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INTERESTING STUFF – 10 December 2011

Through the ages, literally, from infancy to old. That's all, just laughs.

(LAUGHS! from Everynone on Vimeo.

Well, fashion east London style, but it's similar to the U.S. too. Great, well-done video.

One of the first bloggers I met online many years ago was elder marketing guru, David B. Wolfe of Ageless Marketing.

David Wolfe It wasn't that I am so interested in advertising or marketing in and of itself, but David was an important thought leader in his field who understood how our minds, behavior and worldviews change as we age, and he worked to impress this on marketers. What that means for you and me is that sometimes, maybe more frequently thanks to David, advertising is not quite as insulting to elders as it can be.

David deeply understood the importance of storytelling to the human condition. He was a big supporter of The Elder Storytelling Place and contributed several stories in that blog's earliest years which you can read here.

David died on 3 December. You can find out more about David's life and influence from Brent Green at his Boomers blog.

Tee hee. Hat tip to Kathi of My Sister was a St. Bernard

Christmas House Decorations

Apparently, older workers are the cause of our nation's unemployment problem or, at least that's what some business people believe as TGB reader, Joe Erlich, pointed out when he sent the link to this story and this video.

I was amazed when I saw this photo of what is described at as not just the world's largest insect, called a giant weta, but the largest ever example of one.

Credit: Mark Moffett/Minden/Solent

Others were astonished (or, maybe like me, creeped out) enough to publish the story all over the web but New Zealand, where the big bug is native, took exception. The New Zealand Herald points out that it's quite common for wetapungas (full name) to eat carrots and this particular one isn't any larger than many.

Nevertheless, I'm glad they don't live in my vicinity.

After that gigantic bug, a cute antidote is in order.

Squirrel and ice cream

Last Monday, we had a good discussion about the terrible loss of freedom elders face when/if it becomes time to give up driving. Since then, I ran across a TED talk by Sebastian Thrun, one of the developers of Google's self-driving car.

The car has been successfully tested in cities, on highways and mountain roads, during daylight and night with no mistakes, no accidents.

Thrun makes a point about how many young lives can be saved (auto accidents are the number one cause of death for young people) with this car, but I think the usefulness for old drivers is equally important and would solve the problem many of you mentioned on Monday about being stuck far from public transportation.

I am eagerly awaiting production of this car with a price in an affordable range. Here's the video.

Many of Stephen Colbert's interview guests can't compete with his public persona. Most are good-natured about being the butt of his conservative jokes, but occasionally it is cringe-producing, seems a bit cruel and makes me uncomfortable.

Every now and then, however, someone you would never expect could do so takes on Colbert and wins. Such was true this week with David Hallberg, a dancer with both American Ballet Theater and the Bolshoi in Moscow.

It's wonderful and be sure to stick it out for Colbert's participation in the dance at the end. Hilarious.

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David Hallberg
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And not a single cute cat video this week...

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The driverless car report was incredible! Hope it's ready when I have to give up driving. I also loved the fashion history video. Very clever.

Laughs! Best medicine ... along with you! Thank you!

Oh, the laughs were delayed this morning, and just as I was going back to Postcards, they began. You should have seen the two of us looking about for the laughter that filled the room. Once I found the video had started we laughed right along with it.

Thank you thank you. :)

I was too busy to comment in the driving discussion but will chime in here. If the car that drives itself had been available, one woman might have lived out her life and another avoided horrible injuries. My mother, desperate to stay independent at 89, ran her car over them in a supermarket parking lot -- she probably had a small stroke. Mother subsequently fell into a depression from which she never recovered.

Mother wasn't irresponsible or demented. She was just determined to live out her days with as much dignity as possible.

I pray this thing exists when I get to this stage!

I am having trouble with my speakers so can't hear the videos, darn it. But the squirrel is cute and the insect is NOT.

Changing hem lines is what keeps the fashion industry in the chips. I don't like the grunge period and love really pretty clothing. I miss Edith Head's beautiful gowns. The video was clever.

David Hallberg is delightful. A self-driving car might be safer, but it still would be the driving it that I'd miss. I still love being out on the highway in my rig. And, I miss driving a stick shift but my "clutch" knee wouldn't do that anymore.

Wow. The laughs were amazing and very contagious! Also loved the Colbert dance segment. Credit where credit is due....he has introduced ballet to a new generation, and made it entertaining! Kudos to him and Hallberg as well.

LOVED the clothing video and Colbert has nice legs!! That bug? Stay away from me! lol

Ronni--As you well know, fashion is the farthest thing from my mind. But...what a clever video. How did they do that?!

Can't WAIT for that self-driving car! Cool!!

Thanks for the fashion 100seconds which I posted at my French blog. Brilliant.
Not sure I would be thrilled to come across a wetapunga... must say I am not fond of bugs in general, and that one doesn't look attractive at all. Too big for a bug. As for squirrels, I have seen them eat cigarette butts, so they'll eat anything!

Whoa, I hope never to see a bug that huge in my suburban Baltimore backyard!!!! The roaches I had in my olde Baltimore City apartment were bad enough to deal with!

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