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Romney: Emergency Room Health Care

category_bug_journal2.gif I missed the Mitt Romney and Barack Obama twin interviews on 60 Minutes last Sunday but these days we can rely on clips online to bring us the highlights. This one grabbed my attention (transcript below the video):

SCOTT PELLEY: Does the government have a responsibility to provide health care to the fifty million Americans who don't have it today?

MITT ROMNEY: Well, we do provide care for people who don't have insurance, people -- we -- if someone has a heart attack, they don't sit in their apartment and -- and die. We -- we pick them up in an ambulance, and take them to the hospital, and give them care. And different states have different ways of providing for that care.

PELLEY: That's the most expensive way to do it.

ROMNEY: Well the...

PELLEY: In the emergency room.

ROMNEY: Diff -- different, again, different states have different ways of doing that. Some -- some provide that care through clinics. Some provide the care through emergency rooms. In my state, we found a solution that worked for my state. But I wouldn't take what we did in Massachusetts and say to Texas, “You've got to take the Massachusetts model."

Ronni here. That makes no sense – particularly it makes no fiscal sense, the kind Romney keeps harping that the nation needs. A couple of years ago, he said he was for a single-payer system so it's another of those Romney 180-degree flip-flops.

Most of us at this blog are old enough for Medicare and we know the comfort – the comfort all people in every other developed nation know – that our health care needs will generally be taken care of without pushing us into bankruptcy.

Everyone in the United States should have this peace of mind.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Johna Ferguson: A Big Problem


Clueless, utterly clueless!

AMEN, Ronni!

You're so right, which is why I read your blog regularly and want to encourage others to do so also by passing on to you the lovely blog award. Details you can find here: http://dandeliondairy.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/an-award-for-me/

That is very kind of you Dandeliondairy. I appreciate it but please understand why I do not participate in this kind of blog award that requires me to choose bests or favorites:

I track hundreds of elderblogs (see link to list of them in left sidebar).

Although I do not update the list frequently enough (I'm past due for one), all the blogs are carefully selected and I cannot single out just five because all are worthy efforts.

It's awfully nice to be selected, but it's beyond my abilities or the goals of this blog to choose just a few.

Again, thank you.

Have to add to this thread that I was happy to see that my age cohort -- the leading edge of the so-called Boomers -- seem to be getting it about Romney, Republicans and any hope for security as elders. We're finally swinging hard away from them. There are a lot of us who vote (37 percent of the national electorate) and we can help if we'll get off our duffs and understand what is being done to our country.

Ronni, that makes perfect sense and is frankly the reaction I expected, but I only follow a few blogs, and this seemed as good a way as any to share them with my readers.
Keep up your good work! Eve

Romney is an educated fool and a hypocrite. What other answer can you expect from him by now?

Romeny said the opposite in an interview in 2010. At the time he was, of course, planning to run for President on his Romneycare model in Massachusetts. But when the Republican manta became "Repeal Obamacare", he changed his tune.

The 180 degree turn is obvious to anyone paying attention - and probably even to those who aren't paying much attention. Perhaps this is why he is polling 30 points behind Obama in Massachusetts. They know he's a fraud and a liar.

This is a huge problem. I recently wrote a paper in my graduate program about urban "safety net" hospitals and how the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) is killing these hospitals because it is an unfunded mandate. Just recently one of the biggest safety net hospitals in NYC (St. Vincent's) had to shut its doors because it couldn't afford to provide this care--and hundreds of other hospitals are closing around the country. How irresponsible for Romney to even suggest that this is acceptable health care access!

As a retired nurse who worked in an ER for 5 years as part of my career, doesn't Romney know that it's the most expensive level of care by far and that the beds need to be kept available for true emergencies? And as an elder on medicare, of course every citizen deserves to have the peace of mind provided by health care.

You gotta luv the guy. Imagine what this statement could imply, "And different states have different ways of providing for that care."

Healthcare can now be a question of geography.

How many of Ronni's Readers plan on voting this time around?

I wish I could easily just sit back and enjoy the Mitt comedy show. However, we cannot guarantee that he won’t win come November and what seems laughable to me now could and will hurt so many; myself included. What a clueless, selfish individual.

I think he may lack the empathy gene.

I was an Emergency Dept nursing administrator for 30 + years. If you think you are having a heart attack, the ER is definitely where you should go. You should not to go to the ER for a sore throat, the flu, or " I think my child may be coming down with chicken pox" problems. Unfortunately this is often the only option people have. Hospitals that at any time used "HIll-Burton" funds,( which is most hospitals, MLUST treat you. And,,,,, hospitals often don't get paid, So it gets added to the charity care line in the budget. bkj

I'm sorry, but as I was reading the transcript, I thought "this man is beyond clueless, he's just plain stupid". I wonder if he ever listens to himself?

Emergency room care is not free.The hospitals will charge you huge amounts for the service, and will keep billing you until you pay, or destroy your credit. You can still go bankrupt if you need emergency care without insurance.

Medicare, I believe, provides nursing home care for 30 days--so those of us who land in nursing homes and do not have long term insurance can still end up bankrupt. While we do have more peace of mind about healthcare than others, there is this limit.

Romney is SO OUT OF TOUCH. It truly is painful at so many levels to listen to him, and his wife!


Romney talks about "entitlements" in derogatory terms while he, himself, so obviously represents "The Entitled Elite". He honestly believes he's "entitled" to the Presidency as much as he is to secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, a 13% tax rate (while most of the middle class pay at least 20%), private jets, multiple mansions, $50K-plate fundraising dinners (the average annual income in the U.S. today is $50K), several-thousand-dollar designer outfits for his wife and all the other trappings of power and privilege that the 99% can only dream about.

From all I've heard and seen, I truly believe the man is a psychopath.


Romney is an educated man who has studied at least some level of economics and understood the principles well enough to be successful in business. He has had to walk back every honest proposal to please right wing donors and his base who want red meat. He can't separate his policies from those Republicans who substitute a mantra--no tax increases--as a secular religion. And he would likely govern this way too.

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