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Happy Birthday Millie G

For those of you who may be new to blogging or elderblogging or TimeGoesBy, meet Millie Garfield. She is one of the oldest bloggers around – in her own years and in the number of years blogging. A pioneer of the form long before most young people began, she's been doing it since 2003.

If you have never seen her video series, I Can't Open It, you can view them here. They are classics now and you are sure, if you are of a certain age, to identify.

Today, Millie is celebrating 86 years and this is the sixth year of our annual online birthday party for her. It's not every day someone reaches that age so a celebration of the achievement and wonderful Millie herself is in order. So get yourself over to her blog called, My Mom's Blog, and wish her a happy day.

Millie, here's a song for your day:

There is no story at The Elder Storytelling Place today. More soon.


I visit MIllie's site regularly and enjoy it very much. Thank you.

I love Millie!!! She always makes me smile!!!!

Millie has a zest for life that is enviable. She is one 'cool cat'.

Millie is great! Love her attitude! The last day of august I will enter the "octegenarian" family! Thanks for leading the way Millie.....

J. Durante's rendition of "Young at Heart" is wonderful....Now I must find the music so I can play it for my 100 yr old Mom!

You just made my day!!

You know I love sunflowers and there they were. Wonderful!

And then you put up that special Jimmy Durante video -
"Young at Heart." I'll be playing that every chance I get.

The words that Jimmy sang and the music were just perfect.

Thanks you so much!!!

Hi Ronni, I love Millie and I am so fortunate and Lucky that Millie,a special person is in my life!
We will be going out to dinner and what a way to start the day!WOW!!
She is young at heart and Jimmy Durante's song made me cry! That song " Young at Heart" is beautiful!

Again, Happy Birthday, Millie!! I hope you have many more years to allow us to celebrate with you.

Millie, you are a ray of sunshine to us all! Happy Birthday and a year of continued health and happiness.

Happy Day After Your Birthday, Millie! May you continue to enjoy the delightful thoughts and wishes of so many of us who are inspired by you!

Dear Millie - Happy 86th....mazel tov and abe gezundt. Your cup of coffee in Yiddish was so funny!!!

Happy birthday Millie, I second all of the above greetings too...Jimmy Durante endures, it was one of my parent's favorite tv shows when we got our tv in l954..they would be 98 this year, born only two weeks apart, died in their 40s, only few years apart too..glad to be at your party for first time...

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