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INTERESTING STUFF: 11 February 2012

Beer Delivery from the Post Office

category_bug_politics.gif That's just one of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' ideas to “save” the post office from draconian cuts that would, probably, destroy it.

Well, it would not need saving except that six years ago during the Bush administration, Republicans in Congress forced the U.S. Postal Service into unnecessary pre-funding of its' retiree health benefits that some say was deliberately done by Republicans so that the post office could be privatized.

I could detail all this to you, but I'm trying to take a day off from blogging and on Thursday evening on MSNBC, Ed Schultz did a pretty good job of it. So take a look at this video – Ed's explanation of the post office crisis and his guest, Bernie Sanders:

Here are some documents with further information that I would usually digest for you but don't have the time today:

Information on the Senate Bill from The Hill

Sanders' Explanation of Unnecessarily High Pension Reserves

American Postal Workers Union Statement to Members

U.S.P.S. Inspector General's Analysis of Proposal [pdf]

The Post Office is Not Broke from The Nation

As to those beer deliveries, Sanders said at a press conference on Monday that he wants a blue ribbon commission to give the Postal Service ideas about how it can substantially increase revenue by offering far more services than today.

"Let's be clear: these short-term accounting efforts will not solve the long-term financial problems facing the U.S. Postal Service,” said Sander. “In order to do that, the Postal Service needs to adopt an entirely new business model which makes it much more entrepreneurial, pro-business, and pro-consumer compared to where it is today.”

If the postal service cuts go through, many small and rural communities will lose their post offices altogether taking a terrible toll on small and home businesses.

This is a good thing to call your Congressional representatives about because many Republicans represent those rural communities so appear to be willing to join Sanders in stemming the cuts. As always, you can contact them via Open Congress and many other online locations.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Dani Ferguson Phillips: Bare Bottomed Betty


The problem is they want to turn it over to their corporate masters for profit just as they would education and everything else. There are some things that make us a United States and the post office is one of them. It's a shame we don't have more elected officials who understand that. Or maybe they do and the real plan is nefarious and despite our unwillingness to think in terms of plots, it's looking a lot like one as they go after one or another valuable services out there which help the middle have power. IF they get the post office by this scheme (and I also saw Ed), there will be something next.

The Republican mantra is , "Privatize, privatize, privatize everything." And then the government will be next and we will no longer get to vote.

We absolutely must use all of our people resources (blog, mail letters, talk to people, volunteer, join a protest march) before the next election and roundly defeat the Republicans. There is no other way to stop them from destroying our way of life.

(Apologies for getting off topic.)

It all started with George W. Bush, the privatization of the military, the grab for Social Security (thank God that never got to first base) schools etc. Now they're going for the Post Office. How much payoff from UPS and FedEx is behind this one? What will they try next? There isn't much left. Maybe privatizing the state universities and the police? Look out citizens, you'll soon have nothing left to lose but your a---s.

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