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Farmer's Market Photos

category_bug_journal2.gif Everybody needs a break now and then and it's time for me to take one – a day or two or three. We'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos that have been taking up space in my ancient digital camera.

There were bunches and bunches of these purple thistle things at the farmer's market a few weekends ago. I had no idea what they were. Do you?


It's what happens to an artichoke if you don't pick it when it's ripe for eating. I'd never seen one before and it is so odd and interesting that it was worth $3 a stem to look at it at home for awhile. A little like something you'd find in the little shop of horrors, don't you think?

There are many fine foods at the farmer's market. In addition to local fruit and vegetables, there are two cheesemakers, an excellent Greek baklava stand and a woman who makes hot pepper jellies – strawberry pepper, habenero, pine-a-peno.

They are all good and I miss them during winter but I'm like a homing pigeon for the mushroom lady and her gorgeous array.

Mushroom lady

Oh, the elusive, earthy, mysterious mushroom – a favorite food. Mushroom hunting is a chancy business and there were none of my favorite – morel – the day I was taking photos. But she did have these matsutake:


Alas, at $36/pound they are not in my budget. I did buy a half a pound of these chanterelle that day at $18/pound.


And I bought a whole lot of these shitake, only $10/pound. You can see that my paper bag is full.


I like to make a wine mushroom sauce that I use over mushroom ravioli. No such thing as too many mushrooms.

Ollie the cat has no interest in mushrooms or, for that matter, artichokes or anything else I bring home from the market. He even disdains fish. This is his most usual position around the house and he was grumpy that I snapped his picture.


At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mickey Rogers: Ghosts


I love mushrooms.

I love cats.

(I'm not sure how much I know about other things!)

I love mushrooms! I've never met one I didn't like. But, as far as I know, I've never had a matsutake. My farmer's market isn't that upscale.

We had artichokes in the yard of our rental unit when we lived in California when my husband was in the Navy. The blooms were strange and lovely, and I didn't know what they were called. It wasn't until we moved back to Wisconsin and my father proudly showed us the artichokes he was trying to grow that we realized we could have been eating them.

Enjoy your time off Ronni. I'm taking a break myself.

I'll second what Ross had to say--love mushrooms and cats. And, agree that morels are the best when available, but expensive.

Ollie (as always) is beautiful. He may be fully aware of that fact, don't you think?

I was on a walk a couple weeks ago when I saw that purple thing in a neighbor's yard. My husband said it's an artichoke--I couldn't believe it. Strange! Mushrooms are wonderful. I love mushroom soup. Ollie is a gorgeous guy. Your old camera takes good photos!

Yum, mushroom wine sauce. Just the thing for tonight's sliced beef dish. I envy your farmer's market and its varitey.

Fascinating! I ADORE artichokes, but I've never seen one actually looking like the thistle it is.

Good to see Ollie again...grumpy or otherwise.

Perfect combo, good meal with mushrooms, and a handsome animal named Ollie.

The artichoke is surely related to Audrey! Your farmer's market looks wonderful...lucky you.

I enjoy your sharing of trips to the farmer’s markets now in Oregon and those in the past from your home in Maine.

I also love mushrooms and, quite frankly, had been wondering about Ollie...so good to see him again.

The purple artichoke is beautiful!! And like you, I can invision no such thing as too many mushrooms.

We're very lucky here in Southern California, we are surrounded by local farmers who sell wonderful produce in many farmers markets here in the county. A very large fresh air market is only about a mile away from me every Saturday morning! It's a real joy.

Ollie should take care. A cat who disdains fish must be unAmerican!

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