Holiday Traditions
GRAY MATTERS: Elke's Tribute to Her Husband, Saul Friedman


And so a new year rolls round again – sooner, always, than we expect. To celebrate this time, a slide show sent by Darlene Costner of Darlene's Hodgepodge. No politics, no war, no strife, no exhortations to do anything. Just extraordinary images, made during 2010, of our amazing world.

May the new year bring an equal amount of beauty into each of your lives.

The Elder Storytelling Place will return with new stories on Monday 3 January


A wonderful slide show!! Thanks, Ronni and Darlene. Happy New Year to all!

Great photos from 2010 and a great song from 1969!

Happy New Year, Ronni, and enjoy that salmon!!

Great slide show, thanks. Happy New Year to all!

Such a wonderful slide show of just BEAUTY. Ronnie have a wonderful New Year.

Marvelous, and inspiring.

Thank you - good to be reminded there's so much to keep.

Lovely.....Oh, I wanted to rush into my day, and I am so glad I stayed to see this. Happy new year to you too.

Lovely! Happy New Year, Ronni and Darlene

Happy New Year to all who pass by here!

Happy New Year! Thank you Ronni for all the love and effort you put into your blog. You are an inspiration for us all.

Wow! The music--It certainly is a long, long road. And be kind to your sisters, as well as your brothers. Hey, Be kind to everyone! Amazing images.
Very poignant.

Thanks Darlene, Thanks Ronnie.
Have a wonderful New Year!

Happy New Year, Ronni!!!!!

Thanks so much for those wonderful photos. Thanks so much for your blog which is so much enjoyed. I will miss Saul very much as he gave me a better understanding of U.S. issues. I hope some day you are able to visit my hometown, Victoria, Canada. Have an interesting and satisfying 2011!

Lovely slide show! Happy New Year!

Happy & healthy new year to all you nice people at Time Goes By.
Wish I knew how to see that slide show you are all commenting about.

Estelle Bruno

nice to see Sauls name on your roster. We will miss him for a long time. Such a nice friend.

First I got teary, then motivated.

I wish Saul's son will write on your blog, Ronni. Keep the flame glowing, like at Arlington.

Great photos.

Happy New Year Ronni (and Ollie, too).

Wonderful slide show - thank you for sharing the beauty that we are blessed with!

My wishes for a truly happy new year in 2011 for all.

Seems I'm bringing up the rear no matter WHICH coast you post from! All the best one and all for 2011. Thanks for everything Ronni!

Happy New Year and nice of Darlene to share!

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