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Elder Women and Underpants

Last week, there was good number of comments on the post responding to Jackie's question about brassieres with a lot of good suggestions for readers who are dissatisfied with what they are wearing to hold up their boobies.

Online and in a couple of emails, there were requests for a similar discussion about underpants and like brassieres, I am at unqualified to lead such a conversation. Let me explain.

During the last three years of my working life, I commuted every day from Manhattan to Stamford, Connecticut – a round trip of about four-and-a-half hours. That left me time during the week for nothing except travel, work and sleep.

Weekends were for catching up with the necessities of life – laundry, housecleaning, food shopping, perhaps cooking ahead so I had meals I could easily heat during the week before falling into bed to be rested enough when the alarm sounded at 4:30AM.

That pretty much described my entire life for those years. The only time left for personal shopping was on my return to Manhattan in the evenings and because I had, by then, been awake for 15 hours, I didn't stray far from the shops in Grand Central Station.

The only place to buy underpants at the Station was Rite-Aid and over those three years, I bought several dozen pairs of plain, cotton panties. Not high-cut, not hip huggers, not lace-y, not silky, not anything except white or black panties. I just wanted to get home as soon as possible, so anything beyond practicality and quick purchase was not on my agenda.

I'm guessing that before I began tossing the ones that have become worn and ragged in the past few years, I owned 30 or 40 pairs. I bought so many because some weekends I was too exhausted to do the laundry.

Sometimes, I was too tired to do the laundry for two weekends in a row. I'm pretty sure it must have been three weekends in a row on occasion. And one does need clean undies every day.

One of the cool things about owning a lot of any one kind of clothing item is that you wear each one so few times that they hardly ever wear out (this worked well for me with shoes for many years too) and only recently is my pantie supply low enough that it will soon be time to shop again.

If I ever had preferences about panties, I have long forgotten what they were and I haven't found any problems with the ones I own. So I am turning over this discussion to you. Here is what one reader, Martel, asked:

”I would like to know if there is some source of well-made 'granny drawers' I am unaware of. I am looking for cotton, boy legs with no elastic, and (please god) enough of a rise for the top to be at my waist without the bottom riding up my crack. The ones I'm wearing now are so thin and poor quality.”

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The way you lived those last years of work is very much like the way I live every time I work a political campaign. I know what it is to be too tired to do the laundry.

For underwear, I favor voluminous supplies of cheap cotton ones from Target and Costco. :-)

K-Mart has a snug, but very comfortable panty that is a tad expensive, but lasts for a good long while. They only come in white cotton with plenty of room altho' because they do shrink, I buy the large or X-large.
For Martel, the panties you describe, I've seen in catalogs from the Vermont General store (awhile ago)& from Blair. Dee

The panties from K-Mart are Hanes. Dee

I've been wearing Lollipop panties, cuff leg, 100% cotton panties for years.

They never wear out and do not shrink.

Distributed by Vanity Fair Brands.

Model number I buy is 15-867.
They are on the expensive side but are well worth the money.

I've been buying my socks from Walgreens but I also noticed they sell undies. You might check them out as they are so convenient.

Whopee ... I love the topics you come up with. Can't get input like this anywhere else!

My Mom taught me to wear all cotton underwear as I have very sensitive skin, mild eczema, etc. Have stuck with those (along with cotton bras and cotton socks) all my life. Get mine at Wal-Mart by the 6-pack.

I must have 2 dozen "panties" all of the cotton comparatively inexpensive type. I choose "french cut" and I am embarassed to say I favor that style cause of the more youthful look versus comfort though they are OK for comfort. I wear panties to bed and I notice lately that when I turn over the panties don't qite make the turn with me and I then must disengage them from butt parts. Funny topic - not so serious!

Opps. Not a guy's topic, but we have similar issues. Of course, we don't call them "panties" but similar issues nonetheless. I'll say this, having plenty them to last through the wash cycles is a universal need :). I'll exit stage left (or right?) on this one.....and say carry on ladies.

The six-pack kind, Walmart, nylon w/ cotton crotch serve me well. They come in pastels. Neve could wear those high-cut numbers, or the minimalist types. Ick on the ride-up kind, front or back! And yes, where else online (or off) can we have such a useful discussion!?

Panties have never been a big thing in my life (until recently). I have always worn the most comfortable kind I could find. These days they are all cotton. I agree, one should have many pairs of panties.

I also buy my panties by the 6 pack. I get the high-cut because they are much more comfortable for me. Hanes and Fruit of the Loom are both sold that way.

When I put them away after laundering I put the new stack under the old so they all get the same amount of wear. One problem with that is, while they all wear longer they also all wear out about the same time.

Great discussion! I wear Jockey hipsters in a silky nylon material. Terrific fit and feel, and as they claim, "no panty line". They wear a long time which is a good thing because they're almost $10/ea. I've tried other brands but always end up going back.

"Panties" is a creepy word. In the spirit of adopting "elders" as a proper term of reference, I'd like to nominate "underwear" as a permanent sub for "panties," which sounds to me infantile or worse.

Because you always seem to close the barn door after the horse is gone, I have a very deep bench in the panties department.

If they ever start a TV show called "Panty Hoarder" they should look me up.

I,too,used to work like you did,Ronni. Always on the go,night and day on the job.
Even Mondays, which was the day you were supposed to be washing your panties.

So, one day I was getting ready for work and when I opened my panty drawer, the cupboard was EMPTY. No panties! I was desperate because I HAD to get to work so I went to my husband's drawer and wore a pair of his jockey shorts.

I was so uncomfortable all day that I swore it would never happen again and I went to the store and bought a dozen 6 packs of Hanes cotton panties.That's 72 pairs.

I can now live to be 100 and never run out of panties again...

Nancy, I, too, once wore a pair of my then-husband's underwear due to running out of mine. That was decades ago, and I've made sure never to have to do THAT again!

For me, it's Hanes white cotton briefs in packs of six, enough to last about a week wearing one pair during the day and one at night.

Never could get used to nylon undies. Too slippery.

Hanes cotton from K-Mart, I do get the high cut 'cause the other cut binds in the legs. Must have enough for a month, also a left over from my working days. Do have a few nylon ones because you can wash them in the sink while traveling and expect them to dry by morning. I like loud colors but under jeans and my ubiquitous black pants no one will ever know.

Martel, try the Vermont Country Store.

Cannot attest to this particular panty, but it sounds like what you're looking for, Martel. I have purchased from this site and had prompt service. http://www.herroom.com/bali-a324-full-cut-fit-cotton-panties-3-pack.shtml

Jockey (although pricier) also has nice choices, and if you're lucky enough to be near an outlet store, you can get some pretty good bargains there.

I get the same variety - beige Marks & Spencer undies. They're not bikini style and they're not huge - Comfortable and don't go up my bum and will last for YEARS.

Nothing bad will ever happen to you if you wear your panties for more than one day. I know. Trust me. You can just turn them inside out on day two. This was not the case, of course, when I was young. Consider it another perk of aging.

If you're looking for a longer leg, these are on sale but you have to buy a package of 6. I used to get them for my mom, and they don't shrink.

A long-ago memory was dredged up by the comments--I NEVER otherwise would have remembered that I once wore a pair of my husband's jockey shorts, because I was hugely pregnant and they fit under the bulge better than mine did! Maybe more than once, but who remembers?

When I joined the convent in 1964, I was shocked to find out that many of the older nuns wore some sort of French/Canadian underwear that started out flat with a few holes in them and had ties around the waist. They were all cotton and could be ironed, which is how i saw them for the first time. They must have been pretty "breezy" and certainly did not look very comfortable!

Husband had 46 pairs of briefs when I married him; he'd raised not doing laundry to a fine art. Daughter has a panty obsession - dozens of thongs all of which fit in two hands. They've always looked like torture devices to me.

I've moved to wick-away hiking underwear; pricey but they never get sweaty.

Only YOU would host this conversation, Ronni! Thanks!

Hi Kathleen,

When I was a kid we always wondered what the Sisters wore for underwear but we could never find out because they did not hang their undies on the clothes line like everybody else did.

They kept a beautiful lawn so that they could lay their Unmentionables on the grass to dry and nobody could look through their fence at the convent and see their panties and bras. I never did see their undies although all of us kids tried ...

There are some cotton boy-leg, high rise "briefs" for ladies here:

A bit pricey but my experience is you get what you pay for. The packet of two for $10.00 have short lifespans. I like colors though I feel silly in bubble prints and neon stripes. Don't know why, it's not like I'm flashin' 'em! :D

The cotton panties that come in multiple packages are fine for every day and I like to own enough not to worry about time between washings. But I do have a bit of vanity and enjoy not only color by the silkiness of synthetics to wear under dressy clothes for dressy occasions. I watch for department store sales and search for an "adult" style -- which isn't easy to find among the thongs, hip huggers and other youthful sexy little almost nothings.

These might be what you are looking for--from OneHanesPlace for $11.99 a six pack: http://www.onehanesplace.com/outlet/panties/hanes-panties/hanes-womens-no-ride-up-100%25-cotton-brief-6-pack

@ Ashley burroughs - where do you get these? "wick-away hiking underwear"

Wonderful discussion! And it looks like all the good stuff is "over there" and not here. I have to make a trip to Gibraltar for the 6 pack cotton, comfy passion killers.

I kept reading about "Spanx" at Marks & Spencer and was appaled that they're like going back to the torturous girdle...no thanks.

I LOVE these discussions - like isn't just about political issues and disasters - it's also about what's in the pantry and what's in the underwear drawer. When I was working I was like Roni - a 70 hour week left little time and energy for much else. I had a huge laundry basket of clean underwear so I could do a month without having to wash the panties. Some of the are finally wearing out so it's good to have new sources for undies that are made of cotton and won't fall apart the first time you wash them.

Huh. I missed the memo about having to the laundry every week. I never thought that was part of the single-gal's code, nor even when partnered up.

Perhaps my laissez-faire approach to laundry is why my men folk did laundry more often than I.

Have always had lots of undies on hand to fill this laundry gap.

I believe Hanes makes cotton ones in several styles.

I have found that walmart`s has sales often for either Hanes her way, Fruit of the loom, of JMS and they come in 6 packs. So when I see them on sale I buy as many packages as i can.
i am now a pantie hoarder lol.
I love the cotton ones best and don`t give a darn at my age if panty lines show. At least everyone will know I have panties on. :)

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