The State of the Union and Social Security
INTERESTING STUFF: 22 January 2011


The TGB Geriatrician is Dr. Bill Thomas (bio), a world-renowned geriatrician, author, blogger (ChangingAging) and creator of the Eden Alternative.

Most recently, he has partnered with the Picker Institute, a leading foundation for health care reform that places a person's needs, interests and desires at the center of their care. Dr. Thomas and Picker operate an advocacy program called RealCareNow to promote patient-centered care – of which this series on Time Goes By is a part.

A couple of weeks ago here at TGB, we had a lively conversation about the common aches and pains that seem to accompanying getting older for most of us. I decided it would be a good discussion to have with Bill Thomas.

Special Note: Next Tuesday, 25 January, Dr. Bill Thomas will host a live internet discussion with another geriatrician, dementia expert Dr. Al Power, to talk about the ethics surrounding early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. You can join the live discussion at 11:30AM eastern U.S. time next Tuesday here.

Yesterday, I asked you to write President Obama to urge him to refuse to cut Social Security. If you haven't done that, please do. Our messages are read.

Now Nancy Leitz, who is a long time contributor to The Elder Storytelling Place, has forwarded a link to which is hosting a petition to President Obama to oppose cuts to Social Security. You can sign it here. It doesn't hurt to do both – write and sign the petition.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Linda Carmi: Together Our Journey


Move it or lose it! At the end of the cartoon Madagascar there's a song called "I Like to Move It." My grandgirls jump and giggle and dance to it. Maybe I can too. Here's the link:

Excellent topic and interview! I have always wanted to have a clear explanation of what sorts of OTC pain meds should be taken for which type of symptom. I have heard some scary things about Alleve (naproxen sodium)but I love the stuff!

Another topic suggestion: snoring. When might it be a sign of a problem? Does anything help?

You might find it interesting that I was able to understand you, Ronni, but when Dr. Tomas started talking I couldn't understand a word. I switched to You Tube and it was better. I do hope you are able to get captioning, although the captioning on Internet videos uses voice capture and isn't very accurate.

Walking is the best medicine for everyone, I guess. I will try to be more diligent.

To Celia: I watched "I Like To Move It" and it made me want to dance. I look like the Hippo but would dance like the Giraffe. ;-)

Some of us who have had hip replacements (I call us the Hippies) promise to form a chorus line someday and choreograph a routine. We will never compete with the Rockettes, I know, but we could probably do a slow waltz.

Dr. Thomas, why are there more and more foods that upset my stomach?

When I was little I can remember saying to my mother or my grandmother, "Why don't you want some onions?" or "Don't you like peppers?" or whatever...

The adults would laugh and say "Oh, I like them but they don"t like me anymore."

I did develop lactose intolerance in my 20s, but it's more than that.

Also, I can't eat too much at one sitting without indigestion.

Is my body just getting smarter?

At some future time convenient to you Ronni and the good DR,could we have a discussion about the BP falling as we stand,sometimes this could be a hidden cause for old folk falling and maybe there are some tips he could give we could use.

Ronni, I signed the Move On petition. Please don't let my Fox News friends know about my new association. Is this my journey to becoming a liberal? Probably not--it's the defense of a government program by the people and for the people, self-funded and essential.

i am with susan g.
i hope it is that my body is getting smarter. i still need to learn to listen to it better!

I see you video on YouTube it is very interesting but in this video Dr. Tomas's voice is very low.

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