhere, there is a media producer who will fill the void.

If it takes $146+ million to take a chance of winning a governorship - there is always going to be a someone who is eager to take the money!

We should all be in the media business.

Ronni: Yesterday was a really bad day. It all started with this comment under the summary I had written of Arizona's 10 confusing ballot propositions:

"Didn't pan out so well for you did it K? Please go back to Washington and continue to screw up your own state. We here in Arizona don't need your liberal policies. Freedom is what conservatism is about and your "mommy state" will only destroy this great country and our beautiful state."

Sigh. I miss the Northwest!
The rest of the day is in my blog.

I never thought I'd see a Republican House again in my lifetime. Now, I wonder if I'll ever see a democrat House again? Never say never, I suppose.

After going through all the ups and downs from the mid-terms 2006 to the election in 2008 to the results of mid-terms 2010... I must admit that I've sort of lost hope in your countries ability to steer a steady course towards positive change. When Obama was elected, all the polls said that the voters were willing to give him some time to work through the mire of difficulties. I thought they meant 8 years. Apparently, most people meant a few hundred days. From this distance, it is just too hard to understand your political scene.

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