Aches and Pains
GRAY MATTERS: Lise's Tribute to Her Father, Saul Friedman


ANOTHER IMPORTANT UPDATE to Tuesday's post about health care changes in 2011 in which I stated: “Current [Medicare] Advantage enrollees who wish to join or return to traditional Medicare have 90 days from 1 January to do so.”

The time period is in error. It is 45 days, until 14 February. (Hat tip to Nan)

blogging bug image As to the the rest of today's post, yesterday, I greatly enjoyed our discussion on aches and pains. As irritating as these afflictions are, it's good to know none of us is alone in them.

However, way too many readers appear to have awakened to 2011 in attack mode – about Time Goes By in particular.

During this first week of the new year, I've received more than a dozen, maybe 15 or 18 complaints, most carrying on at much greater length than I have the patience to read, about what they don't like about TGB or what I write here.

There's an easy solution, you know...

To the three or four who don't like the name “Geezer Flicks” on the feature listing movies that present elders in a positive light – hey, it was a joke. If you're offended, so be it.

It's been an avalanche of diatribes over four days. You – you know who you are – have exhausted my forbearance nitpicking my statements (my eight years of elder advocacy speak for themselves) and ruined the fun of doing this. I'm outta here until my enthusiasm returns.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Marcia Mayo: That Dog Still Hunts


Hi Ronni,

Don't let a vocal minority affect you... ignore them.

Who are you writing this for anyways, your readers or yourself?

When you come back, there'll be 100 positive messages here...

Only 10% of readers take the time to write, and then, a lot of time, it's only to complain.

I'm calling on the other 80% to comment here.

And while I'm at it, let's see the 20% of the complainers put their names on a public comment.

Ronni, please don't go away. We need you. I read you every day and you make me think and you make me feel so not alone.

I read your blog every day, Ronni. I am only a lurker, but I think the negative ninnies are not worth anything. You are doing something positive. They aren't.

Ronni, there is a possibility that these complaints are part of an organized campaign to shut you down. I am not normally a conspiracy nut, but I think you have been a gadfly to the wingbags who manage to get a lot of people trolling the net, attempting to silence the voice of reason.

We all need a break when we are tired, but, please don't let them gag you forever...

So sorry to hear about the negative palaver. Please don't let the turkeys get you down! Looking forward to your speedy return!

Negativity is toxic - no doubt about it.

But your blog is a shining light to all of us who are aging. We have our feelings and fears validated at your site. We receive valuable information about the whole process of aging.

I cannot imagine what it feels like to have been receiving the emails you have these past days. Delete the whole lot - no need to explain or justify!

Your blog is very important to so many of us. Indeed, it has become an institution - a light in the dark.

Keep on keeping on!

With love and respect,

Tamar(ika) said it just right. Thanks, Gladys


I appreciate your kind notes, but please understand that is not the purpose of my post today.

I'm just worn out from every second or third email note being a complaint leaving me to think when each new one arrives - kee-rist, what's this one going to berate me for.

This has happened - rarely - in the past when a whole bunch of people decide to complain in the same time period.

It's really deflating and I hugely dislike not wanting to read my email.

For the rest of you, I love you all and I'll be back to real posting and please don't think of today's post as a plea for support.

Your post title says a lot. Exhaustion. This state is not conducive to sorting the wheat from the chaff. Losses, changes (big and small), reflections, the political landscape, and more impact my moods and contribute to my exhaustion. I don't speak for anyone but myself. Yet for anyone feeling exhaustion, a break is brilliant. A break your way, your schedule, your right. Know that I love you dearly for who you are and what you do.

What a shame! Know that you're loved and appreciated. Looking forward to your enthusiastic return.

What they said:):)Cut yourself some slack & come back soon. You know how we elders hate change, so get rejuvenated & return so our routines with TGB don't change. Dee

We all know it's not a plea for support, as we (virtually) know you better than that.

Still, support is what you're gonna get!

Hang in there, and as they say, don't let the bastards get you down!

As someone who took a blogging break in July and has not been back yet, I certainly know the feeling of exhaustion and can only imagine the hurt of a barrage of negative comments.

Enjoy the coolness of winter, the warmth of Ollie and come back when you darn good and ready to.

Illigitimi non carborundum. "Latin" for 'Don't let the bastards wear you down'.

"...please don't think of today's post as a plea for support."

I didn't think of it that way. TGB just keeps getting better and better. Saul's passing leaves a vacuum, of course. And the daily temptation to flay those idiots in the majority in the House of Representatives could narrow your readership if you give in to it, which you won't because you have a great sense of balance.

Let me suggest a new feature. I'd like to see a monthly re-print of the rudest, most abusive, stupidest, most ignorant, nastiest, dullest, most ridiculous email you've received in the past month.

It's your blog. Thanks for your diligence. Thanks for the content and continuity.

I hope you use this time to take a real break for yourself, if that will help you recharge your batteries.

You really are an inspiration.

Dear why did you open them. :)

Most of us love ya.

If you need a break, take it. Regular readers will be back when you are enjoying it again.

On the other, I wouldn't let anybody try and tell you what you should do to your own blog. If they don't like it as you want it, they can start their own or read somewhere else. I take the view that we do this based on our own instincts and when that doesn't suit someone else, I don't know why they feel a need to write and tell us how to 'fix' it when it's them that has the problem and it has an easy fix-- go read other places.

To me you present a good mix of subjects, all well-written, and it stays interesting which is why I keep reading you regularly. Your title for it says it all--Time Goes By. That means nothing stays the same...

I simply don't understand people like that. What audacity! How could they possibly think that they had some right to criticize? Sheesh! Don't let them get you down. They aren't worthy of your attention.

Can't resist this, Mage: how do I know what's in an email until I open it????

I love your blog and I think it's a marvelous source of information. I would miss it like the dickens if you quit posting. But, you need to do what's right for yourself. No one can do the same thing day after day for years without wanting a break. And you shouldn't feel bad to want some time for other things. But, gee!

I enjoy and am frequently edified by what you write. Enjoy your 'vacation.' I'll look forward to your return.

The meanness of people always astounds me. I know how wearing it can be, so enjoy your well deserved break. I will say this: since I retired, first thing, I read my mail and go to TGB. This is the equivalent of getting to work in the morning and chatting over the coffee pot (a part of working I did miss). Then I fan out to other blogs. I would hate to think you aren't there, not to mention the valuable information you sift through and present to us in a clear forthright manner. Not to mention your wonderful humor and your generosity in sharing the common experiences we may be reluctant to speak of. As to those intrusive alley cats - I have found that invariably, what they are will show up on their faces. We all know them!

January is always a low-energy time, at least for me. May your energy and enthusiasm for blogging return with the returning sun. I only discovered you last summer, but have read you every day since, and already have learned a lot, and enjoyed even more. Do something you really enjoy to recharge your batteries (that's a wish for you, not an order :-)

My son had a saying he used to say to me when I allowed negative phone calls or negative people complain to or about me. He'd say "Don't let it beat you, Mom."

Thus, Don't let it beat you, Ronni. Take a few hours or days to get back in touch with your soul and what you know to be your main focus. Then, come on back with your truth.

My thought about publishing the nastiest, most rude...etc. comments, is DON'T. There's too much of that already. Please don't put those things in our space. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with us.

Ronni, I am amazed that you are receiving so many negative emails. Surely, we are all aware that there are a lot of stupid people out there or our country wouldn't be in the shape it is in.
However, to think they take the time to read TGB and then criticize it, is truly mind-blowing. As for me, my day isn't complete until I read TGB.
P.S. I like the word geezer!

Don't let a few nitpickers upset you. We can't lose you and Saul in the same time zone.

Ronni, this was a timely reminder for me: at least when I get s*** from people as I do my job, I collect a paycheck!

I look forward to your pressure!

Enjoy your rest, we'll wait for you :)

What's Ollie been doing lately? I'd like to see more pix of him. I'm allergic to cats (and more), so I have to enjoy them from a distance, such as in photos and as in "Simon's Cat."


I have always been completely amazed as to how presumptuous people can be. And it has become really evident within this blogging phenomenon. People complain about other people’s blogs continuously. They don’t like music playing, they don’t like animated graphics, the print is too small, they need to change the text background color, the blog is too cluttered, etc, etc. What is it that makes folks think that the rest of us are here for their benefit and solely to please them?

I can sympathize with your frustration and can offer absolutely no resolution or suggestions whatsoever. If taking a break will do it, then take a break. I don’t have a fear of you not returning because I know that you have passion, desire and dedication in your soul so you can’t quit!

I remember becoming attracted to your blog because of you as a person, coupled with your blogs content. About my second or third comment on your blog drew your ire and I remember you called me to the carpet on one of your follow-up posts. At this point I don’t even remember what the issue was but I am sure I went off to a corner and pouted for a week or so.

I don’t always agree with things that are posted here but for goodness sake, it’s your platform – not mine and I respect that. Just yesterday I was considering adding this statement to my header banner and I hardly ever post anything controversial.

“If the opinions expressed on this blog offend you in any manner – remember you are just a visitor!”

Anyway, do as you must but know we love you and want what is best for you.

I enjoy your blog very much, but do understand how the 'complaining crowd' can get exhausting. I had to moderate my own blog comments after a particularly nasty personal attack. And I don't blog nearly as often as I once did; I call it burn-out.

Enjoy your break, and know that your true friends/readers will still be around when you come back.

Your blog is one of the highlights of my day -- I always look forward to hearing what you have to say and am never disappointed. I hope you will come back re-invigorated and ready to do your thing which is something no one else does nearly as well.

Ronni - I agree with Rain and Alan G. (and most of the rest of the previous commenters). It's your life, and you have to live it your way, not by anyone else's standards. That's one of many things I've learned as I have grown into an elderwoman.
While I will miss your daily posts until you return, exhaustion is the body's way of telling us to rest, recharge, and nourish ourselves. You deserve it, as does everyone else who feels that way.
I look forward to your return when the time is right - for you.

I have an idea...forward the nastiest complaints to me, and let me rant about them. Things have been rather calm at my house, at least in the "ranting" sense, and I could use a good excuse to go off on somebody.

You always talk about the importance of words. I, for one, completely agree. Sometimes, when enough stones have been thrown at us elders, I feel very old indeed. But, I always try to overcome it. You are doing such a great job for us. You must OVERCOME. Exhaustion is a state of mind. We need you.

The bottom line is that it's your blog and your rules. You don't have to please anyone except yourself.

Your blog is the first thing I read every day (after my bank's daily update) and it's always interesting and/or useful. Don't let 'em get you down, Ronni!!!

No one knows everything; a few act like they know nothing; most know a great deal about something; you, Roni, obviously are blessed to share a great deal of wisdom with many. Criticism
shall aways be with us. Roll with the punches, glory in the praise and keep on keeping on.

I too am a lurker and have never commented before but feel the urge to say please do whatever it takes to make you feel better. Sit with Ollie; scream and shout, sleep, walk, read a lot of books, listen to music just take your time and then come back to us.
Someone suggested that you send all abusive emails to them to be dealt with. Sounds like a good idea and as a first class ranter and complainer with many, many years of practice I'd also be happy to answer some of your vitriolic emailers!!

If you give up, they win.
But do take time away whenever you need it!

Ronni, I'm a long-time lurker and always look forward to your writing. Even after being away for a few days I will go back and read them all. I think of you, Crabby, and Ollie as true friends and it's amazing (not to mention comforting) that so much of what you say is exactly how I feel about things. Please try and forget about the nitpickers--have they nothing else to do? Get yourself a good rest, and hurry back. We'll miss you.

John loves this blog. I can't imagine anybody complaining. Just can't imagine. I'd say, my support is probably enough to make up for a 100 detractors. Come on back! d


Your post makes me want to throw things at the people who've been afflicting you. Take your own time, breathe, return to the fray when ready ...

Like many who've written here, I come here everyday, think of the folks in the comments as one of my communities, and am extremely grateful for the good place you've created.

It seems weird that so many complained at the same time. Like Ronni Pryor, I think it may just be one or two people who got their narrow minded companions with a mob mentality to join them in a writing campaign. I'll bet they belong to the Tea Party, too.

The sore heads are not worth your time, Ronni. My attitude is if you don't like what I do then stuff it, write your own blog for a few years and see how many followers you have and how many like what you write.

Those of us who write blogs know how difficult it is to think of a topic once a week or so, much less daily. I certainly don't take the time to add all the extra information like 'geezer flicks', elder books, videos, story telling place, etc. like you do.

It takes hours and hours to compile all the information to be found on your blog. But it is vital information and so appreciated by many of us.

Your blog is still the best one on the Internet for my money and has been an inspiration to me in so many ways.

Thank you for all you have done in the past. I know you will continue after you get a much needed rest.

P. S. For any sore heads who wrote those nasty comments to Ronni: I hope you are reading this and are aware of what people really think of Ronni and her very professional blog. Aren't you jealous? Go crawl back in your hole and let the rest of us enjoy our favorite blogger.

I guess you have a few volunteers to be the Wikileaks for your nasty emails, and I join them. There's something to be said for getting them out there onto the interwebs (with names of authors withheld, of course). If enough of us analyze them to death, maybe they'll stop arriving in your inbox. Meanwhile, don't let the naysayers get you down. You have an awful lot of satisfied readers out here.

Oh Ronni
You know you will miss us while you are away from here. Surely we will miss you. (and don't call me Shirley)

The content here on TGB is always interesting. Of course we can't all agree on everything but that is what makes this site informative and challenging.

Darn it. We just won't have you run off by a bunch of sour pusses. You have worked too long and hard to establish yourself as a trusted voice for our elder community.

Just tell yourself you need a much deserved vacation from the pressure of posting daily

Rest up. Read some cozy mysteries. May I suggest M. C. Beaton and the Hamish Macbeth books which take place in the Highlands of Scotland. They are all engrossing and relaxing.

Give yourself a much deserved break.


Janet (aka chancy)

I understand exhaustion. However, there are more of us that love you and what you do, than the neg-nags. Keep up the good work that you do!

Ronni, sending my love and an email... it's on its way. Sucks. Darn. Drat. Those pussies can't take back their whining and complaints, nor can we "make up" for their lack of sensitivity and humour. Guess we can only wait until something happens that will allow you to shrug off all their negative energy.

Yes, I agree with Rain. Take a break and your regular readers will be here waiting for you.

I'll miss you, of course, and hope for a speedy return.

Aloha Ronnie, Funny, just yesterday I was browsing the "Geezer Flicks" looking for some quality videos to watch. You offer so many valuable things to your readers; it's amazing that anyone would complain. I think Frank had a good idea. Publishing the emails would provide us with some laughs and might discourage those "meanies" from writing. As Steve said, "You are an inspiration". Of course, you must take care of yourself, but please know that you will be severely missed.

Rest, recover and maybe get some help on the blog. You are also probably grieving over Saul's death and so, this petty b-s is more exhausting than it would otherwise be. And as for those who complain, publish their complaints and let the wrath of the Internet fall on their ungrateful heads! Most of all, don't let the bastards get you down! For every one who complains, there are 100 who love and appreciate you.

Some geezers make all of us look bad. It's your blog & you post what you want. The complainers remind me of the stories about people whining about their neighbors running around in the house naked but you have to stand on your head 3" from the window to see them. Just don't open any emails for a bit.....delete them all. & Thank You for being.


My good friend,Darlene said it best. I can never top her.

We all love you,Ronni,and most important,we all need you to help us start off our day with either a new understanding of a complicated subject(Read reverse mortgages)or a picture of Ollie looking so regal in the big chair,or some fun video you sometimes post.

What would we do without you????

Forward those Emails to me and Ronni P. and we'll make short work of those complaints about you. I'll delete them so fast they will leave skid marks on my hard drive.....

Because of you we have become armed with so much information and knowledge. Your help with Social Security and so many other important issues that you have written obout have been so valuable. With many of your posts you have given us an avenue to express our concerns and let our representatives know that we are out here watching and listening. I cannot thank you enough for helping all of us. Please take care and don't allow them to take your voice, and ours as well, away. We will be here for you when you return.

Looking forward to your return.
I will really miss the information & insight delivered with intelligence, compassion , humor and common sense. YOu will be greatly missed.
How in the hell am I suppose to start my day? I live in Junction City, Oregon for god's sake!
Thank you.

How about a quick vacation to somewhere sunny? Mexico, Caribbean, etc.

But then, what about Ollie?

I always get a lift from you Ronni and know that I get negative comments on my blog too - it is amazing how outrageously rude people can be EVEN THOUGH no one has asked them to visit and critique!!!
I always imagine them clumping into my living room uninvited in their big muddy boots and lecturing me about my decor.

Oh, another thought.

I was thinking about your blog and our HR department. I'm friends with the head of our HR department and I'd say the better part of her day is hearing people whine and complain about the most miniscule things--the type of candy in the vending machines--I mean c'mon!!! The sense of entitlement some of my co-workers have is mind-boggling. I've always told her it's a good thing I don't work in HR because I would have just two words to the complainers--Bite Me!

I mean at least with our HR department that's her job! You are doing a service to so many people for FREE!!!

So Ronni, feel free to tell the complainers to: Bite Me!

WTF??? I just found you! You can't stop now! Look at all the comments you're getting. It is hard to get anyone to read a blog, much less leave a comment, much less actually send email. They're probably just jealous and maybe a lot of them are from the same person who has several user names in order to drive others crazy.

I have to have you every day,
as regularly as coffee or tea.
You're getting to be a habit with me

At the end of my day when I sit down and begin reading my bookmarked blogs yours if the first one I read, every time! I have learned so much frin you. You've made it easy for me to respond to issues by providing links to congressional leadership. Your insight, opinion and diligence into research to provide accurate information is in my estimation, commendable.

I am sorry that people who chose to be offended by what's on your blog or what you write have gotten to you. It's so easy to be offended, but it takes more character to understand the view point of some one.

As many have pointed out, you have a strong following for the information and opinions you provide on TGB.

We'll all be here for you when you return. Rest well.

PLEASE don't stop. Your blog is one of my all-time favorites. It has already been a big blow for us (not to mention for those who knew and loved him personally) to have lost Saul; we can't lose you, too (pure selfishness speaking here; I do understand how frustrating it must be to have pointless negativity added to your day, but you add so much useful positivity to ours. What can I do to help? Take a breather if you need to, but please don't give up on your blog or on us.

I, too, read your blog every day, and have come to depend on you for a daily dose of good writing, news, humor, and common sense. But I also know how important it can be to take a break sometimes. So take one, if you need it, and we'll all cross our fingers that it won't be a long one.

To me, someone who takes the time to write a blog post is giving me a gift: something to think about, something to learn, something I can take or leave as I choose. I think most adults have been taught to accept a gift gratefully and not complain about getting a tie when they'd rather have received a shirt. That leads me to believe these aren't random readers but, as others have suggested, just a few people who think that if they're loud enough, they can rule the world.

I hope you'll come back soon and prove to them that they can't.

Ronnie, the link to your blog is in "My Morning Sites" folder in my Favorites. Sometimes I don't get to my morning sites until afternoon, but I always click on Time Goes By.


I was wondering is you got negative feedback. So many of the baby boomers are in such massive denial about aging, and you tell it like it is.

Right on, girlfriend. I abhor denial. I turn sixty soon.
And I like to know the truth about what is happening.

I have several acquaintances who just aren't "getting" this aging thing. Man, are they in for an awakening.

I have always enjoyed your blog although I have rarely left a comment.


I look forward to your return and hope the trolls out there go away soon! The very best to you Ronni -- you are one of the best bloggers out there!


Look, these goofballs need to find the 'DELETE' key on their PC. The only thing they are accomplishing is venting their anger because they didn't get what they wanted for Christmas!

Put these folks in their own special category - and always remember "you can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but cannot please all of the people all the time!" (Fundamental Business Management 101).

Keep up your good work - I'll hold my breath till you come back,


Just another voice here - will sorely miss you while you're gone and will feel relieved when you are back. I agree that Ollie must be part of the mix - you've made him our cat, also, you know?! Can't wait to hear him purr again. . .


Hope you'll be back as soon as you're ready--your readers will be waiting. I could be wrong, but I'd guess that a significant number of the complainants may lean to the right politically and therefore be at odds with some of your well-thought-out and thoroughly-researched views.

In my experience too many conservatives "know what they know" which kind of shuts off the process known as thought. We need look no further than some of the Republican committee heads appointed by the new House of Representatives!

Looking forward to your return. . .

I have never entertained the thought of TGB not being here before and I must say that I have come to really depend on your insights, advice and support, Ronni. What is even more upsetting to me than no daily Ronni Bennett and TGB is the thought that someone ran off with the best of you when you are offering a labor of love. That will not stand! You have helped so many!

It is my wish that when you read these comments that it will provide a salve that will help sooth the harmful words you were subjected to.

Return to us when you are ready...and thank you again for all that you give.

I can't imagine life without TGY. It's the first thing I read every day and never fails to make me feel better. Please don't leave us.

From a 'Down Under" fan - we have a political party here whose aim was 'to keep the bastards honest' - sounds like you - you are a significant political force now - hence the attacks - nothing for it but to keep on keeping on -cheers - Jeanette

I'm sorry to hear that some of yr readers have forced you into taking a break.
i hope you will want to come back when your batteries are re-charged.
my dad, saul, admired you and the work you do. he often spoke of you. you know that he would tell you to "f*ck 'em!" and keep doing what you were meant to do.
i speak for mom and the rest of our family in sending our love..

Let me suggest a new feature. I'd like to see a monthly re-print of the rudest, most abusive, stupidest, most ignorant, nastiest, dullest, most ridiculous email you've received in the past month.

I think Frank's idea is great!

I don't comment often, but I sure do enjoy your blog. Have a good rest; I'm looking forward to your return.

Why did those who were so opposed to what you are saying write directly to you - rather that posting their thoughts on this log site where we can all see them?

Seems to me if you are in the opposition and you'd want to make an impact - you'd express your views to the entire audience. Afterall, Ronni, the impetus for your writing is what you believe are the shared beliefs of all of us.

Strange . . .

OMG! PLEASE don't give up on the large number of us who love you and look forward to your wonderful blog every day ... just because a very few nut cases decided to be their usual ugly selves!!
Wouldn't you hate to wake up in the morning and look at that ugliness of the soul in the mirror every morning like they do?
Leave them to their own bile ... it will burn them, not you.

Those chronic whiners tell me you are doing something right. You are hitting a nerve.

Please return when you feel rested. You are one of my daily stops and I look forward to reading you again.

My Mom used to say:
You can please all of the people some of the time;
Some of the people all of the time; but you can't please all of the people all of the time.

I think that's what she said. I forget.

PLEASE YOURSELF, RONNIE. You deserve to do whatever"floats your boat". I think you are wonderful!!!!

I usually do not comment since I receive the blog almost a day late, judging by the date and times of your responses. I must add to the others,however, that I have faith in receiving 100% correct info from you and I rely on it.

I experienced a nutcase response like you seem to have, just for stating with a chuckle mind-you that "Sarah Palin is an idiot". This person screamed 'WHERE do you GET your info' and when I began to answer with examples of educated posts, she then screamed even louder that she will NOT discuss it and all this in a hospital room where my dear relative had just given birth to a four month early baby. I immediately dismissed her as though she did not exist so as to not upset the 'patient' or nurses passing in the hallway etc. I'm sure she imagined I was 'giving in' to her insane behavior, however, I was simply exercising 'meekness' which is defined as 'controlled power'.Later, she was ranting to others that I was 'controlling' and 'manipulative'. Huh??? Simply for sharing a widely-felt OPINION. Laughable at best. My dad used to tell me to just "pretend people like that do not even exist". That has proven to be a great shield against political nuts. And that is what I do believe, along with a few others who posted here, you have encountered. No positive character in them, for sure.

Thank you for your 'researched' and accurate postings. If I do not agree to postings, I usually simply unsubscribe, period, since I realize people have a right to their opinion. But then, as we all notice here, there exists nutcases, unfortunately. I know you will not allow them to get the best of you and that you are doing what I did and still do - ignoring and simply resting in the positives around you which do rejuvenate.

My best regards to you.

You have so much to offer...Our connection to common sense...Please rest & return....

Don't let the turkeys get you down! I read you daily and would sorely miss this blog.

Take a break. You deserve it. Come back when you're ready. I'll be here, and so will your other loyal readers.

I hope you enjoy your time off.

My sister is right: Dad would not let some louder whiners sway him and you won't either. Taking a break is an option, but Dad would say come back stronger and more adamant than before!! As my sister said, "It's an emergency; the Republicans are back!!!!!!!"
Our love, Lise, Leslie and Evelyn (Friedmans)

Rest up Ronni & take care of yourself. As my grandbaby would say they are "just whiney poo poo diaper babies." Miss you.

Ronni - just stick a note somewhere on the site saying that unless they explicitly say otherwise all emails about your blog will be considered as comments on it and you reserve the right to publish. Unowned e-mails, in other words anonymous ones, will be treated as if for publication.

It won't stop everything, and you probably won't want to publish the more mindless rants, but at least that way you can share the more entertaining ones!

I'm a regular reader but only one who comments occasionally. Mainly because there are so many comments! Sorry you are having a problem with nit-picking complainers - have they nothing better to do? Anyway, be assured we your regular readers appreciate your thoughtful management of the blog. It is a space we can come to for common-sense and thought-provoking comment. Every Blessing and hope you feel less exhausted soon. PS like many, I've been having a dose of post holiday blues too. It will pass.

I am answering Steve Garfield's call to add my encouragement to your list of positive comments. I'm sure you have received at least 100 positive messages by now! Thank you, Ronnie, for all the work you do on your blogs. I really enjoy reading them, may not always agree with you, but I have learned a lot from you, your associates and those who comment.

Hi Ronni

I miss your usual upbeat blog. I am guessing that you are not happy with your move to Oregon. I know how much you loved living in NYC (who wouldn't).
Even though you didn't seem totally happy in Maine You posted a lot of photos depicting life in Portland ME which didn't look too bad, such as photos of produce at the Farmers Market, your lovely home in Portland including photos of Ollie and surrounding pics of the beach, etc.
I'm not seeing anything like this from your new home in Portland OR. I hope you are happily settling in there but i don't hear you saying so.

Ronni. I can well understand the impact these negative emails must have on you. But as you know, your blog if for many of us the voice of reason and sanity in a mad world.

I read your blog regularly and it's uncanny how many of your topics resonate with what preoccupies me at the time. As an Englishwoman living in Spain, it's good to know there's a whole bunch of American, sane people reading and commenting on your blog - unlike the tea party nutters we're exposed to on the news here.

Thank you for all your hard work to keep TGB fresh and interesting.....I know you'll be back - you're a writer! And we love you dearly.

i'm a little late with this and probably because i'm 84 and tend to be slower these days. so be it.
anyway, we call them "ctanky pants" or pitas, and we all know what that is.
i love your blogs and look forward to them each day. thanks, elaine

correction: that's "cranky pants." elaine

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