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category_bug_politics.gif On Tuesday morning, my first thought upon waking was this:

I hate John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Ron Scott of Florida, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Rick Perry of Texas and with the possible exceptions of Tom Coburn, Saxby Chambliss and Mike Crapo, every other Republican in Congress and in the states along with their unelected accomplices such as Alan Simpson, Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist.

It's not that their faces, voices and words never fail to sicken me. It's much more than that.

I don't just hate them. I HATE THEM. I hate them so deeply and viscerally as to wish on each and every one of them unto the end of their days the trials of Job and every disgusting plague recounted in the Christian Bible they pound so sanctimoniously. And I want to be present at their suffering too.

Uncharitable, you say? Over the top? Mean? Destructive to my own mental health? I don't think so.

I think it is a perfectly reasonable response to people who want to kill me – after, of course, they and their gluttonous, corporate sponsors bleed me dry of my home and my entire puny bank account for their personal use.

It's hardly an exaggeration to say they want me – and every other person who receives benefits from Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid and the military – to die for lack of those benefits we pay for with our tax dollars.

And while they are at it, they will include all workers who ever tried to afford private health coverage and feed their kids at the same time or to organize themselves against the corporate overlords who continue to cut their salaries and fire them.

You don't need to trust me on this. They are completely open about it. On any given day, read any newspaper or listen to sycophant, media enablers on every television news program.

Every proposal and demand that falls from Republican lips is designed to lead the rest of us to an early grave and without fail, the media gives them a pass by not pointing out their lies. This, in 21st century newspeak, is called “fair and balanced reporting” and it's not only on Fox News.

Undoubtedly, I woke on Tuesday with these hate-filled thoughts because the last input I had from the outside world the night before was the Republican “debate” in New Hampshire. Okay, only 45 minutes of it; I turned off the television then in lieu of throwing the remote through the screen.

That was no debate, a concept that implies – or in a less extreme political world, would deliver - thought and an exchange of constructive ideas. Instead, it was a bunch of grandstanding egotists shrill in their consistent Republican talking points.

The general commentary the next day was that Republicans are not as batshit crazy as some people expected. Oh, yeah? Weren't those pundits listening? Newt Gingrich, who is repeatedly held up as the intellectual star of the Republican Party, was unintelligible. Even Sarah Palin makes more sense. The rest spent their time giving mini stump speeches – none too coherently.

If I can go all sane for a moment, Republicans universally believe government should be run as a business. Hello! Government is not a business; it cannot possibly be run like businesses which, by law, are required to maximize profit for their shareholders. Profit is not the purpose of government.

And anyway, that's not what Republican candidates mean when they tout their – usually non-existent - business credentials. What they want is to zero out taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals and make up the difference by destroying every good thing in the United States.

Here's something we all need to think about: if the Republican agenda succeeds, the United States will become a third world nation. Already, we don't produce anything except fraudulent Wall Street paper. Give India and China another ten years and the world won't need us anymore.

If Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress and the White House, Social Security, Medicare, etc. will be gone. No government money will be spent on roads and bridges and climate change and police and firefighters and education and national parks. All business will be deregulated. Every job possible will be sent to India and China. The wingnut religionists will post the Ten Commandments in every government office and school in the land.

Most of the mechanisms needed to support Republican goals are already in place, one of the most important being the Supreme Court Citizens United decision allowing unlimited and unreported corporate funding of political advertising not connected to individual candidates.

Those ads don't need to support Republican candidates by name; they need only to demonize opposition ideas and there are enough dumb people in the United States to believe them.

This isn't your father's Republican Party - even Barry Goldwater must be spinning in his grave. These people want to rescind the First, Second, Tenth and Twelfth Amendments and undoubtedly a few others.

And watch out, women. When Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are no longer useful to them, they will abolish the 19th Amendment too.

Republicans are hell bent on returning the United States to some mythical past when, they believe, everything was perfect. You know, back before there was a middle class; when municipalities didn't pick up garbage; when couples had 12 kids because only one or two survived; before government tested food and water for safety; before it provided help in natural disasters; before there were public schools; and life expectancy was 45.

The Republican mainstream is now so far right, they would scare ol' Attila. The United States is in terrible, terrible trouble and it is getting worse. Republican ideas and acts got us here, they want to take it further and when everything crumbles, the wealthy will be fine – they've already squirreled away all our money – yours and mine - offshore. They deserve my hatred.

Whew. It feels good to get that off my chest. These are the things that keep me up at night.

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Don’t hold back, Ronni, tell us what you really think.

Gotta agree with you. I used to get myself in trouble when I heard people--expressing at school board meetings--that education should be run like a business. Well then, why don't we just "out source" all the students to foreign countries for their education?

You're not alone on those insomnia nights. Our only hope is that Boomers and younger people see what's ahead, and help us vote out the GOP. I can't imagine how some of the rightest-of-the-right manage to stay in Congress for multiple terms when they represent some of the poorest, most depressed and under-served areas of the South and West, and do everything they can to keep them that way. To add to the misery of their constituents, some of those districts were hit by natural disasters this year, leaving more people homeless and taking away even more jobs.

Sorry to hear you were that upset about the Republican debate. But I understand your points completely. I plain just wouldn't watch it because I knew that I would get upset too. Besides the two idiots, Pawlenty and Bachmann, are from my state of Minnesota. I didn't want to watch them or hear their voices...I'm not too concerned about Pawlenty. He is so week that he'll just bet pushed aside and dissolve into oblivion. Your prediction of the future scares the living daylights out of me, but I think your right on about the goal of the Republican Party. I hope with all my being that "something" happens to wake up the "very ignorant" people who swallow and believe everything the Rebups say. The media has to get more savvy and challenge these idiots when they speak in public. To see the media take a passive seat in all of this makes them just as complicit in the election of any Republican. Yes I am blaming the media to a certain degree. I can go on and on and get all upset but I want to enjoy my day. Sounds like we have out work cut out for us during the 2012 election if we don't want them Republicans to win. Right?

I woke up mad at the right also this morning and that without having seen it because we have the grandchildren this week (one of them was sick) and we watched Nanny McPhee instead. I read the reports on it and wish some of them had been as honest as you just were for what those people mean to our country and what they intend. They gloss over things but then they are owned by right wingers even if they are supposed to be lefties.

I am looking forward to Keith Olbermann's return on Monday as that station may only have a few viewers now but I suspect that will soon change. He won't be owned by Comcast.

I am not only mad at those politicians and pundits though. I am angry at those who support them and who claim government doesn't work and are doing all they can to destroy all the parts of it that does work to prove their point. Selfishness doesn't begin to say what is going on.

My former husband and I used to shake our heads and say, "Never under-estimate the stupidity of the American people." And things have gotten so much worse than they were back in those days. I have deep fears for this country and its citizens. My cynicism has increased to the point where I'm about ready to lump all the Democrats in with the Republicans since they are all in the pockets of corporations.

This is probably going to be my mantra for the next few years: if we want to survive, we have to take back the House of Representatives. Obama will or will not pull out a victory in the Presidential election. For structural reasons, the Republicans are almost certain to win the Senate in 2012. But the House is within reach if we can win enough essentially local elections. That's hard to relate to, but vital. Look around and see where in your state there is a chance to replace a Republican Congress person and help the Dem out!

Wouldn't you like Nancy Pelosi back in the leadership?

I used to be a Republican -- that's when Republicans were Republicans. Thank you, Ronni, you spoke my heart!
Why isn't anyone listening????

In the words of Bob Dylan "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"

Right on! Vote them all out of office and replace them with some unknown who has no affiliations other than concern for the constituency.

Interesting times we live in. If books (and accurate history) exist sometime in the not so distant future survivors will think "WTF??? WHY DIDN'T THESE PEOPLE DO SOMETHING? COULDN'T PEOPLE SEE THIS COMING?" And then these same people will go out with their digging sticks to try to plant some pitiful crops to try to feed them & all their diseased children. I totally agree with your post today. Thanks, Ronni.

I couldn't bring myself to watch the so-called "debate" either! These and the "city halls" are more like a candidates beauty (ugly) contest than anything, no matter what the label!

I suggest that we begin to call them "Dumb and Dumber parades" !!

Have made up my mind -- this time I really am moving to Mexico. At least down there everyone knows and frankly admits that their politicians are thieves and liars.

The only positive thing about the Republicans running for president is that they are all extremists - or they will be by the time the primaries are over. The further to the right they go, the better chance Democrats have.

The 2012 election will give voters two very different choices for the future of our country.

I think (and hope) Democrats have a good and simple message for voters: "Republicans want to kill Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security while they give more tax breaks to big oil and millionaires."

That is a message even uninformed voters can understand. It is easy to repeat over and over again, and we all need to make this our mantra.

I talk to a lot of people who are conservative and just don't get it. They talk about getting rid of government in such a blithe way. Yet they still want their social security (even if they don't believe it won't be there for them) as well as their medicare. They complain bitterly about the current economy and blame the government, while refusing to blame the corporations. This attitude is not limited to young people. A good example was when Delta Air Lines was charging returning soldiers extra baggage fees. Disgraceful! Anti-American! Yet, the remarks were all about what we "give" to the poor and illegals. NO comments on the fact that this was a CORPORATE decision. So, I don't get it. But, like you, it frightens me.

BRAVA! BRAVA! RONNI! Like you, I and many many others are really pissed off! Seems to me if we can REALLY separate OUR Govt. from religion....that would be a good move. Recinding the bill that gives corporations the right to spend as much money on elections would be another good move....It seems evident that we must do something beyond being pissed off at what is happening!
I will continue to support President Obama with my about you???

Hallelujah and Amen!!!!! I'm with you 110%. I've let loose on this more than once! We need to shout and shout and shout!!!!

I share your hate, Ronni, but see no reason to exclude Coburn, Chamblis, and Crapo.

I don't recall ever having really hated so many people before and I hate them all even more because they make me hate them. Crazy, I know.

The republican ideology is not just about running the government like a corporation. In fact no competent businessperson would run a company like the republicans want to run the country.

Republican/libertarian/randian ideology advocates doing away with government almost entirely. As pawlenty said, Google it. If you can find it on Google, the government has no business getting involved in it. (Or some such thing.)

They want to privatize education, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and utilities. They want to do away with the EPA and let anybody and everybody pollute at will and in whatever quantities they want. The military may be the only thing they don't want to privatize although they went down the privatizing road a ways under bush with contractors like Blackwater and Halliburton.

They will indeed lead us down the road to being a 3rd world country - a banana republic ruled by an oligarchy of giant corporations and a few powerful politicians.

Carol from CO (and everyone)...
The ones who claim to be business people don't actually operate businesses. Mitt Romney, for example, spent his 12- or 15-year tenure at Bain buying and dismantling companies, firing the employees, of course, in the process.

As an aside - I don't know if it is true - I read somewhere recently that Rand Paul was named after Ayn Rand. God save us all.

His given name is Randal [sic] according to wiki. But that doesn't preclude the inspiration coming from AR, I guess.

And here in Arizany, GOP boss (and co-governor, according to some) Russell Pearce convinced his party cronies to refuse to amend a bill that would have extended unemployment to thousands in our state by allowing in funds from the federal government that were already allocated! They would have had to change ONE WORD to have this happen, and the money spent by the unemployed on food, gas, etc. would have gone straight into our lagging economy! The reason given? "Unemployment keeps people from going out and trying to find jobs!" WHAT jobs? Many, many of us here are furious, even Republicans are mad! Refusing to do this was not even a good "business decision!" Grrrrrrrrrr... I called my representative, who happened to be giving a talk in DC and wasn't even here for the discussion!

Ronni, you said it better than I could, but I'm on board 110%. I don't know what kind of substance the Republicans are dropping, but it must be the best their money can buy. Never have I seen so many presumably sane people hallucinating the same scenario--you know, the one about taking our country back to an idyllic time that simply never existed, unless of course you were white, male and rich.

Unfortunately, I think many of us in the fading middle class have become poli-cynics. I know I have to some extent because it really feels like NO ONE is speaking for us. Yet, the only way the middle class can try to hang on to what little we have left is to resist the Republican ideology on every level. As I've said before, I don't know how to bring the middle class together to mount an effective resistance, but there must be people out there who do. Mayday! Mayday! We need you.

Absent a revolution, we're stuck with the badly-broken political system we have and somehow we, the people, have to make it work.

Kathleen Noble and I agree (Kathleen, I love your name for our state - ARIZANY) that it's more than just the Federal representatives who are selling this country down the river. The many Republican governors are dismantling every good thing they can get their grubby hands on. They have as much power to destroy individuals as do those in Congress.

I would add everyone on Fox news, the Heritage Foundation (and it's ilk),the right wing Supremes on the John Roberts court, the Cheneys,the rabid right-wing Christians, Breitbart, and so many others to my hate list. The lies they tell and get away with infuriate me. And my blood pressure soars when the mainstream media do not challenge the lies. So the dumb and dumber swallow it whole and vote.

If I didn't have randchildren I would move to Sweden.

Brava Ronni! I watched half the debate and turned it off thinking "they are trying to kill us," which is something I think almost everyday now.

Good rant because it is all true. Unfortunately the country may need to redo the 1937 economic mistake again before the country realizes that the New Deal is a good template for a solution to our problems.

In the words of a dear friend: the world is mad. Dee

I'm not worried about them killing us. I'm worried about them killing our children and grandchildren.

Reading your excellent rant made me very glad I didn't watch the alleged debate and turned off the news the next day in favor of Pandora. And I join you in your hate for those sanctimonious, self-righteous, self-centered asinine idiots.

This appeared in my inbox from The Truth About the Economy. Makes you hate rich people too. .

Thanks for taking the words right out of my mind and mouth. I really, really dread the new election cycle because I hate the stupidity and I hate hating. Fortunately, I don't have to chose among the Reps so I can tune them out.


Please don't exclude Saxby Chambliss, my Georgia senator. He is as bad as any of the others. "Runs with the rabbits and barks with the dogs"

I joined you in zapping the GOP debate just as I had my shoe poised to throw it at the screen. Such a bunch of nothing "debated" by little men and one woman on ego trips. Bah Humbug

Where is plain talking Harry Truman when we need him.

PS: I hope New York Dems replace Wiener with a woman. We (Dems) have enough trouble without stupid guy stuff distractions.

Atta Woman! SO with you.

It is so refreshing to hear such a lot of common sense and clarity. I couldn't agree with you more if you called me Donald Lee McCain.
Thanks so much for expressing what I expect many of us wish we could - highly organized, clearly placed - calling a spade a spade as my grandfather would have said.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ronni: Part of the text gets clipped off on your blog when I read it in Explorer. Is anyone else having this problem?
And have you noticed the gap between male and female life expectancy is closing? Could it be that concentrating most of the wealth in the hands of men who take no financial responsiblity for women is affecting women's longevity?

TGB renders correctly in Firefox, IE, Chrome and other browsers. Your problem is probably related to your resolution settings which, of course, I can't control.

The other day a German acquaintance of mine said the U.S. is now a third-world country. She meant the politics.

First of all, you can't not watch what the opposition is saying -- you have to know what lies they're fabricating so that you can fight them intelligently.

Also you have to remember who owns the media -- Republicans. So you can't expect the media to help fight your battles.

I hate to say it, but we may already be beaten. Obama is making noises that point toward "compromising" on Medicare...I've got Bob Corker, Marsha Blackburn and Lamar whats-his-name. When I send them a letter or email all I get is that they want me to have the right to buy health insurance in another state! I don't want to buy private health insurance in another state, I want Medicare.

We're ripe for a revolution and need one. I alternate between anger, despair, and fear. Excellent post! Brava!!!

In light of the comment and commentary by Ronni above, I'm sure she realizes I'm saying non-violent resistance and protest as the kind of revolution we need since Ronni didn't add to my comment. Just want to make sure you all know that!

Based on history, this is the climate that creates revolt.

I'm a day late but I still want to add my said it all quite well and I thank you for it.

Huzzah for you Ronni ~ I thought I was the only one that thought perhaps the earth was the asylum of the universe!! ....and yet everyone just sits back and takes it!! Thank you so much for your insight and anger at the injustice of it all!

As an addendum to the above, I have to admit that I did not view the Republican debate. I leave the room when they are even on the news....I think the term "corporate sociopath" pretty well fits all of these "candidates"!

To understand why so many southerners vote against their own interests, read Joe Bageant's writings.

That said, I, too, am just unbelievably angry at nearly every elected official I can think of; the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans. Tere is no sanity left.

Since when did the majority of the American public become "the enemy?" It's crazy.

I agree with your rant. You omitted several accomplices deserving mention: Koch brothers, Ann Coulter, Glen Beck (and his ultimate replacement on Faux News), and Michelle Maulkin.

On the positive side, I like the activities underway by US Uncut and Drop Fox.

I have made a statement related to this post here:

Thanks again for your time and energy.

It is good to know I am not alone with my hate for all the same people you mention Thank you for saying it all

Amen, amen & then some. As an old hippie from the 60's I am flabbergasted how bad it's gotten on all fronts. Little did we know, but we did finally stop a war, way back can we fight this multi-headed enemy now?

TGB renders correctly in Firefox, IE, Chrome and other browsers. Your problem is probably related to your resolution settings which, of course, I can't control."

If you click in the comment box, the text shifts right and isn't cut off.

Why do you include Ron Paul in this list?

There should be no doubt that the Republican agenda is, and always has been for the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor. The only real difference these days is that politicians serve those who contribute to their reelection fund, and only those who contribute to it. All thought of actually representing their real constituency are gone, because there is zero incentive to do so. The majority of the American public are extremely ignorant and believe whatever crosses their TV sets and do not bother to spend any time on research. They vote for whoever has the most air time and beats the scariest drums, and politicians (and their campaign staff) know this and exploit it to fullest potential. I have many doubts anyway about the legitimacy of most elections anyway.

We now live in the United States of Corporate America. There should no longer be any doubt about that fact. Those with money control everything, and they (those with the largest pocketbook) hate the middle class and especially the poor. They hate minorities and will do anything to keep them from becoming majorities. They hate any policies which do not directly benefit them whatever the cost.

Jefferson was right. America needs violent revolution every so often because he foresaw that entrenched interests tend to want to stay that way.

Wow just had to comment on this forum. Thank you everyone. I couldn't agree more. I too am sickened.

As if our own personal lives were not enough to handle, now all of this!

Nothing can be done, nothing at all no voting, no throwing money at people nothing. The only thing that may possibly work is if we (myself included) as a people rise up and do something rather than just talk, although talking does seem to help there is much venting need these days!

I would like to point out though as religion and politics have already been mixed in the same discussion, which is very unfortunate, that I am a CHRISTian. But I don't care what the religious affiliation is of our leaders. It doesn't matter. It is a shame that the Republican Agenda has given Christianity such about name. If Jesus were here he would not care what party you are. And if you forced him to choose a party it damn sure wouldn't be the republican party. Jesus was here for the good of humanity not money!

Well, your "hate" for the Republicans is too much for me to accept. There is too much hate and anger in the world these days. Anyway, hate turns me off and I was going to go elsewhere for an idea of where the Republicans are going now a days. I would rather have a more thoughtful approuch to the problems that plague us these days along with a clear outlining of their agenda and how it effects me. You eventually did get something of the problem down, however. But what to do? What to do...

It does my heart good to know that so many others in the Boomer generation are as saddened and outraged by the turn our beloved Democratic form of government has taken. I would like to quote for you a few lines from a song that I think crystallizes what is being said here...

"When they turn the pages of history, when these days have passed long ago, will they read of us with sadness for the seeds that we let grow? We turned our gaze from the castles in the distance, eyes cast out on the path of least resistance. Cities full of hatred, fear and lies. Withered hearts and cruel, tormented eyes. Scheming demons dressed in Kingly guise, beating down the multitude and scoffing at the wise."

Need more be said about our willingness to let fear and desperation crush our spirit of rebellion? What will we say to those future generations to explain why we allowed this to happen? By the way, those lyrics come from the song "A Farewell to Kings" by the Canadian rock band Rush, and were written over 35 years ago. EVEN MORE RELEVANT TODAY...

Abraham Lincoln who was one of our greatest presidents and Ronald Reagan who was our worst president both would be ashamed of today's republican party which does not even deserve a capital R. They are for the most part a bunch of terrorists scaring people to the verge of civil war. I know they terrorize me and a lot of other people with what they stand for. The so called TEA Party is an abbreviation for the Traitors End America Party because they are trying to destroy the American dream and way of life. They for the most part are white supremacists who want it all for themselves. They are the American version of the German Nazi Party doing to us what the Nazis did to the German people before WWII. Dumb, stupid, poor people believe them and will follow them to the point of destroying our great nation in the next decade if people don't wake up and vote them out. Bush and Cheney both need to be prosecuted and sent to prison for what they did to this country and the rest of the world. Of all the republican candidate running for President in 2016 I would have to vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE. We have the best government money can buy bought and paid for by the rich and special interests. Politics, favoritism, prejudice, corruption, and greed are all alive and doing very well in Washington, DC controlled by republicans as well as other parts of our nation. We probably spend more money on the military to kill and destroy people around the world than what we spend on educating kids and taking care of people in this country. Jesus Christ must be a Democrat because he sure would not be a republican.

What an echo chamber!

Substitute "want to kill me" for "wants to stop transferring the nation's wealth from the underpaid young to the relatively wealthy old." That might not describe your particular situation, nor mine, but what gives you the right to make that claim on others?

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