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category_bug_journal2.gif Still taking a break for another day. I'll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile, did you know that YouTube has a whole bunch of full-length movies to watch? For free? (There are others for a small fee.)

I'm probably way behind the curve on this and you've already discovered it. I found it just yesterday when I ran across a list at Buzzfeed of 74 Great Films You Can Watch on YouTube from someone named Dorsey Shaw.

Okay, most on the list appear to be movies only a young man – which is what Dorsey appears to be – could like. But scattered among them he has found some some terrific old noir films, a few great classics and some newer ones too – like Synecdoche New York with Philip Seymour Hoffman that's been on my to-see list for a long time.

That one will have to wait a little longer because I got delightfully sidetracked when, on Dorsey's list, up popped Fantasia which I had not seen in many decades. Now I have again. If you've got a couple of hours, you too can see it here.

Or check out the entire YouTube movie section.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Lyn Burnstine: A New World for It


One of the drawbacks to our dish for computing is the limitation on usage. it has the speed for streaming (and I hear it's everywhere in many ways like Amazon where you get it, one free book a month for the Kindle and two-day shipping on all orders for $80 with their Prime). I have to just want as doing anything like that would push me over my limit and onto slow speed. We really are thinking of looking into DSL that is finally available out here but we have a lot invested in the dish. Still that streaming would be very nice when the mood strikes and nothing is on cable (not to mention right now our cable is starting to glitch... is there something about electrical devices right now failing?)

Delightful. And too, I have found that the White House Christmas programs are on the web. I missed the latest one.

Yea, some old favorites are on this list. I am on the verge of cancelling cable TV, its PBS, and a couple of shows that keep me hanging on.

Great information. Now if I only had time to take advantage of it. Sigh!

Thanks! Haven't seen Fantasia since I was young -- Oh, so long ago.

Celia, PBS and CNNI are all that keep me on cable, too.

New discovery -- I can hook my laptop up to my new flat-screen TV and watch all these shows on the big screen now. Now, all I have to do is figure out how it's done ... yarghhhh !

I am continuously amazed at what can be found on the internet. My favorite, since I'm not much of a movie or TV watcher and never have been, is Pandora for listening to music. You can create your 'own' station by 'liking' or not liking various music they play. You type in your favorite musicians or genres of music and they play samples of them for you to choose from. Over the past few months I've tweaked mine to where my station plays all kinds of great music I like. And for a relatively small fee for a year there are no commercial interruptions. Just full-time streaming music. I especially enjoy it while I'm writing here, as I have always loved listening to music while I write.

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