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Doing Nothing in Washington

I'm taking a day off but I thought I'd leave you with some information on what happened in Washington yesterday – nothing.

Here's another news flash for you: House Speaker John Boehner and Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia met privately with President Barack Obama at the White House on Sunday about the looming debt ceiling. Nothing happened.

Meanwhile, a new CBS News poll tells us that 71 percent of the public disapproves of how the Republicans are handling the debt ceiling issue.

They're not happy with Democrats either giving them a 58 percent disapproval rating on the issue. The president gets 48 percent disapproval.

What effect does all this disapproval have on our leaders? None.

Today, the House votes on a tea party endorsed “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill that proposes a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget.

Even if the bill passes the House, it cannot pass in the Senate. So what will come of this vote today? Nothing.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Given the focus of Washington, you'd think the U.S. has no problems at all.

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Enjoy your day off. The accumulating rage saps our spirits.

There is nothing the republicans wouldn't do for the Democrats, and there is nothing the Democrats wouldn't do for the republicans, and that's how they conduct the business of our Country: THEY DO NOTHING!

Well,looking ahead to the next election, I will think of SOMETHING I can do and that is: Kick them ALL out!

I believe that President Obama wants a reasonable solution to this critical problem. No news announcement does not automatically mean no progress. Maybe I am naïve but I think people underestimate Obama’s ability.

When I can stand to listen to the teabaggers spout their nonsense, I am just amazed that these ignorant people got elected. Since they don't have to worry about their retirement or medical care, I believe their attitude is a matter of I got mine and I'll do everything I can to make sure you don't get yours. I fear that if this thing doesn't pass and we go into another recession or even a depression, there will be chaos in the streets. It would not surprise me to learn that this is just what some of these bubbas want. Why else would they be so obstructive? Everytime I hear one of them say this is what the American people want, I just want to scream at their bold face lies.

I don't understand why the lame street media spend so much time reporting on the many looney tune votes taken in the House of Representatives. The legislation proposed by the Tea Party types is crazy and has no chance to go anywhere beyond their dog and pony show. So why report on it?

I believe they all think they are doctors ... what's the oath that doctors take? "Go forth and do no harm." (Or something like that.)
Congress takes it one step further ... "Go forth and do no harm, nor any good either."

I agree with Nancy -- let's kick them all out and start over. And THIS time, let's put a two-term limit on the whole lot of them! We need to get back to citizens representing other citizens and stop them from becoming Professional Politicians like this bunch has ... with their grandstanding and continual running for re-election!

Going down to the wire to resolve this impasse is doing harm even if they do raise the debt ceiling at the last minute. Idiots all !!!!!

I am so tired of the whole mess our alleged leaders. While they're playing silly-assed games with with our lives, we are hurting and that tells how they much care about us. I want to see some guts!!!

There were some in the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that feared representatives would become too disconnected with the people by confining all power within the 10 sq. miles that was established for the National capital - what many now refer now as the D.C.beltway. It appears their fears have been borne out.

And I want to say something profound about all this, but guess what comes to mind?

Janinsanfran used a term that is perfect for what I have been feeling for at least a year. Accumulating Rage. It's insidious & sometimes I just want to scream or curl up & cry. Thanks for the diagnosis.

Nance - I love your comment - profundaties - nil - obscenities a plenty! Here in Australia we have exactly the same type of professional politicians - totally divorced from reality - luckily we are keeping our heads above water economically - but ethically the political scene is sick.

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