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Boney Butt Syndrome

Such an education you all gave Crabby Old Lady on Monday about panties – um, in deference to Lee who finds that word “creepy,” Crabby will stick with “underwear” today.

The older she gets, the more strongly Crabby believes/knows there isn't much new or different in human behavior and most certainly, there is nothing she does that others would find odd. Nevertheless, she was surprised to read how many of you too own dozens of pairs of undies. Although it works for us, it does seem excessive, don't you think.

Also, Crabby was amazed to read how neat and tidy Darlene Costner is about storing her clean underwear:

”When I put them away after laundering, I put the new stack under the old so they all get the same amount of wear.”

Some years ago, Crabby finally figured out that underwear doesn't wrinkle and anyway, who is to see if it does. So she gave up folding them, now just dumps all the undies into a basket she keeps on a shelf in the closet and pulls out a clean pair each morning from the scrambled mess.

Elizabeth Rogers noted an advantage to the brand of undies she buys [emphasis added]:

“Terrific fit and feel and as they claim, no panty line.

In the parlance of technology, women have always considered panty lines a bug and to the extent that we could tolerate pantihose, we were/are happy that they eliminate panty lines. But it could be that we have been misled and they are, instead, a feature.

For a number of years a long while ago, Crabby dated a wonderful man who had a delightful sense of humor about sexual attraction in all its guises and possibilities for fun.

To him, panty lines were sexy and he despised pantihose for removing an innocent, small pleasure he could indulge just walking about the neighborhood on his daily or weekly errands. Crabby has often wondered if other men feel that way.

But that's not why she came here today. Crabby wants to talk about her newly boney butt.

Well, it's not really boney – she hasn't lost that much weight, but that phrase is the best way she can describe the problem succinctly: that Crabby Old Lady can no longer sit for any length of time without her bottom aching.

Soft chairs or hard, with and without cushions or pillows, even reading in bed – after 20 or 30 minutes, the ache is so painful that Crabby needs to get up and walk around for awhile.

As noted last February in a post titled, What Happened to My Butt,

”But I still have to ask, what happened to my cute keister? It's not exactly flat now but there is no shape. I know this because – only for the purpose of this blog post, you understand - I checked it in an angled mirror.”

Having then only just begun her 2012 diet, Crabby had yet to lose any discernible amount of weight and had no trouble sitting for as long as she wanted. But that's no longer so.

It took only a short tour around the web via Google to find that this may not be just a minor manifestation of aging that we can get silly about. Crabby's boney butt pain is probably due to loss of muscle mass which is common in elders.

According to the experts, this results in weakness and fatigue, loss of strength, contributes to poor balance, slower gait, falling and reduced ability to carry out activities of daily living – among other difficulties in a long list. In other words, it is not to be laughed off.

What prevents all these problems is strength training. Oh dear. Now Crabby must consider how to work that into her schedule and all she really wanted to do today was bitch a little and have some fun with an issue she thought was only a mild irritant.


At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Ralph Lymburner: The Circus is Coming


Find hills to walk up. That'll do it. I wondered why my but was flat, and that's what my doc said.

I was going to say what Mage said. Since you already like to take walks, this should be easy. Building lean muscle in glutes and quads is imperative as we age so we are less likely to tip over and break.

Do lunges. I'm told they will help a flabby butt.

Now I can tell my wife that I'm not the only person in the world who believes keeping underwear unfolded in a basket is OK.

Oh dear; I gave myself away on neatness. I am anal retentive. Sigh!

A flabby butt is definitely not my problem. I am well padded, but I still find sitting too long causes pain. Now you taught me why. No muscle mass anyplace. ;-)

Darn! Now there's something else to think about. Think I'll just make do with my bony butt! So I'm old & getting older! Big deal! :)Dee

I noticed a difference in the shape of my derriere a few years ago-- not flat as I have too much padding for that but not rounded like a younger woman's would be. I began this summer regularly using my NordicTrack and it's made a difference. I never had the problem though with pain in sitting as I don't like to sit a long period of time. I sit, do some typing, get up do something else, come back and read, get up and pick up something or just move around. Even sitting in a chair or on the sofa, I shift positions a lot, changing where my legs are, whether I am sliding down or sitting upright because I like the feel of doing it better than staying in the same position. A really good computer chair is a good investment also.

I was so sick a few days ago, I dumped my undies and socks in the drawer without folding. Guess what, I can find what I need after all. As for strength training. I am getting this message from everywhere. Good luck with your new workout.

I've always had a flat butt and to this day can't find a pair of pants to fit me properly.

There was a time I was considering a special undergarment that's like a padded pair of panties that would give me a rounded bottom. Never did try it.

I'm sure the "stars" who are lacking in that department wear it to get the curves they don't have. ;-)

Oh, boy, is my butt bony! Combine that with sciatica and it hurts to sit in a bathtub and forget about hard wooden seats. I have a car cushion with a handle (Bed, Bath and Beyond) that I carry in to all restaurants and events unless I am certain they have plush soft seating.

I have that thing where, if I've been sitting a while, it is painful to get up and take the first couple of steps. I think I have bursitis, coupled with arthritis, with some old age back pain thrown in for good measure. I watch other old people, and I see many who have the same tell-tale grimace and slow start after rising.

But at least I've avoided the dreaded bony-butt syndrome! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

"...after 20 or 30 minutes, the ache is so painful that Crabby needs to get up and walk around for awhile."

This is a blessing (you just never appreciated the GRAVITY of the matter before ;-) because now you MUST take a break from the screen/keyboard every so often -- just as the ergonimicists always recommend!

I say, consider it an OPPORTUNITY to go for a lot of short strolls - or to walk in circles like my hungry cats.

Good topic, but I gotta go now and follow my cats for awhile.


At Post-time, what does it indicate when I see the error "We're sorry, we cannot accept this data."

Do squats while you're waiting for the coffee to boil - stand in front of the counter, rest hands lightly for balance, and bend those knees, aiming for a 90degree angle of thigh to floor. Use your glutes to move your body. You can do hundreds a day and get stronger while you are waiting for elevators or microwaving a piece of pie :)

Ashleigh's right about the squats, and they'll make your knees stronger too. And they'll improve your sense of balance. Very good exercise and easy to work into your life as she says.

It's always something more that we're "supposed" to be doing to prevent--whatever! Maybe once I'm fully retired, willingly or forcibly due to my state's drastic budget cuts, I can fit in all the stuff I'm "supposed" to do now that I'm old-er.

As far as bony-butt syndrome is concerned, at 5'2" and 97 lbs., it's something I've coped with for quite a while. Like other responders, I get up and walk about when I'm doing sit-down work. As far as appearance, tunics and long sweaters are good camo.

I've been experiencing symptoms of the bony butt for a good while now. I've resorted to using a rubber donut thingy, which helps but even then, sitting here in front of this monitor for too long a stretch means I will have a difficult time getting up and moving at first. Really, getting old usually is a pain in the butt.

Ah! An excuse to stay chubby--"I'm avoiding boney butt, you know..." :)

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