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INTERESTING STUFF – 8 September 2012

For many years, I have been bitching that the majority commercials with and for elders advertise only products to treat icky conditions. But this is a terrific exception and a clever appeal to both young and old. (Stolen from Jan Adams' blog, Can It Happen Here?.)

And there is, apparently, a song just for the celebration. I'm not sure I like it all that much – but so it is.

Here is a whole lot of information about Grandparents Day.

Now that Todd Akin has delivered unto our culture the phrase “legitimate rape,” it is time for pushback and this one is fantastic:

(Thank you to Susan Gulliford of Hillsborough NJ Journal)

This, sent by TGB reader, Elizabeth, should be a bumper sticker:

Womens reproduction

I have a sense that women all across the political spectrum are aghast and repelled by the attempt by Republican men to take control of our bodies and to turn our reproduction back to the days of coat hangers and back alleys. This video (another from Jan Adams) gives me some hope.

I'm a sucker for complicated silly contraptions. Since this video has been seen by more than 37 million people, I'm probably the last to enjoy it.

The video was made two-and-a-half years ago to promote a song, This Too Shall Pass by an alt rock band from Chicago. It is delightful. (Thank you, Darlene.)

Here's another from Darlene. Ignore the language barrier. I promise you'll understand perfectly.

Very cool, don't you think. If you try this, do stop back here and let us know how it goes for you.

For many elders uninterested in texting or in reading, playing games or watching TV on smartphones or in the astronomical price of these devices, a company in England has come up with the OwnFone. Take a look:

As the video shows, it's also good for kids and several other uses. I've been in touch with the company and they will be branching out from Britain to other countries including the U.S. I'll let you know when that happens. Meanwhile, you can read more here.

(Hat tip and thank you to Steve Garfield of Off on a Tangent)

The website tells us this:

”A mongrel dog has become stepfather to a rare white lion born in captivity in Germany that was rejected shortly after birth by his mother. Pointer mix Lejon, two, and three-week-old [white] lion cub Jojo are inseparable since meeting at the Safari Park in Stukenbrock in north-west Germany.”

White lion cub and dog

You can read a lot more about Lejon and Jojo here along with Many more so-cute-to-die-for photos.

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The infantilization of old people by Madison Avenue has been a given from the inception of print, radio and TV adverts.
I was especially offended several weeks back when I had the unfortunate opportunity to see a GM ad for one of its products - I think it was a Chevrolet - in which an adult son is driving his visiting geezer dad and mom from the airport.
The mother tremulously offers the son two dollars for gas, as though he was still a little boy. He makes a disgusted face, humors her, and accepts it. Then he refers to the car's GPS capabilities, whereupon the father, in full-geezerdom in the back seat, dismisses it as some kind of "hippie" gadget.
I was furious at the stereotypes, including the look of condescension on the son's face as he patiently "put up" with the old folks and their lack of connectedness to the "real world."
I was so appalled by this thoughtless, childish piece of adman inanity, that I e-mailed GM. Obviously, my one voice did no good, but the ad underlines the arduous task ahead: To reshape society's attitude in the US toward old people. By the way, the adjective "old" needs to be shorn of its negative connotations; "young" doesn't seem to need any help.

I just tracked the Chevy commercial you're talking about on YouTube. I had not seen it and it is appalling.

This kind of thing goes on every day on tv, in shows, commercials, in print, in movies. It doesn't stop.

As to shearing "old" of it's negative connotations, I've been trying here for nearly a decade to do that. I use old, elder in every possible circumstance hoping people will become accustomed to it.

Lots of good stuff today. Thanks! The first one... the tennis shoes... I can't make out what the lady says to the guy... ?

I can't tell exactly what she says, either, but I think it's pretty obvious she approves of the young man's shoes.

This is off-topic, but your comment about the word 'old' reminded me to tell you that I think TGB is making a real difference in attitude. For example, I have noticed the word 'elders' being used a lot more the past few years. Before you stressed it the columnists wrote about "Senior Citizens" this, "Senior Citizens" that. We are becoming elders at last.

Just a delightful entry dear you. :)

Love the pup and lion cub and the 'shut up' if you don't have a vagina--wish it'd been a placard at the DNC!

Back here in the woods, ~Kathi

Great posts today, Ronni! I especially liked the "legitimate rape" satire video and the OK Go video. I tried the egg separation process and it worked beautifully. I was able to transfer the yolk intact twice before it broke. The thid time, I may not have created adequate suction or somethimg and it broke. Oh well, now I have to go make a fried egg sandwich. : )

The elder is saying to the youth, “Dang, son!” The implication being he made a great choice of shoes. Hip, with-it, righteous.

The takeaway: he’s a smart fellow who makes smart choices. As you note, Ronni, we see that Toyota can appeal to old and young, and also women and men, alike. By subtle extension, as regards age, everyone in between as well. It’s quite an inclusive ad, considered from a sociological perspective.

Notice, too, the way it turns on its head the cultural idea that only women own closets full of shoes. His is plumb full.

Hope that nifty little phone gets to the U.S. market. I'll buy one as fast as I can. Great to carry in vehicles as a low-cost emergency commo tool.

Good "stuff!"

I especially like the women's reproductive chart, and the Republican Party Women's video. The OwnFone looks intriguing.

Guess we'll never get that inexpensive simple $100 or under computer, but suppose all the gadgets will evolve down in technology and price someday to reach that point -- if we live long enough. By that time the only people left will all be tech literate so it probably won't matter. The major features mattering, as they do now. will be sensory deficit compensatory features.

That baby lion is adorable!!

As always, I so enjoyed this post! I watch Hulu since it's free and that horrid commercial of the son driving his parents from the airport is played incessantly despite my clicks "not relevant to me". Loved the legit rape video and happy to see women on the red side reconsidering their vote. The Republicans pretty much cemented who I'm voting for and his initials aren't M.R. Take care!

I love your Saturday posts, so much fun and so interesting! I agree with you that the Grandparents' song is well-meaning but sort of misses the mark musically. I wonder if your Australian music man has done any theme posts on songs about elders or aging? Can we still access them? All I can think of is "When I'm 64" (which seems young to me now) and the one about
"I'll even buy your Rogaine" although I can't remember the name of the song! In a slightly different vein, I love "To Dance With my Father Again" which is about missing a father who died, but it's a very moving and well done song.

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