ELDER MUSIC: Christmas 2011
Week of Suspended Animation

The Day After Christmas 2011

Here it is at the end of Christmas Day and I didn't get around to writing a blog post for today, Monday. All I can say is thank god for you, readers, specifically right now, Cathy Johnson who sent the video below.

Yes, I know, Peter Tibbles gave us his definitive Christmas music post yesterday - and if due to your family festivities you missed it, do go there now). But this one, too, is good in a whole different way and it's a long time to wait until next year to show it to you.

This the Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat 5th Grade class from Quinhagak, Alaska (say that three times fast) and wait till you see what they have done with the Hallelujah Chorus.

Now wasn't that worth extending Christmas a little?

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Ralph Lymburner: Air Raid Warden


Yes, it was. Merry Christmas to you. :)

That was fantastic!

That was wonderful!!

Loved all the wonderful faces!

Loved it! Rest ye merry and fear not, for you can blog tomorrow.

OMG ! Loved it! Shared it. Even my Bah Humbug hubby watched it twice. Thanks Cathy and Ronni.

So glad Ronni was able to post this. I loved it and felt sure there were many others of you who would appreciate it, too.

Happy New Year!

- Cathy

Wonderful ... loved it!

Thank you. That was the best thing I've seen in a long time.

I loved the dogs leaping instead of Lords.

Absolutely fabulous!! Thanks

Yes, and it's even better later. I'm still laughing.

Yay! They are great! Loved this and will be posting it on my fb page.

Merry After Christmas!

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