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INVITATION: The Second Annual TGB Elderblogger Meetup

In October last year, we held the first elderblogger meetup here at my home in Lake Oswego, Oregon. It was a smashing success you can read about here.



There are more photos here and here.

So today I'm issuing an invitation for the Second Annual Elderblogger Meetup at my home in Lake Oswego, Oregon, on Saturday 15 October. Here are some details:

  1. The MeetUp will begin at 10AM, although arrival is certainly flexible
  2. Spouses and significant others are welcome

  3. There are reasonably-priced hotels in Lake Oswego if an overnight stay makes sense
  4. More information will be forthcoming as the date gets closer

Last year, I had the event catered, but someone suggested we do potluck next time and I think that's a sensational idea. I will supply dishes, napkins, utensils and also drinks so no one need schlep heavy stuff to Lake Oswego. I will circulate a list of kinds of dishes to choose from after I know how many people are attending.

Eighteen attended last year and we could have accommodated some more. I'd like to set the attendance floor at 10. If at least that number responds, it's a go.

So please check your calendars and respond. You can do that in the comments below or via email by clicking the “Contact” link in the upper left corner of any TGB page. In either case, be sure to include your email address. (It is required in the comment form but only I can see it.)

I had a wonderful time last year. It's great to put faces with blog names and for repeat attendees, I certainly look forward to seeing you again. The RSVP window will be open through 5 August.

UPDATE: Geez, I always leave something out. This is open to elderbloggers and elderblog READERS.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Joanne Zimmermann: Floor and Ceiling People


What a mixed blessing......happy you are all getting together (lucky ducks:)), but sad that I cannot be there. What fun. Dee

How about a resounding "maybe" ?? ... not quite sure what I'll be doing in that part of the fall, but it might be a good weekend for me to take a long drive. Weirdly, I love long drives.

Darn. We will be up there at the end of September. Double darn.

How I wish I could attend, but it is not possible.

I will be thinking of you and your enjoyable day.

That's the same weekend as the crones
annual gathering, which means that there will be a couple of hundred women coming to Portland to celebrate being old. I would imagine quite a few of them might be TGB readers. The downside, though, is that the time and day you've chosen will clash with whatever is on the program for that morning - most likely the 'storytelling' session which they won't want to miss.
Sadly, I won't have the opportunity to attend either event myself :(

Thank you for the generous offer, but I am not able to make it to your 'potluck' meetup. Someday, maybe.

I'm too far away (CA) to come to your meeting, though I'd love to. I wonder if you'd Skype or Google+ a portion so those of us who are far away can join you. I've never done a Skype or G+ "meeting" with more than one person, but I know it can be done.

Ronni...I would love to come! I live in Portland. It would be wonderful to meet you and the other Elderbloggers. I have learned so much from you and the others...dare I say it, you all make me feel positive and proud to be "elder"!...I have a couple of great dishes to consider for the potluck. Let me know if you want something specific to round out the menu! :) Celeste

I'm a new elderblogger (or can I be one at almost 40 years old?). I mostly blog about (and research) very old age. Anyways, I so wish I could come. Alas, NY is worlds away. But how wonderful that there is a community out there.

Come visit if you get a chance:

I would love to be there in person, but geography stands in the way....I can do skype though!


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Ronni, I had such a great time last year and would love to be there again this year. But October 15 is my 26th sobriety anniversary and I plan on spending the weekend at the Oregon coast.
I hope you get ten and more people to sign up for this year because they will have a marvelous time! All best to you.

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