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Remember the replicator on the TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation that created food and drink for the starship crew? Fiction, right? Not anymore.

I didn't believe this when I first watched the video, but you can find out more about 3D printers at the Z Corporation website. Meanwhile, prepare to be amazed.

To me, there is no treat in earth that beats ice cream. If it were not unhealthy to do so, I would eat it at breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. My flavor choice, however, is limited to one and I consider it a waste of calories to choose anything but vanilla.

Not so other people and now Newsweek reports on a growing interest in strange ice cream flavors – like garlic or avocado or right here in my town of Portland, Oregon, bacon pear with blue cheese. Yeech. But you might be interested. Find more odd flavors here.

The presidential wannabe who believes the founding fathers ended slavery shows off her Yiddish chops on Fox News last week.

Left to their own devices, children sometimes are more grownup than the adults in the room. Watch this kid work through the idea of gay marriage for himself the first time he learns of it.

Thanks to high rents, mega-stores and most recently, e-readers, small, idiosyncratic bookstores everywhere are going toes up. But Brazenhead Books lives on in New York City but it's hidden and you'll need to do your own detective work to find it.

There's No Place Like Here: Brazenhead Books from Etsy on Vimeo.

On 6 August in Houston, Texas Governer Rick Perry (that is, an elected government official) who has presidential aspirations is hosting a prayer rally he describes thusly:

“As a nation, we must come together and call upon Jesus to guide us through unprecedented struggles, and thank Him for the blessings of freedom we so richly enjoy."

If that's not offensive enough for you, one of the endorsers of the event is Dr. John Benefiel of the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network who had this to say about the Statue of Liberty in a recent sermon:

Most television commercials are so lacking in anything approaching originality that the product – the purpose of the endeavor – is lost on consumers. On rare occasions, there is one to delight us.

Darlene Costner sent this one and here's your assignment: Try to guess the product before the commercial ends.

from MrPrice2U on Vimeo.

Not in a row.



Love this! My thoughts: I guess that Ms. Bachman doesn't get around much & doesn't read much; the little boy is a treasure; & I'm not sure about the commercial which I found to be dumb. Looking forward to seeing what others think. Have a great w/end, Ronni. Will it include an ice cream treat? :) Dee

SO with you in re vanilla!

Au contraire, Dee. I loved the commercial! All that scary build up to a grandma pushing a vacuum. A hoot! -- In fact, Ronni, I can't remember enjoying an Interesting Thing post more. The thing replicator is unbelievable and I thought the darling little boy's natural reaction to the new phenomenon of two husbands a delight.

Did anyone see Jon Stewart's schtick on M. Bachmann and chutzpah? He gave it his incomparable working over. And then he teed off on her sanctimonious, gay bashing hubby. Funny.

Thanks for many good videos to share with friends.

Of course, that's Interesting Stuff . OOps.

A superb posting today. Thanks!

The Bachmann clip is funny, and typical of her--so sure of her righteousness that missteps don't exist. It reminds me of the chilly December night some years ago, when I was aimlessly clicking at the TV and came across a preacher talking about his "many good Jewish friends" celebrating the great holiday "Chah-NOO-kah."

The commercial was hysterical. When it comes time for me to buy a new vacuum I'll think of this!

As for ice cream, my fave has always been, since childhood, coffee with chocolate "jimmies" sprinkled on top.

Loved the Dirt Devil commercial. Had not seen that one before.

The "idol worship" comments from the right reverend Benefiel are ripe for a satirical blog. I'll be working on this one.

"That must mean that you love each other!" The kid gets it!

There is also nothing cuter than baby ducks!

We would frequent an ice cream place in Carnac in Brittany, France when on holiday. They had ever flavour as well. Cream cheese (fromage blanc) was lovely. Cucumber was terrific. We liked trying all the different varieties. No garlic or onion though.

What did I do wrong? My comment wasn't posted.

A restaurant here makes a delicious cold avocado soup so I think that flavor of ice cream might be surprisingly good.

I find the Gov of Texas to be very scary. And the idolatry thing to be so ignorant it is scary too. I always feel that if it is prevalent enough to make a video of it it is fairly prevalent. How can there be so much ignorance!With all of that I like how you mixed the playful things like the 3-D copier and Dirt Devil. That made me laugh!

My good old West Virginian Mom told me a story years ago of some "city folks" going in to a country store and asking the proprietor what kind of ice cream they had. The proprietor promptly told them, "There ain't no other kind 'cept vanilly!"

And it's still my favorite kind, too, Ronni!

Great post today ... happy Saturday to you, too.

Wow, after all these years I never knew the Statue of Liberty was a FALSE goddess. Good heavens! I shall have to stop worshipping her at once.

Got a kick out of the Dirt Devil commercial. I used to have a Dirt Devil; good thing I lived on the ground floor.

Regarding the replicator, I'd like to see it print a bicycle! And a monkey! And a Statue of Liberty!

Somebody please send Bachman a Yiddish dictionary. Oh ... wait ... it might not help.

Fascinating, that "underground" bookstore. An amazing selection of books. (Have you been there, Ronni?)

Those ducklings are so cute. Awwwwww.

Thank you for this week's eclectic collection of "stuff."

WIWAK, my matrilineal great-grandmother and great-grandfather had the same menu for dinner each summer evening. She had one pint of vanilla ice cream; he had one drinking glass full of crumbled leftover biscuits+cornbread+white bread liberally sprinkled with salt and pepper and doused with whole milk (the only kind we had in those days).

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