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Slow Internet Day

category_bug_journal2.gif It is late Monday morning as I write this and for hours now, I would have been better off with a Dixie cup and a string than the internet. Still would be. It has been taking up to ten minutes for each and every web page to load – if they ever load at all.

I could check around and see if it's the internet itself or my provider, but my teeth are already on edge and I just want get away from it all. Still, I want you have something here on Tuesday but it needs to be simple and easy to prepare.

Some time ago, our inimitable musicologist, Peter Tibbles, who writes the Sunday Elder Music column, sent me a whole batch of individual, uncategorized musical selections to use one-at-a-time on days when I have something better to do than research and/or write. This is one of those days.

They slipped my mind for a long time but today (Monday), in desperation to finish up the blog for Tuesday so I can get away from the becalmed web, I managed to recall Peter's kindness.

So here, from Peter, is a tune you might recall from you childhood: Dear Hearts and Gentle People from Bing Crosby. Pop music sure was different in those days.

♫ Bing Crosby - Dear Hearts And Gentle People

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Marcy Belson: Leisure Suits and Mini Skirts


I have always loved this song, but somehow I didn't think I had heard der Bingle's version before. (Is that even possible?) I tried to remember whose cover I associated most with the song, and I wound up over at YouTube, listening to Perry Como, Dinah Shore and Patti Page as well. I thoroughly enjoyed my little tour. Peter is a genius.

Memories!!!! That was one of the songs that my dad and the uncles used to sing after dinner accompanied on the piano by my Aunt Eileen.


Love it!! Haven't heard this song in decades. It was so familiar in group sing-alongs, (which also seem to have gone the way of the do-do bird). Five kids and two adults on a 700-mile drive across Kansas and Colorado did a lot of singing to pass the time.

I always considered Peter a Sunday Go-To Guy and now he comes up trumps again as a TUESDAY Go-To Guy.

Nice work, Peter. This is a song from my youth that I have always loved and have not heard for a long time.

You and Peter are dear hearts and gentle people. Thank you.

Feeling your frustration, and then your gratitude for Peter. I never heard this song, but it sure is sweet.

May the rest of the week go so much better (at least the Tues. GOP primaries news will be worth some guffaws, I suppose!).

P.S. Just noticed your new image in the header strip of photos. It is wonderful!!!

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