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Tucson and One of Our Own Elders

Short Blogging Hiatus

blogging bug image Regarding Friday's post, it made me laugh to read the notes from some of you volunteering to answer my irritating email. Thank you – for the fun and the offer.

I would take you up on it except that copyright law, although still fuzzy on email, is fairly clear that ownership of written material resides with the creator. It's the reason I never forward or publish personal email without explicit permission which, under the circumstances, I'm not going to request.

It's unlikely anyone would come after me in that regard if I did forward it; still, it's the right thing to do to honor the law.

Regular posts will resume in a day or two.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Johna Ferguson: A New Season


Please forgive me for breaking this news in a comment, but I was sure our community would want to know that one of our own, Ashleigh Burroughs, of The Burrow, was wounded on Saturday in Tucson.

She had finally reached the front of the line to shake Rep. Giffords' hand, when the shooting began. She was shot three times, but, miraculously, no organs were hit. However, her hip was shattered. One surgery has taken place and another is scheduled for Wednesday.

A/B is a regular here at TGB and I know you will all want to drop by her blog today. Her daughter, "Little Cuter," has provided an update for her and is reading her the comments she receives there...eliciting a bit of "beaming."

Her blog and our companionship will be strong supports for her in the coming months. Writing is her first love.

I hope it is not poor form to alert the community in this fashion.

Thanks Ronni for keeping this blog going on such a regular schedule, I'm sure no one begrudges you a hiatus now and then. Saul's passing must leave a hole in your life as well as a hole in your blog, and having to fill both at the same time is onerous.

On the other note, I am sorry to hear about Ashleigh Borrows, not to mention all the other victims of that awful event. I wish her a safe and speedy recovery.

Glad you could laugh, Ronnie.

Thanks Nance for the news, I'll head over now and leave a note.

Go Ronni! Welcome back!

I'm so sorry to hear about Ashleigh! I tried to leave a comment on her blog, but I'm having trouble posting comments on some blogs recently and that is one of them. Ronni, take whatever time you need.

We'll be here when you are ... but the days are a little less bright without you.
Love ya!

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