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category_bug_journal2.gif This was the gorgeous view out my dining room window at about 7AM yesterday, Sunday morning.

Window 2011_05_01

The weatherman predicted bright skies all day and 70F degrees – the first time the temperature has been that high since sometime last fall. I couldn't stay indoors on such a day as this so I played hooky from blogging for Monday.

Therefore, in place of an actual post about anything...

On Saturday night, the annual White House Correspondents Dinner was held in Washington, D.C. It's not just reporters who attend. The president and vice president are usually there too and anyone the correspondents' news organizations want to invite to sit at their individual tables.

In recent years, that has meant a lot of politicians and even more celebrities. I read somewhere that Bristol Palin was among the latter on Saturday evening so the star quotient was, perhaps, not as stellar as – oh, say the Oscars.

The speeches take the form of roasts and this year, Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live was the headliner. That is, if you don't count President Obama himself.

The jokes are rude, as they are expected to be, and this year Donald Trump, who was in the audience, took the brunt of them – from Seth Meyers and the president.

So now, for your entertainment today, Seth goes first:

Oh. Wait. One more thing. SHOUTOUT TO MAGE BAILEY: Please check the far right photo in the banner above. At last.

Okay. Now Seth Meyers:

And, the president of the United States:

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Jeanne Waite Follett: On the Semicolon


Good going on the new picture on the banner. It looks great. And on the 'roast' I had seen it yesterday (in Arizona I can watch the videos unlimited even if they are slower) and loved it. Good jokes are based on truth and that's what they all were which is why Trump hated it so much :) It might just push him to run which I suspect is exactly what Obama wants.

I watched the correspondant's dinner on Saturday night & it had me belly laughing. Another joke: if all else fails, the president can do stand-up.:) He was terrific as was Seth Myers. And it was so obvious that Mr. Obama, even with so much weighing on his mind, really enjoyed himself. Poor Donald, he came off as rather a bad sport. And also Mr. Biden took his lumps well. It came at a time when I needed a good laugh.

The banner addition is really very nice, Ronni. Dee

Great photo! Love that smile. Thank you, Mage Bailey.

Image picture announcement slyly slipped into the post. Clever writer!

Lovely new photo!!

Obama really got in some zingers!

Your hair is beautiful, great photo. Seth Myers was so much fun, and so was Obama. Trump can split up the votes for the Republicans. Ha,ha.

I spotted your new photo yesterday while reading Peter Tibbles post ... it's a lovely addition to the banner.

Off subject ... just after I watched President Obama announce the death of Osama bin Laden last night, I had the feeling that a big black cloud had lifted off of this country.

Not that we're safe and secure from terrorism — we're not — but some justice has now been done and a little bit of the death and destruction he caused has now been squared.

Major kudos to all involved, especially to President Obama for his leadership in this event.

Obama is unbeatable now.

Now THAT'S why I support President Obama!

A wonderful and beautiful picture. Oh hurrah!

Yes, caught bits of the roast and caught all of his speech last night. Good stuff all around.

I see too that spring has sprung. Delightfully too.

Oregon is getting great spring weather and here in North Texas we have highs in the '50's and a ton of rain. There's a flip-flop of sorts here.

Enjoy it because I understand that rain is a Northwest curse and Texas' desperate need.

From childhood to elderhood that winning smile of yours stays the same. I, too, love your hair.

I missed the C-Span broadcast of the 'roast' and wish You Tube had captions on the replay. I'm sure it was hilarious.

I did notice that Donald Trump can dish it out, but can't take it. It should be no surprise that he's a poor sport.

Such a nice view from inside your home!

Just for fun, I checked Lake Oswego on weather.com -- looks like you'll have far more sun than rain for the next 10 days.

Not one mention by Obama about Americans who are homeless or going without health care or unemployed for years.

The new picture is lovely--it is true that some of us come into our own as we age!

Love your new photo up there!

oh to be dry!

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