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INTERESTING STUFF – 21 January 2012

Friday Fun – 20 January 2012

I'm taking a rest day from blogging and magically, as though he knew I needed some silliness and fun, TGB's own music guru, Peter Tibbles, forwarded what you see below which he had received from a friend in England, Lydia Everitt.

(Isn't it amazing how accustomed we have all become to stuff circling in the globe in seconds?)

You may have seen this before. Doesn't matter. It's still a load of fun.


Are you fed up with looking daily at your boring garage door?

Just stick a new decal on your door!

You should see the looks on the face of your neighbours!


Make an impression on your neighbors!

A German company, Style Your Garage, makes posters for your garage door. Prices vary from $199 to $399 for a double door! Everything included!





Remember, these are garage door posters.





Remember, these are garage door posters.






Remember, these are garage door posters.







And finally...


If I had a garage door, I would choose the New York City subway platform. Which would you choose?

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Magnificent! And it took me two minutes to realize we don't have a garage any more. I was so agog deciding my choice. Love them all but think the two with the hangers in the background don't seem as "real." (What am I saying?)

Hangars, hangars, hangars. Spell it three times and make it my own!

Oh, I'd take the NYC subway first, to remind me of a city we love to visit, and in our next life we live there..

then, the elephant. That one would fit in perfectly with all the tall grass around our house.

How about one big box of chocolates, or one with a hungry BEAR, rhino or wild pig?

Maybe a bunch of shoes.

Darth Vader.

Gotta go, I'm cracking up.

A delightful bit of whimsey. Thanks both of you. I'll go for door number one. Look at how clean that garage is. LOL

I have a garage that would suit! Maybe the horses.
Love this.

My favorite is the yellow dump truck .

Not only is it in a suburban garage ,which is already incredible, it is in there sideways.

I don't have a garage. All I have is an empty carport. But if I had one I would choose the wine cellar or the garage band.

Party time!!!

Marvellous! I re-posted it for my friends on Facebook.
What a pity we don't have a garage.

Makes me wish I had a garage.

Oh the classic Mercedes, hands down. One of my all time best fantasies! This may turn into a Friday thing......how about "whimsical Friday?" I have one I'll FWD. Dee :)

The first one, the sideways dump truck. Our townhouse ass'n would have a stroke if we put any of these up on our pristine, uniform white doors! Fun to think about, though.

What fun! I would have a hard time deciding, there are so many I like, but I think I would have to go with the elephant, as a reminder that sometimes you have to talk about the elephant in the room.

I'll take Manhattan thank you.

I would take the airplane - "where there is a will there is a way"!

Unfortunately for this purpose my garage door is not exposed to a street or alley way where one of these posters would grab someone's attention, but if that were not the case I think the stacked gold or dump truck parked perpendicular would turn some heads.

No garage at the Skupien homestead, but the dumptruck, impossibly positioned sideways. Thanks for a fun exercise!

I don't have a garage -- Miss Ruby parks on the street -- but if I did, I'd want the boat poster. I love boats!

What a great idea. Hard to choose which one ... but I think I'd go for the little "Red Baron" plane.

I checked out their website and found that they also have a wide selection of photo covers for inner doors.

The wine cellar, of course.

No garage here either, but if we could... I think I love the train best of all--with a spotlight to illuminate it in the dark of night! :)

I'll have to join you with Manhatten, Ronni. Though I've never been on a NY subway, the other photos make me feel claustophobic.

The wine cellar or the elephant!

I laughed!
I laughed even more with the commentor who almost forgot she doesn't have a garage.
You find the most amazing things!
I went to the site and love the garden doors. No weeding!

where can I order one?

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