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The Movie Theater Massacre

I had another post written for today, something a bit silly about getting old but after the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, it seems out of place for now, as though we – or I – need more time and space before returning to the usual agenda.

How grotesque are the coincidences of this taking place just 20 miles from Columbine and that one of the dead had so recently escaped another mass shooting in Toronto.

It's always like that, isn't it – random, senseless. The shooter is always described as a lone nut and as often as not neighbors and acquaintances say he was quiet, withdrawn but nothing that would make them think he was dangerous. Always, it's like that.

What helps to a degree is learning about the astonishing acts of heroism. The people who died in the theater while shielding others who lived restores hope - as monstrous as the shooter may be, human nobility shines through.

I was thinking how such massacres, as shocking as they are each time, have become routine during my life. The Starkweather/Fugate killings way back when I was in high school. Charles Whitman at the University of Texas – I was there that day although not in danger.

The Long Island Rail Road shootings, Columbine, the Beltway sniper, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Tucson, Norway. There are at least a couple dozen more I feel I ought to recall but cannot and don't feel like researching it. I want only to be still for now.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mickey Rogers: The Newfangled Blanket


I think, and have always thought, it would help if we limited violence on TV and the media. We also need to teach more respect for life, as well as what guns should be used for, ie. hunting when food is the object, as in Sweden. That people can buy assault weapons is absurd. There's a great piece by Jason Alexander in Salon, you should read, Ronni. Will try to post the link: http://www.salon.com/2012/07/22/jason_alexanders_amazing_gun_rant/

I think the problem is caused by testosterone supplements showing up in our Cities' drinking water.

just saying, MorganaSage

I have five people close to me who have been shot by guns, all deliberately, two fatally. All were average law-abiding citizens, all living in nice (if not luxurious) neighborhoods. Too many guns in the hands of too many people with bad intentions,and for far too long. It makes me weep for the future of America.

"I was thinking how such massacres, as shocking as they are each time, have become routine during my life."

Mother Jones has an informative article on the fact that there have been 36 mass murders in the last 30 years. I also addressed this issue in my blog today too.


All of these incidents are horrific and inexpressibly sad on their own, but they spin off much more. While those directly affected at the scene, and their friends and families have their lives immediately and obviously changed forever, there are many other unseen casualties. The average person, exposed via television, social media, and articles and comments from television, radio, podcasts, etc. becomes less trusting and more fearful and paranoid. Persons with various mental health issues, not the least of which being PTSD,can be indirectly affected in many ways. We are all affected and our lives impacted by these events. Each time the bell tolls, it truly does toll for us all. Why we cannot recognize this and pass much stricter gun control laws,at least regarding assault style weapons and ammunition, I do not understand.

At the very least no one needs to have an assault weapon. No one can rationally argue in favor of that, although they will. It is only by the grace of God it didn't happen in our neighborhoods to our families.

I think there needs to be a national referendum on gun control and assault weapons in particular.

So tragic. So senseless. So avoidable.

The NRA must be reigned in.

Why hasn't Mr. Obama addressed this horrific problem of assault weapons being in the hands of lunatics?

The President's failure to address the assault gun problem, the NRA, Citizen's United - are all evidence that we are moving very rapidly towards an oligarchy and away from the democracy that until recently we assumed to be our ruling political ideology. Once "one man, one vote" is rapidly evolving into "Super Rich Rule" Money talks- big money talks loudest.

We need to tighten gun control laws and make people take courses and pass tests if we insist that weapons make a civilized society safer! On another topic, did you ever do a post on the legalities of getting treatment for an aged person who has no legal guardians but certainly needs supervision and can no longer live alone. What can neighbors and friends do?

Be still.... it's okay. The sadness is so overwhelming. The grocery store.... the movie theater... violence in these mundane places screams NO NO NO to me. And so, like you, I am still....

How odd it seems to see the shooter alive and in court. I too was at UT on Aug.1, 1966 in a classroom with a view of the mall and in the line of fire.

Too many guns. Too. Many. Guns. Your right to own them is no greater than my right to go about my business without being shot at.

As Cathy said - it's as if we are all assaulted - emotionally if not physically - by these waves of violence - there is a primal urge to hide away, protect ourselves - but we mustn't - we must be active - by protesting to our politicians and also by demonstrating love and respect for one another.

They always want to find out what went wrong with the criminal. They never bother to find out what went wrong with America. For example Batman 50 years ago was meant to be a comic character. Now they have made Batman look like a demon. Joker is not naughty Joker anymore. He is a mean murderous Joker. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU AMERICA!!!!

Reynaldo has a point about which I've wondered, too. We're way past time for creative types to assume some responsibility for what they create and consider how they distort what was once just light-hearted fun and humor. (I'm not advocating censorship.)

Now, it's "up the ante" -- "gotta go one more better in the outrageous assault on the psyche than your competition just because you can." Lets show lots more blood, guts, and viciousness, but beware of the corruption of anything remotely sexual. I guess as long as we the public reward those 'artists' we can expect more of the same in their greedy reach for self-expression, fame and profits.

I was introduced to guns, the proper care, safe use of them when Jr. High age and we lived in a rural area. No one should be allowed to own a gun who hasn't had the same sort of gun education. States that permit Wild West open weapon carrying must be living in a time warp. We certainly don't need battlefield caliber weapons in our homes and for general distribution. What's the next household weapon of the year?

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