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How Dumb is Crabby Old Lady? Let Her Tell You

Late yesterday morning, Crabby Old Lady had half a blog post written for today. She stopped for lunch and then checked her email which nagged her about updating the program to a new version.

STUPID! IDIOT! MIGHT AS WELL HAVE BEEN DRUNK! As Crabby's hand, on autopilot, maneuvered her mouse pointer toward the update button, her brain clang-clang-clanged a warning too late to prevent her finger from clicking.

When the updated program reloaded, Crabby's calendar - the place where she keeps not only birthdays, appointments, comings and goings, etc., but daily (get that, daily reminders necessary to run Time Goes By smoothly) - was, GASP, gone.

DUNCE! DIMWIT! DOLT! The calendar is an add-on to the email program and Crabby perfectly well knows never to update until she is certain the add-ons have been updated too which years of experience have taught her can take a few days. Sheesh.

After several hours of failed attempts to retrieve her calendar - HER LIFE! - by reverting to the previous email/calendar version, Crabby walked away from the computer. Disgusted with her witlessness, she spent the evening with a bad movie and a good book.

About 40 minutes ago, armed with her first cup of coffee of the day, Crabby sat down at the computer. Oh. My. God. There on the screen was today's half-written blog post.

Crabby forgot not to click the update button AND she forgot to finish her blog post. Next stop: dementia ward.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Sydney Halet: Hope


IMO, you are in good company with the rest of your friends here at TGB:) Well, at least this one.......sorry about the glitch. I, for one, understand completely. :)Dee

But we'll all be there together so it'll be great fun!

How many times, how many of us, do something that we then can't undo and beat ourselves over the head about for hours!!! This fabulous technology certainly gives us the chance to boldly go where our grandparents had never we're the generation that's finding the machines work faster than our brains. A challenge, and we're up to it. You better believe many a pioneer in other venues were elders and their mistakes didn't get written into history, but we've all benefited from them.

One time, as I sat in a darkened movie theater munching my popcorn and surrounded by fellow moviegoers, I watched as the onscreen hero worked on an important document on his computer. He heard a mysterious noise outside, and started to rise from his computer to investigate.

Throughout the theater I heard people urgently mutter, "Save, save!"

Love this post. I am soooo afraid of updating. It always messes something up. I forget all the time though. Makes me feel like I am in good company. Miss you. Wishing you a good and mostly non dementia week :>)

I live in fear of this kind of thing and constantly save things onto my jump drive for that reason. That would not have helped though with the situation you faced. When I write a book, I save it under two names and then worry I'll goof and resave a different book losing the whole text of the first one. It has happened. The two names and jump drives have saved me.

Oh, you sound just like the rest of us. Last week my mouse moved of its own accord to the "Update Adobe Flash" just as it has countless times in the past. Poof...and all ability to do much of anything vanished. My computer came with Vista and an update to Windows & when it was released. Microsoft finally admitted that there was an error in the Win 7 overlay.

Win 7 has been fixed, but nothing much will update. Nope, not at all. You would think I would remember this. Nope.

So that same day I deleted the update. Now nothing would run. In desperation, I sent the computer back two days, and once again I'm here viewing your videos and reading your blog.

You are not alone. LOL

I just spent two days searching everywhere for a library book that I thought was lost. Turns out I returned it. Hmmmmm! It's not forgetfulness, it's too many things going on at the same time. I think our ability to multitask fades with the years and mine was never too good to start with.

Great story to make us all feel better!!! Misery loves company.
Michigan Grandma


I feel very sorry for you, so when we are both taken to the Dementia ward, I will give you the bed by the window.

That stuff happens to everybody and it cannot be attributed to age or dimentia. Sometime we just have brain blips. I have more blips when I am under stress. A break always helps.

Don't beat yourself up too much about this; everyone does it, regardless of age or cognitive strength. A highly intelligent friend of mine, many years ago, when we were still in our 30's with young children, called her episodes of this CBS - "cluttered brain syndrome". I think this applies even more today, and, in fact, that we are all terrifying ourselves with premonitions of life in the dementia ward simply because we do not take the time to relax and process mindfully. Maybe it's just too hard to be mindful with too full a mind.

No need to berate yourself,
Crabby Old Lady...You'll
forget more than others will
EVER know!

Sometimes the powers that be WILL save us from ourselves! :)

Good to know that you are human....

Ahh, the dementia ward, won't we have a good time, then do it all over again because we forgot ...

Been there, done that, refuse to wear the T-shirt. I forgot where I put it. My sympathies.

A good friend of mine calls these "brain farts." ;-)

Join the club, Ronni. I can't tell you how many times I have lost an entire blog due to some stupid click of my mouse. It has even happened when I write letters, too. I want to check on some fact and leave the page to do so without saving the e-mail and when I return my entire letter has gone missing.

Dear Ronni, you are not alone and are in good company.

Don't worry, we will meet there! I do stuff like that all the time.

Don't we forget more as we get older because with all our years of wisdom, our brains are packed so full that it's inevitable there's spillage over the top from time to time!

Been there; done that; shredded the T-shirt in frustration -- and sadly, will probably do it again. Sigh.

The computers of the world will unite one day, and we peons will be powerless to stop them. Until that day comes, they amuse themselves by introducing random lesser annoyances to test the peons' response capabilities.

Oh, how familiar that sounds. And not just with the computer. I walked outside this morning intending to return my rosemary, just watered, to its place on the fence, stood there for a moment wondering where in the world I had put it when I saw it on the fence where it belongs. I forgot I had already done that chore. Just don't let the youngsters in the family know. I will be in the same dementia ward.

Ouch. Well, my sympathies.

Crabby is way too hard on herself! Sorry about her troubles. I'd be happy to send her my birthday, once she's ready to get the calendar going again. ;)

i love to listen to both hours of the Diane Rehm show every morning. Yesterday, I just flat couldn't remember what had been on the first hour. I was wracking my brain trying to remember it had been and feeling really dumb that I couldn't even remember the previous hour. Then I realized, oh yes, this is the first hour...

Time for an adult beverage :)

Such things are par for the course for me these days Ronni.

as others have said, you are not alone. if that's any comfort, LOL.

Husband (71) and wife (66) side by side in comfy rockers with their morning coffee and respective laptops. Mutterings and blue language from husband. He clicked the "update" button without thinking. Now he can't do anything and is in the process of downloading, reinstalling, rebooting and swearing a good deal as he does so. As he said, "These are wonderful contraptions, if they don't drive you mad trying to take over and run themselves."

Ahh yes--that awful sinking feeling and knowing it's happened AGAIN. How impossible that seems and we swear never to let it happen again, until somehow it does. We're all in this together in computer world and it's good to know we're not alone in these crazy experiences.

The aging brain: Why getting older just might be awesome

I used to be so sure of myself..These days I'm not sure of myself at all and I hate it...
And I totally agree with MidoriB.

Well, not that you need it, but it looks like we are on the verge of having a PET image scan to detect dimentia before symtoms set in. I think they said it would cost a little or $3K. If not available right now, it seems to be nearly so.

Spell check: dementia. Sorry. I need the scan!

Horse Pucky, as my older Southern friend would say. We have all been guilty of that kind of thing ... old, young or otherwise!

Just take a deep breath and do what you did. Shut it down and walk away. There is absolutely nothing that you can't rectify one way or the other.

Keep up the great work. We all love you!

My son recently "upgraded" me to Windows 7, which doesn't have the calendar. I don't have a calendar with my email so I have had to resort to a paper version, which doesn't pop up on my computer to remind me of birthdays, appointments, etc.

Why would MS do away with a feature that worked so well? I know a lot of people who hated vista, but I'm thinking I'll buying a copy just for the calendar. But at least I don't have to write a blog. My deepest sympathies are with you, Ronni.

Whadda ya know, you digitally goofed! To err is human. To forgive yourself and others is reasonable compassion.

A wrong click is how I ended up unintentionally launching my blog that I didn't want to start then. Also, in the beginning of my computing I accidentally clicked sending some emails not intended to be sent. Have, frustratingly, lost a blog post or so and a few comments during these years.

I don't keep birthdays, appts., or an address book on computer, so hackers will never hit a mother lode on my computer to harass my correspondents and I'll always have non-digital info documentation on the important contacts and info I need.

So glad it worked out and you didn't lose your calendar--or your post. I almost lost the current draft of my NPO's entire annual report while trying to append some graphs last night. Not quite as technologically traumatic as your situation but along the same lines. Fortunately, I'd saved an earlier version, so all was not lost except the 2+ hours I had to spend re-doing the edits.

If anyone knows how to reformat Excel graphs in Word 10, I salute you! All those d#*& little boxes and frames have a mind of their own, which doesn't agree with my visual perceptions!

It happens to the best of us.

I know just how you felt, well almost. Ironically, just prior to clicking on this email I accidently deleted the TIME GOES BY following it on my email list. I ALWAYS READ TIME GOES BY. I save them up until last. When I'm finished officiating the other emails it's my treat to read the TIME GOES BY ones. I couldn't believe what I just read in your post but it made me feel alot better. It's funny how all of those negative thoughts can crash into at once. Wish I could have made you feel alot better.
Maybe all these comments will help.

Feeling apologetic for you, so when we are together taken to the Dementia ward, I will give you the bed by the window. Cheers…

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