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A Day Off to Celebrate

category_bug_politics.gif Actually, I just need a break for a day. But because I'm writing this on Wednesday, we could call it a celebration of the Tuesday election results.

Just when you thought the nation was doomed to a future of a right-wing freak show running things, voters said otherwise.

Mississippi rejected the propoal to define personhood as beginning at fertilization.

Maine voters retained same-day voter registration.

Ohio defeated Governor John Kasich's anti-labor union law by a resounding 69-31 percent.

Kentucky Democratic Governor Steve Beshear cruised to a second term victory by more than 20 points.

Democrats held onto the state senate in Iowa which means the marriage equality is safe there for the time being.

And more. It was a good day for sanity. But a year is a long, long time in American politics. Anything can happen before next year's presidential election.

Meanwhile, these Tuesday wins were not accidental. Thousands of people like you and me worked hard to convince voters of their position and to get them to the polls. They should all be congratulated.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Joanne Zimmermann: Skin Show



And I believe Ohio voters turned out in record numbers.........of course it was a beautiful day as well. I'm taking the day off too:)Dee

See, you didn't take a day off after all. :)

I understand. The victory here in Ohio is sweet but it's not over. We the People won this round here in Ohio and I am proud to have helped but we can't stop. The forces of evil are still in power and God knows they won't give up easily. We have to remain vigilant and make sure that the idiots don't pull another assault on our liberty.

Good here too even in conservative farm country. We replaced two long-entrenched Republican city council members with two Dems with histories of serving the people who actually live here. I have my hopes up.

And Republican per se Governor of Arizona (not really, Jan Brewer is, but she lets him boss her around!) Russell Pearce - author of the anti-immigration bill 1070 - was RECALLED by the voters in his district! Whoo hoo! Greg Stanton, a Dem, was elected Mayor of Phoenix, too.

Thanks,Kathleen, for adding the big victory in our state. If we can get rid of Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio Arizona might once more be considered a state where sanity lives.

Hope lives!!!

Thank you, Ronni. Thanks to all of you. Most sincerely.

More good news from the Senate. They voted down Rand Paul's Dirty Air Assault, S.J. Res 27, in a vote of 56 to 41!

This bill would use the Congressional Review Act to invalidate EPA's new Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), and prevent EPA from ever issuing a substantially similar rule to limit air pollution that crosses from one state to another.

Score another for the good guys.

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