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category_bug_journal2.gif A friend is visiting from Colorado this week and while he and I are off for a day at the Oregon coast, have I got a deal for you.

You may remember that last summer we read an excellent book together over several weeks, The Longevity Prescription – the 8 Proven Keys to a Long, Healthy Life by renowned geriatrician Dr. Robert N. Butler. One chapter a week for about ten weeks, we discussed the good doctor's excellent, practical and encouraging advice for living a healthy, successful old age.

The book has just been issued in paperback and I have two copies to give away. If you were not here for the series last year or did not purchase it then or want another copy for whatever reason, here is how we will decide who gets the books:

In the comments below (no emails), leave your best guess as to what the temperature (in Farenheit) will be on SATURDAY 30 JULY in Seaside, Oregon at 12 noon.

The deadline for entries is midnight tonight (Friday/Saturday) Pacific Daylight Time as posted next to your name below your comment. The two people coming closest to the correct temperature, according to, will each receive a copy of Dr. Butler's book. If there is a tie among more than two people, the two earliest entries will be declared the winners.

Winners will be announced in Monday's blog post.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mickey Rogers: One More Time


Why not add an extra degree of difficulty and ask for the temperature in degrees Kelvin?

69.8 degrees F.

64 degrees


63 degrees

60.8°F. (Or 289.15° Kelvin.)

OK Peter, just for you.

63 F = 290.222K


(Think of us on the East Coast sweltering with triple digit highs!)


62.4 degrees

65.9 degrees

64.6 degrees

65 degrees

66 degrees

61.2 F

75.5 degrees

64.8 degrees

68 degrees F

Have a fantastic weekend!

71 degrees--no idea what that translates to in Kelvin. Have a wonderful afternoon whatever the temperature.


62.1 degrees

65 degrees...I hope!!

65.5 degrees

67 degrees

70 degrees F. Who is this Kelvin guy, anyway?



67.5 degrees.

64 degrees

Have a lovely time!!!

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