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At Last: Updated Elderblog List

EDITORIAL NOTE: My first instinct is to respond to the State of the Union address, but everyone's doing that today with headline opinion ranging from "bold" to "hogwash." Let's wait for a couple of days and do this instead.)

Some of you may remember that when I last updated the Elderblog List – after many months if not more than a year (how embarrassing) – it got lost in the ether of cyberspace.

At last, I've tackled it again, it is up to date and, being very c.a.r.e.f.u.l this time, I didn't lose it before posting.

Some notes: I was ruthless in pruning blogs from the list so that wherever you visit as of now, there is fresh material. If there had been no posts in more than a month or so, the blog is gone. A few people have died, some have moved themselves behind passworded firewalls. A few announced they were ending their blog and some have disappeared with no explanation. Those are all removed.

If you renamed and/or moved your blog to a new address, I changed those items. And I de-listed one blog by a tea partier who supports you know who - my bloglist; my prerogative.

If your blog has been removed and you feel it should be restored, let me know – we'll talk. If you catch any errors, do let me know that too. And, of course, you are always welcome to send an email suggesting your own or someone else's blog for the list.

Here are the criteria:

  • The blogger must be 50 or older
  • The blog should publish at least once a week
  • The blog must be designed well enough to be easily navigable
  • The blog must be reasonably well-written and follow the generally accepted rules of spelling and grammar
  • No light-colored text on a dark background
  • It must be a personal, not commercial or business blog
  • The blog must have been regularly published for at least three months
  • The blog should be a compelling read

Well, that last item is subjective, isn’t it. In the interests of full disclosure, some other subjective criteria are these:

Group-written blogs are not usually included nor are blogs that promote a specific religion although blogs that discuss religion (or lack thereof) and spirituality in general are welcome. And it goes without saying, I assume, that no blogs are included that express bigotry of any sort. Even once. In the past, I have removed two blogs that used unacceptable words for certain ethnic/religious groups in a derogatory manner.

Also, I do not include blogs promoting far right-wing politics. I've taken flak for this in the past, but the rule stands.

Each Monday, five elderblogs from the list are featured in the left sidebar under the headline Featured Elderblogs. They remain there for a week when the next five are posted. Despite a red flag on my calendar, sometimes I forget to update it, so let me know if that happens.

The full list of Elderblogs is here and there is always a link to it in the left sidebar.

By no means does the Elderbloggers List contain all the blogs written by old people. They are just the ones I know about. Here are the newly added blogs. Do visit some of them – there is a wide variety of terrific writing, photography, art, poetry and more, and you may find a new friend too.

Age of Reason
Almost Australian
Animal Beat
As Our Parents Age
Baby Boomer's View
The Burrow
calendar pages
Confessions of a Grandma
The Dassler Diaries
Gericon Designs
Each Little World
The Family Plot Blog
Folkways Notebook
Gabby Geezer
hot coffee and cool jazz
Hugging Aspens
Jan Heigh Abstract Art
Joe's Place
Joneser Journal
Just My Life
Late Fruit
Len Edgerly
Life at Willow Manor
Mad, Mad World
Maggie Turner: Page by Page
My Muse Mutters
Of Quilts, Cats and Books
One Kentucky Writer
paint, poems and ponderings
Plants and Stones
Pressing Pause
The Public Reader
The Rant
Recollections of a Vagabonde
Roy's World
Russ' Filtered News
A Slower Pace
The Slow Lane
Snappy Repartee
Southern. Country. Elegant.
Style Crone
Tea and Wheaten Bread
TechnoBabe's Adventures
Two Crumblies and a Cat
The Unscripted Self
Well Aged With Some Marbling
Whole Note Whimsey
Writing to Myself

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mary B Summerlin: Driving Tales


Thank you for updating the list. I know how tedious a task that was!

Thanks so much for doing this. And it's your blog so you get to write the rules for what you include, or don't. As though you didn't know that! XOXO

Thanks for your link to my blog, "Mad, Mad World." And thanks for the blog links, will check them out. Always looking for interesting blogs to read.

It's a good idea to wait. Thanks.

I'm off to work at the Thrift Store, but later during the week, I will catch up with all the new links.

Thanks for doing this Ronni. It's always fun to see what new has appeared too.

Yes, absolutely!
Your labor is greatly appreciated!
It's always fun to find new people who just might become good blog friends.
Thank you with sugar on top.
... from Please and Thank You with Sugar or Top, one of my mom's favorite phrases.

Thank you so much for including Style Crone. I am very excited to check out the blogs on your Elderblog List. A wealth of new information!

You are a heroine to do such a great job. I can only imagine how time consuming it must have been. Thank you.

I will update my blog roll as there are several that haven't posted for months. I will also try to check out some new ones as time permits.

Ronni I've sent along a note to you via the TGB contact form. I also wanted to say thank you here for including my blog :-)

It's an honor indeed.

And now I have two things to look forward to thru the remaining winter weeks! One will be visiting the fellow new-list-blogs on your post today. The other will be the joy of meeting new people who are kind enough to visit mine for the first time.

Thank you again!

Thanks for this list -- can't wait to check these out! What a lot of work but I hope it was at least somewhat enjoyable.

And of course, thanks for including the Joneser Journal! Thrilled to make the cut!

I'll be updating's been crazy lately at my real job. Thanks again...

Thanks for not cutting me, Ronni.

Whoops, I did cut. Any chance you can reinstate me?
Sacred Ordinary

Fran aka Redondowriter

Thanks. Haven't been reading as regularly as I should have been but I appreciate all that you do here.

I enjoy the "featured blogs" every Sunday while listening to Peter's music choices (after I've read his always fascinating info/insights). It's such a pleasant way to spend some time.
Thanks for your time helping all of us find new blogging friends.

Many thanks for your efforts. The list is a marvelous resource.

Thank you so much for including me in the list. I am honored and flattered beyond description.

All the best,

Tom Degan

I love a good Blog. So, this is a gift.
Thanks Ronnie!

To find a virtual nest of blog writers all sharing relevant ideas, tucked into this cozy corner of the internet is fabulous. Focusing on Baby Boomers as much as I do, it is nice to stretch a bit. Reading other selections from your blog list will be fun. Thank you for including Baby Boomer's View! Lynn

Thanks for including TechnoBabe's Adventures in the this list. We older folks have to stick together. I will be turning 65 in a few days. There is so darn much going on in our country and around the world, I appreciate your great posts.

My blog posting today was written by my cat.

He is very smart. And patient with me.

Thank you for the hard work and the time that went into giving us a wonderful list of new places and people to visit. It's great to be included here.

I'm honored to be included in your list, even though I must admit it makes me feel a bit older than I'd like. Heehee.

Looking forward to check out the other blogs. Thanks for the list.

How nice to be included, Ronni! I am already going down the list and reading the others. Helen Hudson

Ronni, your energy and voice remain remarkably consistent despite the insecure environment your readers report coping with. Stability and reliability bring people back to this website repeatedly! Thanks for including my blog after serious filtering. It's a lovely compliment. Best wishes!

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