Happy Thanksgiving Day 2011
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Post-Thanksgiving Stuff

category_bug_journal2.gif Not to stretch out this holiday for days and days – oh, right; I just did.

Well, here's a holiday surprise. I woke at my usual hour yesterday, 5:30AM. Fed the cat, started the water for coffee, booted the computer and, because it was Thanksgiving, turned on the little, desk TV to be ready for the Macy's parade that would start at 6AM – 9AM eastern.

Did I miss something last year? Who thought it was a good idea to delay the west coast broadcast until 9AM my time? A recording after the parade is long finished. Isn't part of the fun being there, even via TV, as it's happening?

And when, three hours later, it finally began in my location, nobody at NBC thought to change the first voice-over at the top of the hour that announced, “LIVE from New York City...”

Bah! My first humbug of the season.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the marching bands – I always do – and some of the production numbers from Broadway shows I'll never see. But how had I not noticed before how many commercial balloons there are: The Pillsbury doughboy, the Aflac duck and others.

The rest of my day was as warm and comfy as it should be. The food and company were good, the fire was cozy and all was well. I hope the same was true for your day.

Today is kitchen cleanup and this afternoon, I'm going to the movies - J. Edgar is at my little, local theater.

This is a good time to thank you for being so generous with your compliments about this blog. Hardly a day goes by without a comment or email telling me how much you enjoy it. And it's always a bit of a shock – a good one – to hear that TGB is among the first things some of you do each day.

It's about eight years since I started this and there is not a chance I would have lasted this long without your comments, emails, suggestions, questions, arguments, discussions and all the rest you contribute. I look forward to it every day and because of you, this blog is what centers me and gives focus to life.

There is no way I can express how much I appreciate you. Thank you all so much.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Nancy Leitz: Now You Tell Me!


Lump in throat. Tears in eyes. Ronni, your closing paragraphs triggered this, my gut response.

Your blog reflects you, Ronni. The clear insights and straight-from-the-shoulder opinions draw me back daily. I hope you never get bored with writing it.

I'm one who starts my day with TGB & coffee hoping you never run out of steam. :)So I"m thankful too. Dee

Naw....not you first. Coffee, meds, news, then you after I post my own blog. :) Have a great weekend.

If I could only read one blog, yours would be the one! I saw J Edgar Tuesday and enjoyed it very much.

I don't have time to visit many blogs now but yours is one I never miss. It's my morning 'fix'.

Thank you, Ronni, for always being there for us.

"J Edgar" is on my movie to-see list too.

Recovering from about 6-7 combined pounds of turkey, ham, gravy, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, cranberry sauce, rolls, Dr. Pepper Cake, Pumpkin Cobbler, Apple Pie, Pinot Grigio wine, an assortment of other snacks laid out on my counter prepared by my wife and sister-in-law and a good ending to the Cowboy/Miami game (though both offenses looked terrible overall)

I might not always comment, but I do not miss a day reading your blog.

Thank you!

It's all reciprocal, isn't it? I'm grateful it is!

Glad for you, let us know how you liked J Edgar please.

Thank you having this place for us to visit! It is a special experience.
I think this video says about it all ... the man's insights to enjoying one's life is so poignant and perfect, I wept all the way to the end.


Thank you for your blog over all the years. Thanksgiving sounds a wonderful festival. All the fun without the fuss. I love the sound of the Macey Parade.

Thanks to you for all the time, effort and energy you put in to this blog. You never fail to brighten my day!

I rarely comment, but always read. My son and I went to J. Edgar on Thanksgiving Day in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Right back atcha, Ronni. Getting--and looking--older isn't my idea of fun and games but as my ever-practical spouse reminds me, "it beats the alternative". As usual, he's absolutely correct. Keep on writing, Ronni. Love your blog!

Thank you to you too Ronni. I suspect this blog will only get better.

Another thank you from me. And I know there will be many more.

Aren't you nice to say such things!
Well, we are all so glad you're here and good for the long haul.
Blessings upon you.
Our Thanksgiving gathering was lovely and fun and hectic. Well, with 10 of the 11 grandchildren running about how could it not? And the 2 yr. old never did manage to "free" the little fish swimming in its little bowl! Lots of leaping up and lunging.

Thanks Ronnie for your blog. It is the only one I follow daily. It is like a beacon guiding us into unchartered waters.

Thank you, Ronni, for your daily comments, for Saturday's "Interesting Stuff," and for music on Sundays with Peter Tibbles.

8 years! Congrats. (from someone who just made his 1 yr. anniversary).

I wasn't gonna go see J. Edgar b/c it didn't score too well on Rotten Tomatoes (and I usually find their assessment pretty well on target). But it DOES seem like an interesting topic, so maybe I will ...

We all appreciate you too, Ronni!

I'm a very new reader, Ronni, but I became an immediate subscriber because we're close in age, because you live in a part of the country that is dear to my heart, and because your posts usually parallel my interests and thinking (or give me reason to reassess that thinking). I'd guess that we readers ought to be thanking you for your faithful efforts. I plan to keep reading as long as you keep writing; it's fun and it's usually enlightening. Thanks!

" Thank you, Ronni♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ for your wonderful outlook and viewpoints¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♥ ♥♥..." Let's see, it's get up at 6:00, let the Westie, Mary, outside, put the coffee on, boot up the computer, take the shower, check out TIME GOES BY....Always interesting and thought provoking....something to look forward to every day. thank you again.

Ditto for everything previously said. I couldn't say it better.

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