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Isabelle Johnston - A One-Woman Show

category_bug_journal2.gif Did I ever tell you that my sister-in-law, Isa, is an artist – a sculptor and painter? Of course, I didn't because – well, what did I have to show you. But now I do. On Friday evening, I attended the reception for her one-woman show which opened last week in Portland, Oregon.

I laughed when I saw this “bowling ball” head of Keith Richards. It was right on schedule for me as I'm just finishing up reading the Rolling Stones guitarist's memoir, Life.


There are two other guests and me reflected in the glass which you can't think about too much without getting bogged down in an existential moment.

Here is Venus in two media...


Isa spent a number of years living in Afghanistan and in India which shows up in a lot of her work. When I stayed with her and my brother for a week last year while waiting for my furniture to be delivered to my new home, Isa was just beginning this one:


Here are women herders riding camels...


When I saw this one, I was transported back to my visit to The Alhambra in Granada years ago. Lots of similar architectural detail in the Moorish palaces there.


When Isa first moved here from Switzerland two-and-a-half years ago or so to marry my brother, they lived in Lake Oswego. I have forgotten the details, but when Isa researched some history of the town, she discovered something related to synchronized swimming and thus...


Cats figure large in Isa's work. This one, sitting on a lotus blossom, looks a bit like my Ollie with those spots.


Not to take anything away from the rest of Isa's work, this bronze cat has been my favorite since the first time I saw it.


This is only a small representation of Isa's show, titled From East to West. There is much more to see and if you live in the vicinity, you can drop by at the Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 S.W. Capitol Highway. It is open through 4 January 2012.


At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Joanne Zimmermann: FUNerals


Wow, what beautiful work! I am in awe of people who can create that kind of beauty with their hands. Hope the show is a big success.

Fun peek into Isa's creative life. I loved that bronze cat.

Interesting work and nice to see it after having met her a year ago at your blogger gathering. She is a daring artist and woman for coming to a new land for love. Thanks for sharing it all

Isa is very gifted and I wish her success in her new country.

She did Botticelli proud with her Venus.

Thank you for the "tasting". Wish I were on the same continent (and side of continent!) and could come see the show. Very impressive.

A very talented woman! Thank you for sharing with us.

Congratulations to your sister-in-law. What verve the show has. What a lot of work to put it together also. Bravo. Thank you for sharing her work with us.

Lively, beautiful work...reflecting the many facets of Isa's creative life!

Speaking of reflecting...I see
you (in the first frame) joining
the Life of Keith and Isa!
What gifts you share! Thank you!

Thanks for sharing with us. She's obviously very talented. Love the bronze

Those are works I would love to see. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Wow, there are two gifted and talented artists in your family--a painter/sculptor and a wordsmith! I love the bronze cat.

Very nice Ronni. I can see where you would be proud of your talented sister

This is one exhibit I would like to see. Thanks for showing photos

Oh I wish I lived closer, what an amazing artist and to work in so many mediums!

Well, well...what to say? quite a surprise...Thank you Ronni for attending the opening and sharing my work with your blogger friends. And so many nice comments, I am blushing. Thank you everyone, I am proud of my sister in law too. Quite a few gifted people in this family!

What a nice gift from my sister to my wife. Reading everyone’s glowing comments made seeing Isa’s work here the best part of this day. Thanks, Sis.

Thanks for the great art tour, Ronni..I enjoyed it. I am often in that neighborhood and I will try to go by and see the show in person. I love the variety and texture in Isa's work. :)

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