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Meeting Blog Friends

Blog Friends – Preface

blogging bug image Again today, no real blog post. I spent a most delightful afternoon yesterday with Marcia Mayo who contributes a lot of fine stories to The Elder Storytelling Place and runs her own blog at Well Aged With Some Marbling.

Here it is evening now and I have meeting in a half an hour and I know I won't feel like writing when I get back, so tomorrow I'll talk about blogging and the friends we make doing so.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mary B Summerlin: She and He


Ronni -

Since you are going to talk about blogging tomorrow...

Thanks to Crabby Old Lady's example I posted my first rant yesterday after finding out it cost $250.00 to replace this key-thingy for our van...

Wow! What a great feeling!

I couldn't leave a rant yesterday. My ISP was down. I can tell you that yesterday's entry was a blog entry as is this. Our blogs reflect our lives. :)

I'm jealous that you got to meet Marcia. I love her blog and her sense of humor.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Oh I do hope to meet Marcia one day, she is a soul sister.
so glad you enjoyed meeting her and any "blogmeats" I've had have been superb!!

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