Uncertainty in Old Age
INTERESTING STUFF: 22 October 2010

Aging as an Extreme Sport

Although I have never met him, one of my favorite people in the “aging business” (if you will) is Joe Coughlin. He is the founder and director of the MIT AgeLab in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I've mentioned the AgeLab from time to time particularly in regard to AGNES, the aging suit the AgeLab invented to help young designers understand the physical needs of elders. The AgeLab is a place, as is explained on their website, that

”...was created in 1999 to invent new ideas and creatively translate technologies into practical solutions that improve people’s health and enable them to 'do things' throughout the lifespan.”

Besides running the AgeLab, Coughlin spends a great deal of time evangelizing for elder innovation on the smart theory that if it works well for old people it undoubtedly helps young ones too - and his enthusiasm always energizes me.

I'm taking a day off from blogging so in my place, here is a 12-minute TED talk from Joe Coughlin about aging as an extreme sport. I hope you will take the time to watch it. You won't be sorry.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Barbara Sloan: Bionic Geriatrics – The Brave Old Age


He's such a winner.

An interesting refresher.

An aside: I noticed his watch, mostly because it's red, but also because hardly anyone wears a watch anymore.

I have a friend who is a retired architect. He volunteered on the city planning commission. He eventually resigned in disgust because he was trying to get an ordinance passed that would require builders to make new houses wheel chair accessible (Wider doors and a ramp)and to install grab bars in the bathrooms.

The Home Builders Association fought the requirements and defeated the ordinance. Their reason? Home buyers wouldn't pay the extra $200 or so that would be tacked onto the cost of the house.

Good ideas are just that unless pressure is brought to bear on the law makers to make them a reality.

I saw Agnes on TV and it looked so uncomfortable. No matter than I already AM Agnes.

The series about the tribe from PNG is fascinating. I'm somewhat surprised they adapted so well. I imagine there was a lot of explaining off camera. I've been there, and found it just as overwhelming and unfathomable as I think they must have found London.

Fantastic inspirational

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