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Life Beyond Adulthood

category_bug_ageism.gif Somehow, the video chats here between geriatrician Bill Thomas and me have gotten lost in our busy lives. When I return from this trip, I'll see about resurrecting them.

Meanwhile, I have from him something excellent for you. On 4 June, Dr. Thomas spoke at the TEDx conference in San Francisco on the topic of baby boomers and the problem of adulthood.

Thomas as been a personal hero of mine since I first read his book, What Are Old People For? in 2004 (I regularly re-read it), and he keeps growing. Each time I hear or see him speak, he further refines his message which is – to put it less elegantly than he does – contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with being old.

And, in fact, we need to make elders more a part of the mainstream of life.

Watch Dr. Thomas in his TED speech. I promise you will be inspired.

At the Elder Storytelling Place today, Johna Ferguson: Desires


Yes, mam, later today after I do my regularly scheduled maintenance. :)

BRAVO! I'm going to pass this critically important video on to others.

Thank You!
I do think our kids should see this. Will they REALLY watch? Hope so.

Dr. Bill is inspiring. I do wish there were more geriatricians in this country. The lack of them shows just how the youth culture (including the medical doctors) view age.

I would like my granddaughter to aspire to be a geriatrician instead of an internist, but the idea of that makes her shudder. I guess old bodies aren't as appealing as younger ones. It takes a special kind of young person to want to go into the field of helping elders.

Sad to say, I'm elderly with hearing problems and found his delivery difficult to listen to...his voice waiving up and down...his major point lost in a lower voice. However, I like his theory of super adulthood being the cause of all the childhood testing our grandchildren are experiencing. I wish I could live long enough to watch the baby boomers age and see how it will change the culture.

Wow awesome video! I will definitely be passing this along. Thanks for sharing!

Bavo and encore to what he had to say. His speaking mannerisms truly irked me but the words and ideas are so right on!

I just arrived in Oregon, it's my first visit.
I'm in my camper and plan to spend some time to see what I've been missing. I'm spending the weekend at Crystal Crane Hot Springs which is 25 miles east of Burns, OR and after that I'll be going to Lepage Park after that Portland, and then the South Coast.
Any suggestions?

You were so right, Ronni! This was very inspiring. I tend to "rock along" day-to-day and don't think much about aging. But, I know it's coming. Already I question the value of my input and contributions to my adult (44 and 42-year-old) children. What does my perspective add to their lives (I ask myself)? Learning to value aging's potential contributions would help. Thanks again.

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