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Updates to the Elderblog List

I was shocked to find out that the last update to the Elderblog List had been done more than a year ago, January 2011. It is time consuming to do by hand – most of one day - and I'll need to figure out an easier way before next time.

However, the treat was that I visited every blog on the list which is way too long these days for me to do often and did some catching up on what you've all been doing.

Too bad that some bloggers have disappeared with no explanation. What's interesting is that the largest number of those had been sitting on the waiting list since I found them. So it is true, I believe, that a lot of people who start blogs do not realize how much dedication it takes to keep them up and soon drop out. That is the reason I wait until new blogs are at least three months old before adding them.

What stands out, however, is how many of us have been blogging for years and years and years – a lot of whom I haven't “spoken” to in a long time and was so glad to see you're still there doing terrific things on your blogs.

Five blogs have changed names and are now in their new places in the alphabetical list:

• 1 Woman's Vu is now Nikki Stern
• Autumn Cottage Diary has been renamed One Mindful Moment
• Fried Okra Productions became Claudia Snowden
• ImagineOmit is Just Ask Judy (again)
• Joe's Place has become Elmer's Place

There are a lot of new blogs or, rather, new to the Elderblogger List and for their first appearance, they get a shoutout below. I hope you will visit some of them today and welcome the newcomers.

The entire Elderblog list can be found here and there is always a link to it in the left sidebar. If you find any errors, bad links, etc., let me know in the comments below.

The Accidental Blogger
Aging Online
Aging, Parkinson's and Me
Aging Us
Annie Joy's Letters
Another Old Woman
Between Two Rivers BevO's BlogO
Bobba Caps Doxology
Celeste Bergin
Cruisin Over Sixty
Decrepit Old Fool
Dirty Laundry
Evelyn's Thoughts
Fat Man on a Keyboard
Frost Bottom Days
Gamboling Grace
Go Ask Alice...when she's 94
Help! Aging Parents
I've Been Mugged
The Jaundiced View
Jim's Journal
Journey into Elderhood
The Little Old Lady Stays Put
Live and Learn
MerrilyMarylee's Blog
Ms Graysea
A Nest on Feather Lane
The Next Stage
Passage des perles
Pied Type
Pilgrim's Moon
Post Work Savvy
Retired English Teacher
Retirement: A Full-Time Job
Rock the Silver
Rubye Jack
RWNorman's Beer, Food and Politics
Satisfying Retirement
Senior Contentment
Simple Not Easy
Six Decades and Counting
So Many Years
The Wild Hare
Wu Wei

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Linda Carmi: I'm a (Senior) Rockette


Thank you. Pleased to be on the list and looking forward to exploring lots of new content.

Thank you for adding my blog to your esteemed list. I am thrilled to be among so many wonderful fellow bloggers!

Wow! AS a newbie elderblogger I'm honored to be part of the "elderhood." I hope in three months I'll be added to your list.

I'm chiming in with thanks too. I'm very happy to see Go Ask Alice added to your list.

What a great group to be part of- thanks!

Thanks!!!! Some of these newbies are already on my blogroll!!!

I confess that I'm not as assiduous in posting as I once was but life and health issues have a way of intruding. As I'm typing here, I'm listening live streaming of the tragedy here in NE Ohio. Sigh. It struck very close to my heart.

Some really clever blog titles here. The names alone make them worth a read.

Welcome new bloggers.

That must have taken a very long time. I just read the five you put up each week -- I hope you deleted the ones that haven't had posts for many, many months. I'm not interested in a post from eight months ago. But I love reading the weekly ones -- of course, I know they're alphabetical but I probably wouldn't get to them otherwise. Thanks for all your work in both maintenance and in your daily posts.

Thanks for the info on Autumn Cottage Diarist but didn't get any notice of the changeover.

I stopped writing in my blog because I had to privatize it--my XDIL cyberstalks me & damned if I want her knowing any details of my life! I intend to start another blog, but just haven't managed to get to that yet. I'll let you know when it's up & running.

Hi Ronni, just went through the list of newbies and love the variety in the types of blogs and interests. Anyone who has a stereotypical view of older people would learn just how wrong they are by going through your Elderblog list.

(BTW- Two of your links do not work. The one to Little Old Lady Stays Put and the one to Manorisms.

Thanks for the catch, la peregrina on those two blog names. "Little Old Lady" has been fixed.

Manorisms is not broken but it appears to be when you land there because the banner at the top is broken. If you scroll down, there are blog posts.

I assume the owner will fix it as soon as they can. If not, I'll eventually remove the listing.

A very impressive list! I'd hoped when I "semi"-retired about 5 years ago that I'd have the time to start a blog of my own. (Whether I have the talent or persistence would remain to be seen!) However, my status has turned out to be more "semi" than "retired"--and so far I haven't had time to read many blogs, let alone write one!

Besides work, early last year I became a volunteer for a no-kill cat shelter. I'm assigned to one of about 25 offsite adoption centers in local pet stores. Some of you who volunteer may have found that unpaid service can be a little different from paid employment in that there's a "core" of several volunteers who make sure the work gets done, sometimes on short notice. Without this core, the system wouldn't work very well. I love cats and it's really rewarding when I can help them find new homes, so I'm good with the time commitment. My blog can wait.

I don't know how to address this, but I appreciate my blog, Roger Normans' Beer, Food and Politics being pointed out by Time Goes By.

I have been picked up by a number of blogs including Foreign Policy Magazine, and I'm glad to see some notice, but I have continued over the past year to fail in my health, so my blogs are actually getting farther and more distant apart.

Please feel free to browse my articles and you can find other work in the NYTimes Comments fairly frequently.

I look forward to reading what is said here as I have not become aware.

Thanks for adding me to your list of we're still with it and having fun list of bloggers! Marian

Hey! Where'd I go?:)


At 55, am I still too young? I read you avidly, in any case.

I have been blogging for six years. I have been reading your blog for about the same amount of time. In July, I'll be 50 . . .Just saying. ;-) I'm almost old enough to sit at the grown up table.

Thanks, Ronni, for putting me on the elderblog list! woooo hooooo!! I am going to be 62 this year and I am PROUD of my age. This is in no small part due largely to YOU!! You have the best blog and you are a born communicator. I feel lucky to have found you! :)

Thank you so much for including me on your elderblog list. I am honored!

Very happy to be on the list, thank you!

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