Bear with Me Through This Bug

Re-Entry to Elderblogging

category_bug_journal2.gif Well, hi there. It's nice to be back among you.

On 7 September, I announced a 10-day withdrawal from blogging. I had no plans to travel, no urgent or time-consuming needs or desires, no house guests. Nothing, in fact, except a general sense of malaise and disinterest. Also, that I had become stale, repeating myself and struggling to find something to write each day.

Imagine! From the girl whose mother regularly said, “Ronni, let your little brother talk” - which hasn't changed much over the decades since then.

When I've taken time off in the past, I made arrangements for fresh material while I was gone – carefully chosen “reruns,” guest posts I solicited weeks in advance or new stories I wrote and saved to publish during my absence.

This time, however, it was on the spur of the moment. I just didn't want to write (or think or research) that day, nor did I want to do so the next day and the next. Some people call this burnout. Maybe so.

And how did I spend those ten days? Well, the house is cleaner than it has been since the day I moved in 15 months ago. I even crawled under the desk to dust all those computer cables and power strips.

I read a couple of books that had nothing to do with aging or politics (if you don't count a third, Michael Moore's latest which I'm halfway through). I watched a lot of old film noir from the 1930s and 1940s – a project I've been diddling with for a couple of years. (Many of them hold up remarkably well.)

(The next book on my agenda is Ron Suskind's Confidence Man. You can read a good overview of it here.)

Also, I put a good deal of effort into analyzing why this new way of eating I wrote about in my last post before the hiatus is working so well compared to recent past attempts to get my weight under control.

It's tempting, but I won't bore you with my conclusions.

What I will tell you, however, is that even though it will probably be another three or four months (total time equaling the better part of a year) until I reach an equilibrium, I feel fantastic. Lots more physical energy which now gets me up and moving without having to prod myself into it. There is almost a need to move and I can't sit as long without feeling restless.

Sometime in the past when we've discussed age-related waning of energy and stamina, I said that I needed to spread vacuuming over two days – the front of the house one day, the back the next. Now I'm doing it all in one go with ease which – another improvement - relieves that nagging in the back of one's mind: you really ought to (fill in the blank).

So if you have some extra poundage on you, I highly recommend getting rid of it. I know it's hard – though not so much now that I've been at it since April - I haven't felt this good in a long time.

During these past ten days, the economic and political news has been universally awful. I'll write about some of it in the coming days or weeks but today, let's stick to the single piece of good news.

It was announced last week that President Barack Obama has backed down from his support for changing the measure of inflation to the chained-CPI which would reduce cost-of-living increases to Social Security. When, today, he announces his suggestions to the super committee for reaching the $1.2 trillion deficit reduction, it will include no changes to Social Security. Hurray for an intelligent change in position.

I have asked you so many times to write the president and your representatives about this, you must be numb to it by now. But, apparently, those contacts have worked. Most commentators ascribe the change to response to Obama's base and to advocacy groups for elders. So congratulate yourselves.

Today, I'm asking you to contact the president again. Mostly we complain. So this time, let's thank him for this move. You can do that here.

My time off was energizing and now it's great to be back.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mort Reichek: When I Helped Count Fish in the Atlantic Ocean


Glad you're back. Do take breaks whenever you need to. I can't imagine doing what you do every day. Thanks so much.

Welcome home....and I will miss you. I'll read all your entries on our return. Yes too, G's lost 40 pounds not and I 20. We both feel vastly newer. :)

Hi Ronni; glad you are back. I always feel much more energetic when I can keep my BMI under 25 -- never easy.

I thanked the president; he does seem to be moving into campaign mode which will probably be better for those of us who need his best efforts.

You must be energized if you dusted under the desk!!!! Keep on keepin' on....

Welcome back. I know the feeling of burn out and I don't write a post every day like you do. I couldn't keep that pace up if my life depended on it.

For months I spent the entire day at the computer until it was time to fix dinner and watch the news. No more! There is a life beyond blogging and I am starting to live it.

Okay, Mama, you have convinced me. No more ice cream and cookies. I will lose 20 pounds and feel better. I am tired of getting up weary.

I will write the President, too. Praise gets more action than nagging.

Great blog post today. Welcome back. Dee

Welcome back, Ronni. My oh my, a full "bottoming out" clean, as they say in the north of England. I try to avoid it as I get disgusted with the cats' hairs and muck that lies in wait. The secret to ignoring it - dim lights!

Your time out seems to have been restorative. It's a good thing to do and you've obviously come back rarin' to go, having found your mojo. The weight loss plan is tempting if it has that effect, but winter is coming and those hearty soups and dumplings are irresistible!

Delighted your back. I missed your daily blog. I like the personal stuff, especially about weight loss.

You sound great Ronni. Sometimes a little spur-of-the-moment time off does wonders. Congrats on your progress in losing weight and feeling so much better...I'm making note of your helpful hints. Welcome back... ~Joy xo

It doesn't hurt to take a breather now and then. Feels good to come back powerful.

"It's your blog eh and

you'll pause if you want to.."

Good to see you back in action!

I'd say don't worry too much about hitting a plateau in weight loss. I've hit at least four plateus (plateux?) since I started the battle in 2005.

Today, I measure my progress by how much weight I have lost since my lifetime heaviest weight: I now have 58 lbs less under my belt than in 2005.

Thus I always have a positive goal to strive for.

Glad you got recharged. You certainly are a high-powered person!

It's good to take a break now and then where a person feels they control the blog not vice versa.

Welcome Back Dear Ronni!!!
Though I missed you so much, I am glad that you took some well deserved time for R&R. I have too, been in a dry spell for awhile....I look forward to begin my techno day with TGB & ESP. So nice to have you back!!

I, for one, would be delighted to know why you think this new way of eating is working this time.

So pleased for you that your dietary changes are paying off! When we were younger, we might have made changes for appearances sake; now, the real benefit is in energy and well-being. And, at these ages, we see changes in those subjective states very quickly.

I will take your advice and thank the President. I believe this is a man who benefits from positive feedback...just like the rest of us.

Please bore me with your conclusions. Actually you wouldn't be boring me. I find it very interesting and have been making a conscious effort to eat more veges rather than filling up on pasta and rice.

I'm glad you feel energised.

Glad you're back and feeling renewed. I will pass along my thanks, encouraging him to keep it up I hope.

Please share your eating habits and how you are losing weight. I should follow you!

Now my days will get off to a better start! Welcome back, Ronni.

I was in the Eye hospital most of the morning having a cataract removed ("Better to read you with,My Dear") and spent the afternoon recovering, so here I am at 11:30 P.M. telling you that you were sorely missed....and we are delighted to have you back.

Welcome back! It's always good to 'get away', I say. Good for the perspective. Good for the soul.

I hit a similar wall when I was doing my big daily blog. After a couple of years, it started feeling like a chore. I mean, I loved it AND it got boring. Now I just do a little blog and I do it whenever I feel like it. Ah, the luxury of it! :)

Do whatever you WANT, Ronni. We're with you.

This time, however, it was on the spur of the moment. I just didn't want to write (or think or research) that day, nor did I want to do so the next day and the next. Some people call this burnout."

Been there. Understand completely. The brain needs a little quite time to regroup and focus.

Congrats Ronnie for taking good care of yourself. I used to do a newsletter to friends and acquaintances for several years. I finally hit the "burn out" on research, writing and trying to figure out what to write about. I decided to take a hiatus and try blogging or facebook. Well, it has been over a year and I don't miss it though I know my readers do. I commend you to getting back on the horse and providing your readers with much needed and welcoming information. I look forward to your insight and info.

Been thinking on this Ronni and wonder if you have ever considered blogging every other day while continuing to delegate posting on the weekend as it currently stands?

Perhaps even blog only 3 times a week. It's tough doing this almost everyday, year in and year out. I realize there perhaps was at one time (maybe even still) a drive within you to be consistent because you are a well-recognized blog, by your peers and your mentors.

But I think you have recognized something in this post that we all feel - that this routine, any routine, can be a drag on you. We need and always have needed some downtime for ourselves to refresh.

So, you have my permission to ease up on your commitment to this blog if that is what is in the inner recesses of your being, and blog when you damn well feel like it,

Just a thought.

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