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category_bug_journal2.gif Somehow Monday just disappeared without my getting around to writing a post for today. I guess I needed the time off and maybe I'll take tomorrow too. Well see; I don't know yet.

Meanwhile, I ran across this small item from one of our more intelligent actors. Julianne Moore, prepping for her role as Sarah Palin in the upcoming HBO miniseries, Game Change, has “read every single thing” she could, she says, and “watched every interview.”

A New York Daily News reporter asked Ms. Moore if, after all her homework, she has developed a new respect for the former vice presidential candidate.

”...the actress, 51, raised an eyebrow and sighed deeply. 'No,' she said quietly.”

Nicely done, Ms. Moore.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mollie Hazen: His Sweet and Cherished Life


Nice answer.

Hilarious. Thanks for sharing that little note. I'm also enjoying hearing what Newt's Republican colleagues think about him as potential President, after having had to endure his leadership as Speaker of the House.

Ms Moore is obviously a very bright woman -- with a simple answer to a simple question!

Thanks for this one. Now, go have a good day and take it easy. You've sure earned it.

When one word can say it all. He He!!!

Honesty is refreshing.

Couldn't be said better! I can't believe that this country--or parts of it anyway--is seriously considering NEWT GINGRICH as a Presidential candidate! Don't they remember what he was like as Speaker of the House? I'm not in the least religious, but I'm amazed that the Evangelical crowd seems entirely willing to overlook an ethical and moral track record that even I think leaves a lot to be desired. Although he says he's a "changed man", it's the rare person (absent a major life-altering event) who develops an entirely new persona in their 60s! Newt the Narcissist isn't one of them.


Newt knows that the Evangelicals are all about redemption and that is what he is playing to.

They will forgive all that he has done in the past if he atones for his sins and promises to CRUSH President Obama.

For all of their religious fervor,Evangelicals have no compassion or love in their hearts and want to see the President not just defeated but humiliated and destroyed..

Perfect answer.

hooky is fun! Thanks for the nice update on Ms a result her stock (with me) has gone UP

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