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category_bug_journal2.gif By the time anyone reaches the age most of us who hang out at Time Goes By have attained, we have learned the futility of new year's resolutions. “I'm going to lose 15 pounds.” “I'll save more money.” “I promise I'll hit the gym five days a week.” And so on.

Resolutions just lead to guilt when we find, usually by the end of January, that we've already failed. If that's you, you're not alone. A 2007 British survey found that only 12 percent succeeded in their resolutions.

Nevertheless, it is hard to resist the idea of starting over with a clean slate. I like paying bills each month knowing, when I'm finished, that I am even with the world for the next 30 days. Best of all, I get to feel that way 12 times a year.

That's what I like – renewable goals that pay off regularly.

If you don't count extra body weight, what I most want to change is the amount of time I spend working on Time Goes By. That's a double-edged sword because I also like doing it – big time. It's my job. A job I chose because the topic, the research, the writing, the interaction with readers all interest me.

You might call aging and all that relates to it my passion and I never had a passion in life before this blog. The problem is that there are other things I want to spend more time on.

So instead of making a resolution to reduce the time here by X hours or X percent at which I would fail before next week, I've made a list of other things I want to do that I am looking forward to. For some of them, that means you'll get some photographs.

It also means, however, that except for the daily link to The Elder Storytelling Place, sometimes there might be a blank page here. I have no doubt you'll survive.

Oh, and one other little thing that I suppose you could call a resolution, but it's not difficult.

There is such overwhelming evidence from many different research sources that even minor, regular exercise dramatically improves cognitive function and short-term memory particularly in elders, that I have renewed my walking promise to myself.

Every day at about 2:30 or 3PM, I go to the mailbox. The new regimen is that I must walk for at least 20 minutes before I pick up the mail. How hard is that? My walking goal falls off in winter, but even in cold weather, even in rain, 20 minutes isn't long if you dress for it. The only thing I can see preventing a daily walk is icy sidewalks and that doesn't often happen here.

We'll see how it goes.

What about you? Do you take advantage of the clean slate of a new year to make changes? Do you still make resolutions? If so, do you stick with them? Have you found other ways to make changes you want that are more successful? Or do you just ignore such things now?

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mary B Summerlin: Cousins


I've been making the same resolution for the past twenty-seven years. I tend to be such a serious person, such a worry-wart, and it takes real mental muscle to move me in the other direction, so my resolution will still recycle nicely. When you've got a winner, why not stick with it?

Mine: Get goofier.

Happy New Year, Ronnie!

I guess I am tired of making resolutions but I do love the feeling that the New Year brings with it - second chances, different options, and a clean slate. As I take my Self into the New Year, I know that not much will change really :-)
Just trying to keep on keeping on - being in the here and now, finding more joy in things I do, trying to understand my self better, and open up to love more ...

I have just two. One is to live healthier which means exercise and eating better which I really made at the start of December and am trying to follow. The other is to not only paint but find outlets that might sell those paintings which could be gift shops, maybe even ebay (although they seem to be selling little for others with the economic downturn), but if I want to paint, and I do, I need to move through what I have painted or the attic will fill up with them as it did with the sculptures. I guess what that means is my goal is to be more productive where it comes to my art as it's not just doing it but doing something with it that makes something productive. There are many other areas I am working on with my life but they aren't new but rather ongoing projects.

Same resolutions as last year, which I managed to keep. Write every day, walk at least 3x a week, attend every single zumba and circuit training class I signed up for, and gallivant with mom.

Nance, "Get goofier" is the best resolution I've seen! And one I could use - I tend to be a serious person, and sometimes a burst of goofiness would be a real asset.

I love the feel of New Year's, and the feel of a new beginning, like Tamarika.

I usually make resolutions, but I didn't this year. Nance, can I share yours?

I never make resolutions, but I did go to the gym this week and swim a few laps, which I hope to do 3 times per week for a while.

I toy with the idea of walking, but I know myself well enough to know it won't happen - especially in winter.

Happy new year to all of you.

I never make any resolutions. They never work.

I don't really make resolutions at the new year. I guess I like the clean slate idea, I try to clean up old business before the new year begins. I clean out my files and send my year's excess to the Goodwill. I joined a gym early in December and am working to make it 3 times a week. Too cold outside for me to want to walk. And, we divorced in December. It felt superstitiously necessary to get it over before 2011.

What a coincidence!! I just made a post about not blogging as frequently too.

Ronni, the only difference is that you said it so much better than I did.

Funny, one thing we pretty much said the same way: You said, "we'll see how goes"

I said, "I'll see how it goes."

However it goes, have a very happy and healthy New Year.

Starting a few years ago, I began choosing a word of intention and posting it above my desk where I see it all of the time. My words have included "Move" and "Focus" and have worked well to help me move in directions I wish to go. This year's is "No Excuses." Things have been going on that have caused me to detour from the direction I wish to go and I find I've been coming up with lots of "reasons" why I can't get back on track.


In the past, I've posted notes to myself to jog my memory on all sorts of things - rarely as meaningful as yours.

The problem I've always found is that after an amazingly short period of time, the note becomes part of landscape and I don't see it anymore.

Got a solution?

I gave up resolutions long ago. What I have in mind thos year is a revolution. However, I am discovering that might be not be possible. Sigh.

One of my so-called "resolutions" for 2011 is to become a better amateur photographer. The word "better" leaves me a lot of room, of course, and doesn't burden me unnecessarily. The word "amateur" does likewise.

So, Ronni, on the days when you post only pix, the photographer in me will be delighted, especially if they're of Ollie.

And on the days when TGB has only a blank page, then maybe I'll leave a blank reply, thus saving both of us some time! :-)

Or maybe when TGB goes blank, we the readers will fill in "the blank" with random comments apropos of nothing.

Whatever, I support you in your resolve to, as you said above, do "...other things I want to do that I am looking forward to."


I have a pretty good record for keeping resolutions. If I make 7 I keep about 2 or 3. This year I started a stretching regimen (back in Dec.) and that is one of my resolutions. It's going well so far.

I kept the little slip of paper from a long ago fortune cookie (about three or four years ago now) taped to my PC at work.

"Don't be afraid to take that big step"

It has a special message to me, but I have yet act upon that sage advice - advice I wished was more prophetic than inspirational.

I've asked myself at least a thousand times: Why don't you get yourself up and walk around the neighborhood? An answer never comes--excuses abound. Although I do walk weekly with a hiking club here in the Texas Hill Country and park far away from the entrances to stores I frequent, I know the value of walking at least 30 minutes everyday. My mailbox is just across the street, so I can't make that my daily walk. Drat.

So, here I go making a commitment to myself based on your commitment to walk to the mailbox: I will walk for 30 minutes a day on the week days I don't go to yoga. That means every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will don my jacket or coat and journey around my neighborhood. Just think of all the wonders I will encounter on my way, all the thoughts I will have, and the peace I will have because I am being good to myself.

Like you, we'll see how it goes! Today is Wednesday...perhaps I'll start on Friday (hee hee).
Priscilla Wright
Texas Hill Country

I don't make New Year's resolutions per se. However, I, too, am convinced by recent data that a daily (or almost daily) walk is a Good Thing, so I'll continue trying to keep to a schedule of 5-7 days/week. Here in the Pacific NW the winter weather doesn't make it fun, but most of the time I bundle up and go anyway. It's usually a lot more pleasant from about April to mid-October.

Although I don't blog professionally (or even quasi-professionally), I have noticed that reading blogs and composing responses takes huge chunks of time. Since I enjoy reading and writing, I'm always exploring new websites and blogs (e.g., there's a great one called Going Gray Looking Great that I signed up for yesterday). However, to spend less time at the keyboard I need to reduce the number of sites/blogs I sign up for! How's that for conflicting interests?! In any event, TGB definitely stays!!!

Yes, keep up those promises made last year. Get in the pool. Do the night and morning stretches. Work on the photos. Go back to writing class. I've done all these, and most of them must be done or I get stuck and can't move...the writing class is good for that too.

So I've reduced the blog. One picture too. Done my homework for next week, and got off my duff and volunteered today. I hardly limp at all now.

I do not do well with resolutions. I have managed for the last four years or so to pick a word of the year. ONE WORD ONLY and I have to visit it four times a year at each equinox and solstice to examine its relationship to my life. I write about how the word played out for me over the year in my blog. It helps me mark time somehow and I find I appreciate better how my year unfolds. I'm kind of in the habit of doing it now!

All the best to everyone on their new resolves. I think Portland is a fantastic "walking town", Ronni.

Some years I do better with New Year's Resolution than other years. I think now I make sure I really want to do it rather than what I thought I should do. Maybe getting older is figuring out what is really important. Thanks for a great read!

Suggestion, Ronni (and Marjorie, should you find it appropriate): Motivational notes are great and can be changed once a month, like a calendar page, to keep them fresh. Even a little post-it with a word or phrase stuck on the edge of your monitor will grab your eye if you change the content monthly. Or try keeping the word and just changing the color of the post-it or the ink in your marker you use to write it. As for the regular "to do" notes that disappear into the background, I fear that the only solution is to do the darn task and toss the note!

It is really important that you can feel free to experiment with the format and the content of this blog. Last year's posts about your change of home were very interesting to read because you also brought in other ideas than a check list. You really inspired me with your pragmatism and thoroughness in approaching the project.

I've always like the quality of your writing and not necessarily the quantity. If there is a day when there is just a link, that is fine.

As far as New Year's Resolutions... I haven't done those for a long time, but this year is different. I've chosen three aspects of my life that I believe I do relatively well in and I am going to try and improve them. Why not start out with something good and become great instead of focusing on something we do badly and struggle to make it adequate?

Funny thing about writing when it becomes a chore. I started sending out a monthly newsletter several years ago and it was on various topics for women. Well, I just finished my last one in December because I wasn't enjoying producing it anymore. I found that I was finding it oppressive and not fun anymore. So my resolution is to take better care of myself but not doing things I don't enjoy. Now I will just use facebook and I also produce a blog, but write only when I feel like it. BTW, my resolution for this month is to change my eating habits (by eating smaller portions) and trying to drop some pounds so I can get back into my clothes. Since I can't afford to buy a whole new wardrobe, this was more of a at least I'm trying to do something different. Happy New Year

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